How to Cancel Sky Sports Anytime in 2022


Wondering how to cancel Sky Sports anytime? Fortunately, you can cancel your Sky Sports membership through the live chat option, by emailing them, or by making a quick phone call to their customer service department.

You can enjoy anything on Sky Sports from Soccer to the National Football League to Formula 1. Despite this, sports broadcasting networks can be extremely expensive, even for those who like watching sports. As a result, some customers consider cancelling their Sky Sports subscription.

Although, you can even stream Sky Sports outside UK while you travel; if you’ve still make up your mind about terminating your account then we can help.

To cancel or unsubscribe from Sky Sports, check out the different methods we have provided in this blog.

How to Cancel Sky Sports – 4 Easy Methods

The convenience, speed, and cost to cancel Sky Sports subscription are all based on how long your contract is, how long your notice period is, and whether you’ve fulfilled the minimum term.

Below are the ways to get in touch with Sky Sports if you wish to cancel your subscription.

Method 01: Cancelling Over the Phone


Calling Sky Sports customer service is the quickest method to cancel the subscription. Customer service will require you to input your Sky account phone number when you call +44 800 151 2747, and you will get an email with a cancellation code.

After a brief pause, the operator will inquire about the reason for calling to assist you better. Just say “Cancel Sky Sports” when you get to this stage. You can also cancel Sky GO subscription over the phone.

If you wait, you’ll hear more alternatives. Press 1 if you’re an existing Sky client. Press 6 to minimize your membership, and press 2 to cancel part of it. After that, an agent will contact you.

It might require up to 31 days after speaking to an operator to cancel Sky Sports subscription. So call them 31 days before your subscription renewal to terminate your Sky Sports package plan. If you have a budget issue there is a cheapest way to get sky sports.

Method 02: Using the Live Chat Portal on Sky Website


If you don’t want to call, then you can cancel Sky Sports online as well. Use Sky’s online live chat service to avoid lengthy phone calls. The conversation may start on a computer or mobile device.

After tapping the live chat option, you’ll chat with a customer service professional. It is possible to use the live chat option seven days a week, from 8:30 a.m. GMT to 8 p.m. GMT.

The agent will be able to terminate your membership once the conversation begins. You will be informed of the termination date of the Sky Sports service as well.

Method 03: Cancelling Sky Sports via Email


Another way to cancel Sky Sports in 2022 subscription is to email customer service. Make sure to include your name, address, account number, phone number, and postcode in the email you’re writing. However, communicate the cancellation of your Sky Sports in the email clearly.

Once you’ve written the email, send it to After receiving your email, Sky will get back to you within a week.

Since emailing is time-consuming, expect a lengthy response from the Sky staff. Therefore, we don’t suggest sending an email since the day they respond may be the first day of your notice period.

The chat should be saved in case of other disagreements. Once you get an answer, contact Sky to terminate your subscription and start your Sky Sports cancellation period. Give them your information if they ask so that they may begin cancelling your service as quickly as possible.

Method 04: Cancelling Before Your Minimum Contract Period

Find out how far along your contract is and how long the minimum period is. Look into the terms of your contract to discover whether you have an option for terminating the agreement early.

There will be a price for customers who choose to terminate their contract early. This amount may vary depending on the contract and the Sky Sports cancellation fee will be computed depending on how long your contract is and how much you’ve already paid.

How can I pause my Sky Sports subscription?

There is currently no way for you to pause the Sky Sports subscription. Due to a scarcity of available games during the Coronavirus pandemic, Sky gave subscribers the opportunity to pause their service temporarily. However, Sky removed the pause option from the menu when the games and events resumed airing.

What is an alternative to Sky Sports?

After you have cancelled Sky Sports, you can still watch Sky GO, movies and TV shows till the subscription ends but this excludes sports.

Some more alternatives to Sky Sports are listed below:

  • BT Vision
  • Virgin Media
  • Talk Talk TV
  • Now TV
  • Freeview
  • Youview
  • Freeview Play
  • Freesat
  • Freetime

You can also watch sky sports on roku and sky sports on kodi


No, You won’t be charged for cancelling Sky Sports if you terminate your service after the minimum term has ended. The charges for early termination are solely due if you terminate the Sky contract prior to the completion of your minimum term due to a violation of your terms and conditions.

Yes, you can cancel Sky Sports anytime, but if you terminate your subscription before the minimum term, you have to pay extra charges. Also, it might require 31 days to cancel your subscription. So terminate your package plan 31 days before your subscription is due to renew.

You can cancel your Sky subscription via live chat. Tell the Sky operator that you want to cancel your Sky Sports subscription.

You can also cancel Sky’s subscription by sending an email to Sky customer service, but it is a lengthy procedure. So, live chat is the best way to cancel Sky without calling.

No, you can’t because Sky Sports does not offer any free trial.


Before you give up on the subscription, it is strongly recommended that you investigate all that Sky Sports competitors have to offer. Make sure you have everything figured out before you call Sky, and then continue with the cancelling process.

We are certain that if you choose to cancel Sky Sports through any one of the options we have discussed, you will be able to cancel it easily. Simply communicate with them using the live chat, send them an email, or make a quick call.

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