How to Watch The Hundred Women’s Finals 2022 Outside UK


With the growing popularity of The Hundred Women’s competition, there is no doubt that women’s cricket is now firmly back in the spotlight. Keen on the game, fans want to know how to watch The Hundred Women’s Finals 2022 outside UK.

The Hundred Women’s finals will be aired live on Sky Sports on September 3rd, 2022. Since the platform is regionally restricted, fans outside the UK cannot access the finals outside the UK.

But, if you can’t access Sky Sports in your country, there is an alternative way to catch the action. All you’ll need is a hi-tech VPN to bypass the restriction. Keep reading to learn how to use a VPN:

Quick Steps – Watch The Hundred Women’s Finals 2022 Outside UK

Here are the simple steps to watch the Hundred Women’s Finals 2022 outside UK.

  • Install a premium VPN and purchase its subscription. We strongly advise using the ExpressVPN service.
  • Put in your login information and set up your device.
  • Connect to a local UK-based server.
  • Download the Sky Sports app to keep up with the competition.
  • Search and watch The Hundred Women’s Finals 2022 outside UK!

Where can I watch The Hundred final?

Sky Sports will be broadcasting the Hundred Final live. The tournament is going to take place in the UK.  Due to geo-restrictions, viewers outside the United Kingdom are unable to watch Sky Sports.

Connecting from outside the UK will need the usage of a VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, for users. You’ll need this in order to get entry to it.

Who will Play in the Hundred Final?

Only three clubs from The Hundred make it to the playoffs. The best team automatically advances to the championship match, while the runners-up must face off in an Eliminator to determine who will join them.

How many Groups are Taking Part in The Hundred Women’s Finals 2022 event?

In The Hundred 2022, there are 8 teams. These teams are:

Manchester Originals
Northern Superchargers
Southern Brave
Trent Rockets
London Spirit
Birmingham Phoenix
Welsh Fire

How to Watch The Hundred Women’s Finals 2022 on TV in UK?

In the year 2022, the televised broadcasting of The Hundred Women’s Finals 2022 will be available for streaming on BBC and Sky Sports.

Since the game will be televised on Sky Sports, you should make it a point to tune in. If you do not currently live in the UK but would still want to watch Sky Sports, you will need to subscribe to a VPN service in order to bypass the geo-restriction restrictions.

What channel is the Hundred 2022 on?

The Hundred will be broadcast live on BBC and Sky Sports; for further information, including schedules, dates, hours, and channels, click here. The Hundred is heating up well across the board for both the men’s and women’s competitions, with the men’s competition seeming to be especially heated as the tournament nears its conclusion.

How can I watch Sky Sports live?

You can watch Sky Sports live on the Sky Sports website or on cable if you are in the UK. Due to geo-restrictions, Sky Sports may only be seen by viewers who are situated inside the United Kingdom.

In order to connect to it, users who are not physically located in the United Kingdom will be forced to make use of a virtual private network (VPN) service such as ExpressVPN. This is a prerequisite in order to have access to it.

What is The Hundred cricket tournament?

The Hundred is a professional franchise 100-ball cricket competition that features eight men’s and eight women’s teams from key cities throughout England and Wales. The tournament is played over four days. The England and Wales Cricket Board was in charge of organizing the event.

What time is the women’s 100 cricket final?

The final match for the women will get underway at three o’clock in the afternoon, while the final match for the men will get underway at 6:30 in the evening. So mark your calendars today to make sure you don’t miss any action.

Where are The Hundred teams based?

The Hundred Teams are based in England and Wales. The England and Wales Cricket Board runs a professional franchise 100-ball cricket league called The Hundred. The competition has 100-ball matches. There are eight men’s teams and eight women’s teams competing in this league, and they are spread out among the main cities of England and Wales.

What date is The Hundred final?

The grand finale of The Hundred will take place on September 3rd, 2022. The Hundred is a professional franchise 100-ball cricket competition that will be played between eight men’s and women’s teams based in key towns all throughout England and Wales.

The 2022 season of The Hundred will be the second season of The Hundred.

Where is the final of The Hundred?

In 2022, MCC will host the men’s and women’s finals of The Hundred at Lord’s, as well as four group matches for London Spirit. The matches will be aired live on Sky Sports. So make sure you get ExpressVPN if you are outside the UK.

Which ground will host the women’s final of The Hundred?

In 2022, the Lord’s Cricket Ground (Lord’s) will serve as the location for the men’s and women’s finals of The Hundred as well as four group matches for the London Spirit.

Is the 100 cricket televised?

Yes, live coverage of The Hundred may be seen on BBC and Sky Sports; for details on airtimes, dates, and channels, you can check out the broadcast schedule.

Both the men’s and women’s contests in The Hundred are heating up as the event draws to a close, with the men’s competition becoming particularly intense.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch The Hundred Women’s Finals 2022 Outside UK?

ExpresVPN is the best VPN to watch The Hundred Women’s Finals 2022 outside UK due to its incredible speed, multilayer security and wide server network.

When it comes to accessing Sky Sports from outside the UK, our team determined that ExpressVPN was the most reliable and safe option among the several VPNs available. Here is a detailed description of the features offered by ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch The Hundred Women’s Finals 2022 Outside UK


ExpressVPN is a service that encrypts your data as it travels to and from the websites and applications you use by connecting to a remote server and decrypting it at your end. Worldwide, ExpressVPN is upgrading its 1Gbps servers to 10Gbps ones. One might also say this:

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ExpressVPN is an easy and reliable way to access the web from anywhere. Express makes it easy as pie to get in touch with our helpful customer support agents, who have your back even if an unforeseen issue happens.

These services provide an additional layer of security by routing your data via an intermediary server before delivering it to its ultimate destination. As the last question, what does this all entail? You may browse the web without worrying about your ISP tracking your every move.

ExpressVPN provides a variety of methods to unblock regional limitations and watch content from streaming providers including NBC Sports, and Peacock TV.

ExpressVPN can unblock other geo-restricted sports content, including European Championships Munich 2022, Asia Cup 2022 ,The Hundred Men’s Finals 2022 and others.

About GB£5.49/mo (US$6.67/mo) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan). is required.

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There are eight different women’s teams competing in The Hundred. The eight women’s teams who are competing in The Hundred have each announced a new marquee signing as of today.

Oval Invincibles were crowned winners of The Hundred after a spectacular collapse by Southern Brave in the women’s final match played at Lord’s.

A cricket tournament, The Hundred was created by the England and Wales Cricket Board.


The final of The Hundred Women cricket match is highly anticipated, so you should begin preparations as soon as possible.

Those who live outside of the UK but still want to watch The Hundred Women’s Finals 2022 outside UK can sign up for ExpressVPN. Using a virtual private network (VPN) is currently the only practical method for accessing geo-blocked content while traveling abroad.

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