What is the Cheapest Way To Get Sky Sports? [Updated Guide]


Looking for the cheapest way to get sky sports points right to the fact that you are a big sports fan living in the United Kingdom. Now isn’t it? Sky Sports is a perfect sports coverage channel, covering sports news from around the world.

It is a collection of UK-based subscription sports channels run by Sky group and allows users to watch various channels.

It lets you enjoy the live sixer hit right out of the stadium during a cricket match or a football jumping into the goalpost, passing the keeper, and struggling to stop it.

Do you live outside the UK? Well, it is unfortunate that this amazing platform is only accessible in UK; however, there is a simple solution, all you need to do is to subscribe to a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN which helps you to access Sky Sports outside UK and enjoy the Sky Sports free trial.

However, that isn’t enough to avoid the truth of how expensive it is. But you got it! We are here to present the cheapest way to get Sky Sports that won’t break your bank and still let you enjoy your favorite game. Let’s get on to it.

Cheapest Ways To Get Sky Sports

The cheapest way to get Sky Sports is through Now TV. Want to have a glance over some affordable packages and their prices? Here it is:

Cheapest one-off | Offered by Now | Prices GB£9.98 and includes Mobile Month membership.

Cheapest no-contracts | Offered by Now | Prices GB£33.99 per month.

Cheapest pay-TV plan | Offered by Sky | Starts from GB£53.

Cheapest with broadband | Offered by Now | Starts from GB£45 Day pass | Offered by Now TV | Prices GB£9.99.

A point of importance here, though, is that if you have a Sky TV subscription already, then getting a Sky Sports subscription from it is the only cheap way.  But if you don’t have it, in that case, it will be a total waste of your money to get Sky Sports from it.

Sky Sports Offers on NOW TV: Cheapest Way To Get Sky Sports


The cheapest ways of getting Sky Sports include short-term sign-ups.

As said, the cheapest and most affordable way to get Sky Sports is through Now TV. Now, what is Now TV? Now TV is simply an internet television service owned by Sky. Since Sky owns it, it gives you access to the Sky TV channels through a thing called “Passes.”

These can be an entertainment pass, a Sports pass, or a movie pass. The best thing? It completely depends on you whether you want to buy the pass for a month, a week, or even a day. Now TV doesn’t jumble you up into lengthy contracts, and you can cancel Sky Sports anytime you want.

Now TV works on all sorts of smartphones (from Android to iPhone to tablets). On the other hand, with a TV stick, you can also reverse and pause the live tv. Great, right?

To put it in simple words, a subscription to Now TV means you pay less for the same number of channels you could enjoy through Sky. So now, if your head’s getting around all this money-saving thing, let’s add up some maths by looking at the Now TV passes and their prices.

You can also watch sky sports on kodi and sky sports on roku.

Now TV Sky Sports One Day Pass

A Now TV Sky Sports Day pass costs GB£9.99 for one day. The day pass of Now TV will be an optimal purchase if you are looking forward to watching a particular match or live event.

It will be a great choice, too, when you have a free day and you are in the mood to binge-watch sports. With it, you will be allowed two screens at one time.

Now TV Sky Sports Month Pass

The Sky Sports Month Pass costs around GB£33.99 for one month, though you can also sometimes find it for GB£25 in some cases. With this pass, you can watch on three devices at once. You can use this pass for as long as you want (within a month) or cancel it anytime.

It is like a contract that you can quit anytime. Its purchase will be great if you have a lot of events in your mind over the month.

Sky Sports Mobile Month Membership

Sky Sports Mobile monthly membership charges GB£5.99 per month. The channels you get to stream with it are, however, quite less: 5.

The channels include Sky Sports Premier League, The Ashes 2023, IPL 2023, Formula 1 2023, and News which you can stream on your smartphones. It is a decent deal if you have no issues streaming just on your phone.

That was about a few cheap Sky Sports passes. But whatever pass you purchase according to your desire, rest assured that you get access to all the channels mentioned below:

  1. Sky Sports
  2. Sky Sports News
  3. Sky Sports Golf
  4. Sky Sports Football
  5. Sky Sports Arena
  6. Sky Sports Mix
  7. Sky Racing
  8. Sky Sports Main Event
  9. Sky F1
  10. Sky Sports Cricket
  11. Sky Sports NFL

What Sports Can You Watch on NOW TV?


Enjoy other channels through Now TV!

As for subscribing to Now TV, you should first know what channels can you access with it. There are basically 11 channels. Although Now TV provides channels that cover all the popular games that you may wish to stream, the list of channels is stated below.

Now TV has made it even easier for the users to choose whether they should have it by giving a free trial. The trial remains for a week in which you get to use at least four of the passes. Let’s get back to the name of the channels:

1. Sky Sports Premier League

2. Sky Sports Mix

3. Sky Sports Football

4. Sky Sports Main Event

5. Sky Sports Cricket

6. Sky Sports Action

7. Sky Sports Golf

8. Sky Sports Arena

9. Sky Sports F1

10. Sky Sports Racing

11. Sky Sports News

What to Watch on Sky Sports in 2024?

Following are the top picks that you can watch on Sky Sports right now.


The cheapest way to get Sky Sports is through Now TV. But even cheaper is the subscription to the Sky Sports mobile TV app. It will allow you to stream live events and games at a very low price. It may not be the best way, but it sure is one of the cheapest ways. Consider the app for getting Sky Sports cheaply.

Yes, it is one of the cheapest ways to get Sky Sports through Now TV. The article above mentions the details about it. Be sure to read it if you want Sky Sports through Now tv.

Luckily, yes! You don’t need a Sky TV subscription (that can be pretty expensive) to watch Sky Sports. Instead, you can sign up for Now TV, which will give you access to cheap Sky Sports. What it does so fascinating is that it gives you the flexibility to get a Sky Sports membership for a day, a week, or a month!


This article gives insights into the most beneficial and useful way of saving yourself some extra dimes. Sky Sports is a great channel but also charges great money, which is why you may become hesitant to sign up for it.

Hey, don’t lose all your craze and enjoyment for sports drain down just because you can’t afford the subscription.

This article is presented as a guide to understand the cheapest way to get Sky Sports which is through Now TV. So, read up quickly; you have got work to do. Setting it up might as well be quite a work, don’t you think?

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