How to Fix Peacock Error Code 21 in UK? [The Ultimate Guide]


Do you think you are in trouble and seeking How to fix Peacock error code 21 in UK? There are many ways to fix Peacock Error Code 21 but the best thing to do is check your internet connection. This guide will walk you through the steps in fixing error code 21 Peacock.

It is just usual for Peacock, as well as other streaming services, to sometimes malfunction. Error Code 21 Peacock TV typically happens when you are experiencing connectivity difficulties that are causing your internet speeds to be slower than normal.

People who have connections of poor quality are unable to enjoy uninterrupted streaming of Peacock TV shows and Peacock movies since the streaming experience is interrupted by lag. That is why a lot of people want to know why Peacock connection issues occur and the probable explanations behind them.

Continue reading this post until you reach the conclusion if you are also curious about how to fix error code 21 in UK.

What is Peacock Error Code 21?

Peacock error 21 code is a typical problem that is mostly caused by slow connectivity which results in a poor streaming speed. This issue is faced by most Peacock users these days, whether the Peacock tv subscription is free, premium, or even those who are on their Peacock free trial period.

What are the Practical Solutions to Peacock Error Code 21?

We have received a great number of complaints regarding error code 21 on Peacock, and as a result, we have been able to isolate some of the primary elements that are responsible for spoiling the experience.

We will walk you through the process of resolving each of those concerns so that you may stream Peacock in UK without any Peacock error codes that will disrupt your experience.

  • Check Your Internet Connection
  • Ensure a Good VPN Connection
  • Latest Version Of The Peacock App
  • Clear App Cache
  • Reinstall the App
  • Update Your OS
  • Contact Customer Support

Check your Internet Connection


Check to see if your internet is connected.

An unstable internet connection is one of the primary causes of Peacock TV error code 21, as discussed above. What you need to do is ensure that your internet connection is reliable and can support video streaming.

You can check your internet speed through and see if it’s slow. If it is, you can restart your wifi connection by unplugging the modem and if it still persists, it’s time to talk to your ISP’s customer service hotline.

Ensure to have a Good VPN Connection

You need to have a good VPN connection like ExpressVPN active in order to watch Peacock TV from a location in UK. But in the event that your VPN is experiencing some difficulties, you can still experience Peacock app error code 21.

To prevent Peacock’s unexpected fatal error, you must upgrade your VPN and attempt to reinstall the Peacock app. If reinstalling the Peacock app does not solve the problem, you might try switching to a different virtual private network (VPN).

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Update so you have the Latest Version Of the Peacock App

Ensure that your app is up to date because if there are any outstanding changes that need to be taken care of, then chances are you will see a Peacock error code on your screen sooner than later.

There are other fixes pertaining to Peacock support that are rolled out in later releases. But if upgrading your app does not resolve the issue with the error number 21 Peacock, you can clear the app’s cache which will be discussed below.

Clear App Cache

Clearing the app cache is another option that can successfully solve Peacock TV issues. When you clear the cache, what the process does is replace all of the previous configurations and start the app again on a blank slate.

All you need to do is go to the app settings and locate the clear cache option. By doing so, any bugs that cause Peacock app error code 21 error will be fixed.

Reinstall the Peacock App

If the problem with Peacock TV error code 21 is still present after trying the solutions outlined above, you can try uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it.

This will clear out any previous configurations and install a new version of the app that has improved Peacock support. If this does not resolve the problem and the Peacock TV error code is still there, try the following instruction below.

Update Your Operating System

Even though this approach is the last one to be tried after all the others have been unsuccessful, it has a high success rate since it is an easy way to fix the problem of Peacock not functioning properly.

Simply check to see if there are any updates available in the settings of your phone or computer, and then update both of them, as they could include the fix for internet speed that might address the problem with the Peacock app not working.

Contact Peacock’s Customer Support

If none of these solutions works, you will have no choice but to select the final alternative and talk to a representative from Peacock’s customer care using the chat feature on their website.

Peacock’s customer support chat will assist you in working through the problems you’re experiencing. This Peacock assistance will be of great service, and it will most likely cure all of the problems you have been having with Peacock TV error code 21.

That’s it, you can effortlessly watch material Peacock TV now that you know how to resolve an issue about Peacock Error Code 21.

If you are unsatisfied with the service, so please know how to delete Peacock TV subscription anytime without issues.

What is Worth Watching on Peacock After Fixing Peacock Error Code 21?

Once you get your Peacock device running, you need to catch up on a lot of content! We made a list to check out so you don’t miss the cream-of-the-crop content!

FAQ – Peacock Error Code 21

The primary cause of the problem if you keep getting an error code 21 on Peacock is a lack of connectivity. Either your internet connection is unstable or you are experiencing severely low streaming speeds so make sure that you have a good enough internet connection to start streaming and avoid any problems on Peacock TV.

First, you will need to delete the Peacock app from your device, and then you will need to restart it. After you have rebooted the device, you should reinstall the Peacock app and check to see whether this has fixed the error.

There might be a number of factors that causes why Peacock is not working. For instance, slow internet is the most typical reason why and it is the primary culprit for the majority of “Peacock not working” concerns.

Wrapping up!

This was a detailed but decisive article on Peacock error code 21, in which we addressed why Peacock is not working and what Peacock problem code 21 is. This guide also describes how to fix difficulties with Peacock support in UK.

We hope that it answers all your problems linked to Peacock and answered your inquiry about what is error code 21 on Peacock. If you have any questions, let us know and we’ll be happy to get back to you.

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