How to Watch MLB Season 2022 Live on Peacock TV in UK


Dirt, sweat, reflexes, home runs; Major League Baseball is officially back. This season began on April 7th, 2022 and has already proved to be a banger. So if you love watching baseball and are in UK, read this article to know how to watch MLB Season 2022 live on Peacock TV in UK.

The MLB always brings a lot of action, jam-packed stadiums, and rip-roaring games. Thousands of fans around the world are eager to find out who will be the champion of this season. Unfortunately, geo-restrictions imposed by Peacock TV can restrict viewers in UK. But don’t worry, a VPN can help you bypass geo-restrictions.

Peacock TV is providing live streaming of the MLB 2022 season in the USA. The bad news is that you can’t access this streaming channel internationally due to geo-restrictions. But don’t lose hope yet, as we have got you covered! With the help of a premium VPN app, you can easily evade the location barriers and get access of Peacock Streaming in UK.

All you need is to get connected to VPN USA server and watch MLB Season 2022 live on Peacock TV in UK.

Read along to find out the best VPNs for Peacock TV and how you can tune in in UK to watch your favorite team play.

Watch MLB season 2022 Live on Peacock TV in UK.

Follow the easy steps given below to watch MLB season 2022 Live on Peacock TV in UK using a top-quality VPN app:

  1. Select a reliable VPN service. ExpressVPN is our recommendation based on its excellent unblocking features.
  2. Download the VPN client app on your preferred streaming device and install it.
  3. Log in to your account and connect to a USA server.
  4. Go to Peacock TV and start streaming MLB Season 2022 live in UK.

Watch MLB Season with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation

MLB on Peacock Schedule 2022

The complete Schedule of the MLB 2022 season on Peacock is given below:

MLB on Peacock Schedule 2022
Date Time Matchup
May 8, 2022 11:30 a.m. ET Chicago White Sox at Boston Red Sox
May 15, 2022 11:30 a.m. ET San Diego Padres at Atlanta Braves
May 22, 2022 11:30 a.m. ET St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates
May 29, 2022 11:30 a.m. ET San Francisco Giants at Cincinnati Reds
June 5, 2022 11:30 a.m. ET Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees
June 12, 2022 11:30 a.m. ET Oakland Athletics at Cleveland Guardians
June 19, 2022 12:00 p.m. ET Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals
June 26, 2022 12:00 p.m. ET New York Mets at Miami Marlins
July 3, 2022 12:00 p.m. ET Kansas City Royals at Detroit Tigers
July 10, 2022 12:00 p.m. ET Los Angeles Angels at Baltimore Orioles
July 17, 2022 12:00 p.m. ET Kansas City Royals at Toronto Blue Jays
July 24, 2022 12:00 p.m. ET Chicago Cubs at Philadelphia Phillies
July 31, 2022 12:00 p.m. ET Detroit Tigers at Toronto Blue Jays
August 7, 2022 12:00 p.m. ET Houston Astros at Cleveland Guardians
August 14, 2022 12:00 p.m. ET San Diego Padres at Washington Nationals
August 21, 2022 12:00 p.m. ET Chicago White Sox at Cleveland Guardians
August 28, 2022 12:00 p.m. ET Los Angeles Dodgers at Miami Marlins
September 4, 2022 12:00 p.m. ET Toronto Blue Jays at Pittsburgh Pirates

In addition to these 18 games listed in the Schedule above, Peacock is also planning to feature the MLB classic games from the current season and award-winning documentaries direct from the archive of MLB Film & Video.

The All-Star Futures Game, which will take place on July 16 in Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium, will also be featured on Peacock exclusively.

What day is Opening Day for baseball 2022?

April 7, 2022, was the opening day for the Major League Baseball 2022 season. On this day, the regular season of 2022 baseball started. However, this opening day was pushed back from its original date of March 31, 2022. The reason behind this pushback was the MLB lockout.

As a result of this setback, opening games were divided. Half of the teams took it to the field on April 7, and others the next day on April 8. In the last five years, this was the first time that all of the teams did not play on the same day, the opening day.

Major League Baseball announced the Schedule on August 4, 2022. The complete MLB 2022 season schedule is available on their official website, or you can see the schedules of each club on the links given in the table below.

2022 MLB Team Schedules
Arizona Diamondbacks Houston Astros Philadelphia Phillies
Atlanta Braves Kansas City Royals Pittsburgh Pirates
Baltimore Orioles Los Angeles Angels St. Louis Cardinals
Boston Red Sox Los Angeles Dodgers San Diego Padres
Chicago Cubs Miami Marlins San Francisco Giants
Chicago White Sox Milwaukee Brewers Seattle Mariners
Cincinnati Reds Minnesota Twins Tampa Bay Rays
Cleveland Guardians New York Mets Texas Rangers
Colorado Rockies New York Yankees Toronto Blue Jays
Detroit Tigers Oakland Athletics Washington Nationals

Below are the key dates of the MLB 2022 season.

MLB 2022 Season Key Dates
Event Date
Opening Day April 7, 2022
Jackie Robinson Day April 15, 2022
Lou Gehrig Day June 2, 2022
MLB Draft July 17, 2022
All-Star Week July 15-19, 2022
All-Star Game July 19, 2022
Trade Deadline July 28, 2022 – August 3, 2022
Field of Dreams Game – Cubs vs. Reds August 11, 2022
Little League Classic – Red Sox vs. Orioles August 21, 2022
Roberto Clemente Day Sept. 15, 2022
End of Regular Season Oct. 5, 2022

When can you buy MLB tickets for 2022?

As the MLB 2022 regular season has started on April 7, the tickets are on sale for all the upcoming games. You can buy the ticket for any forthcoming match at any time, as long as empty slots are left.

You can buy the tickets on the official website of MLB or separate teams’ websites simply by clicking on the “TICKETS” button or the “BUY TICKETS” icon.

Other than that, you can buy the tickets on any of the marketplace websites. Purchase tickets for MLB from a marketplace are also accessible. First, you have to select the team of your choice and the game you want to go and watch.

You can see the Schedule of the entire season so that you can easily pick the game you want to watch, whether it be the home game or an away fixture.

Is the 2022 MLB schedule out?

Yes, the 2022 Major League Baseball season schedule is on its official website. MLB officials revealed the 2022 regular season schedule last year on August 4. Afterward, the Schedule was revised and re-announced again on March 16, 2022.

How many games will MLB play in 2022?

There will be 162 games played in the MLB season 2022. Even though the season began a week behind the scheduled time, the games that will be missed are supposed to be made up later as part of off-days and doubleheaders in the season.

Although some experts called for a reduction in the games of the 2022 regular season to make them like 130 or 140 games as the summer’s dog days, it usually decreases the fans’ interest in the game. But the old heads are not anywhere near changing their ways.

Who has the most home runs in 2022?

Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees has the most home runs in 2022.

What are the MLB standings for 2022?

You can see the overall MLB standings for 2022 in the table below. Standings usually get updated after the completion of each new game.

Overall MLB Standings For 2022
Major League Baseball W L PCT GB HOME AWAY RS RA DIFF STRK L10
NYY 53 20 .726 31-9 22-11 367 223 +144 W1 6-4
New York Yankees 47 27 .635 6.5 24-10 23-17 365 298 +67 L1 6-4
NYM 44 26 .629 7.5 20-12 24-14 359 229 +130 L1 7-3
New York Mets 45 27 .625 7.5 20-11 25-16 309 247 +62 L1 7-3
LAD 45 29 .608 8.5 21-15 24-14 342 275 +67 L1 5-5
Los Angeles Dodgers 42 31 .575 11 20-16 22-15 351 286 +65 W7 8-2
HOU 42 31 .575 11 24-16 18-15 346 300 +46 W1 6-4
Houston Astros 42 33 .560 12 19-15 23-18 332 314 +18 W2 7-3
SD 40 32 .556 12.5 25-15 15-17 292 273 +19 W3 5-5
San Diego Padres 40 32 .556 12.5 21-14 19-18 339 316 +23 L2 3-7
BOS 41 33 .554 12.5 23-17 18-16 328 296 +32 W2 5-5
Boston Red Sox 41 33 .554 12.5 22-14 19-19 351 290 +61 W1 4-6
ATL 39 32 .549 13 20-15 19-17 349 302 +47 W1 4-6
Atlanta Braves 36 32 .529 14.5 16-13 20-19 308 282 +26 L4 5-5
MIL 38 35 .521 15 19-17 19-18 344 312 +32 W1 6-4
Milwaukee Brewers 34 36 .486 17.5 17-19 17-17 302 297 +5 W1 5-5
TB 34 37 .479 18 16-21 18-16 294 345 -51 W1 4-6
Tampa Bay Rays 34 39 .466 19 15-18 19-21 292 292 0 W5 6-4
TOR 33 38 .465 19 19-16 14-22 316 301 +15 W1 5-5
Toronto Blue Jays 34 40 .459 19.5 18-17 16-23 302 327 -25 L1 7-3
MIN 34 40 .459 19.5 18-22 16-18 313 307 +6 L2 5-5
Minnesota Twins 32 41 .438 21 17-21 15-20 290 342 -52 L5 3-7
STL 31 42 .425 22 19-19 12-23 325 395 -70 L2 4-6
St. Louis Cardinals 29 43 .403 23.5 17-20 12-23 263 362 -99 L3 4-6
SF 28 43 .394 24 18-22 10-21 209 302 -93 W2 4-6
San Francisco Giants 27 45 .375 25.5 13-25 14-20 304 382 -78 L1 4-6
CLE 26 45 .366 26 13-23 13-22 274 367 -93 L2 6-4
Cleveland Guardians 26 48 .351 27.5 12-26 14-22 296 409 -113 L1 3-7
PHI 24 47 .338 28 12-23 12-24 304 388 -84 L1 2-8
Philadelphia Phillies 25 49 .338 28.5 8-28 17-21 235 342 -107 W2 4-6

Who has the best MLB record in 2022?

The New York Yankees have the best MLB record in 2022. The New York side has won 53 games and currently occupies the no.1 spot on the points table.

What devices can I watch Peacock on?

You can watch Peacock on the following devices:

  • Apple Devices: iPad, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Apple TV HD, Apple TV 4K
  • Google-based devices and platforms, including Android, Chromecast, and Android TVs
  • Roku Devices
  • Amazon FireTV devices and Fire tablets
  • Microsoft: Xbox One X and Xbox One S
  • Sony: PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro
  • Smart TVs: Samsung, LG, VIZIO SmartCast
  • Xfinity X1, XClass TV, and Xfinity Flex
  • Cox Contour TV and Streaming devices

What are the Best VPNs to Watch MLB season 2022 Live on Peacock TV in UK?

Finding an ideal VPN app is always tricky, as you will be deceived by the number of available apps on the internet. However, not all these apps are worth your precious bucks, and your goal should be getting a VPN that perfectly fits the bill.

If you need an expert opinion, you can go through the best VPNs to watch MLB season 2022 Live on Peacock TV in UK given below.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch MLB season 2022 Live on Peacock TV in UK


Connecting to ExpressVPN’s New York server and unblocking Peacock TV was quick and easy!

ExpressVPN is currently the market leader, and we recommend it as the best VPN to watch MLB season 2022 Live on Peacock TV in UK This VPN will never go wrong, and you will get impeccable performance 24/7.

This VPN has an extensive range of 3000+ servers in 94+ countries, including more than 20 server stations in the United States. Among its US server base, Los Angeles offers the fastest speed.

Moreover, these servers are equipped with Trusted Server Technology that ensures your privacy. In addition, this VPN provides you with several other top-notch features like VPN Split Tunneling, Kill Switch, and AES-256 Bit Encryption.

You can even avoid the hassle of VPN configuration by using its MediaStreamer feature. This SmartDNS feature makes it easier to access the geo-restricted content on any supported device.

This beast of a VPN is available for GB£5.44/mo (US$6.67/mo) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan) if you commit to its 12-month subscription plan. Additionally, ExpressVPN can unblock other geo-restricted US sports content like, including NCAA Men’s College World Series Live and Wimbledon: The Championships 2022 Live on ESPN, Summer Universiade 2022 and several others.

Watch MLB Season with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation

Surfshark: Pocket-Friendly VPN to Watch MLB season 2022 Live on Peacock TV in UK


We connected to Surfshark’s Latham server and unblocked Peacock TV instantly!

Surfshark is relatively a newbie in the VPN market but offers several premium features with affordable packages. Therefore, we recommend it as the most pocket-friendly VPN to watch MLB Season 2022 live on Peacock TV in UK.

This VPN has expanded its servers to 65+ countries and offers more than 3200+ servers options worldwide. Among these servers, you will get access to 600+ USA servers to unblock Peacock TV and other streaming platforms. New York is the best server location in the USA, which offers the fastest connections.

Surfshark also offers a handful of futuristic features ideal for streaming, including CleanWeb, Kill Switch, Camouflage Mode, No-logging Policy, and Multi-hop, among others.

Pay just GB£2.03/mo (US$2.49/mo) (83% Off on 2 Years Plan) with the 24-month subscription plan of Surfshark, and you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee and unlimited multi-logins.

You can also unblock several other popular streaming services with Surfshark, including Sky SportsNBC Sports and ESPN PlusKayo Sports in the UK.

NordVPN: User-Friendly VPN to Watch MLB season 2022 Live on Peacock TV in UK


We connected to NordVPN’s #6040 server and unblocked Peacock TV in a moment!

If you are a newbie, NordVPN is a good contender as the user-friendly VPN to watch MLB season 2022 Live on Peacock TV in UK. Convenient apps, easy configuration, and a large server base are the hallmarks of this VPN.

NordVPN provides an astonishing number of more than 5310+ servers located in 59+ countries. In the USA alone, you will get access to over 1900 servers which will be more than enough to unblock Peacock TV.

This VPN is fully loaded with excellent features, including Onion Over VPN, No-logging Policy, Obfuscated Servers, DNS Leak Protection, and Double VPN. All these features enhance your streaming experience.

You can get NordVPN for as low as GB£2.68/mo (US$3.29/mo) (Save 60% on 2-year plan) on a 2-year plan. This VPN is a bargain given the affordable price and ease of use.

NordVPN can unblock Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, NBC Sports, Foxtel Sports, Sling TV, and FuboTV, to name a few.

You can also watch popular movies on Peacock TV and most trending Peacock shows like the new A Friend of the Family Episodes and by using NordVPN. You can watch Prince Andrew: Banished Documentary on Peacock TV.

Watch MLB Season with NordVPNLargest Server Network


The Extra Innings Rule, Amended Designated Hitter Rule, and new Active Roster Limits are the new rules introduced for the 2022 season.

Yes, MLB has changed the ball for 2022. The ball is a bit deadened as compared to the previous seasons. The idea is to reduce the number of home runs and put more action within the field of play.

No, there is no mercy rule in MLB.

Wrap Up

After a 99-day-long lockout, the 2022 MLB season has officially started and is in full swing. This 162-game long season is potentially one of the most enthralling seasons in Major League Baseball history.

Currently, in the USA, you can catch live action on Peacock TV without hassle. However, fans in UK territories right now will need a premium VPN app to watch MLB season 2022 Live on Peacock TV in UK.

Licensing reasons compel Peacock TV to limit their coverage within the USA only, and there’s no better solution than ExpressVPN to end all of your streaming limitations. So get this excellent VPN app and watch your favorite content on any streaming platform.

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