How to Change the Language on Disney Plus In UK [Easy Methods]


Is your Disney Plus content showing in a different language, and you have no idea how to fix it? Then, you have come to the right place. This guide will teach you every possible way how to change the language on Disney Plus.

Disney Plus Language Glitch

A while ago, many Disney Plus subscribers faced the issue of getting all the content in Spanish, or the language keeps changing to German.

Initially, many streamers thought of it as a cyberattack. But mostly, it was an internal glitch that was easily resolved by contacting Disney Plus Support.

So, if you are facing any issues with language glitches, then contact Disney Plus Support. But before getting to any conclusion, just check the audio setting within your profile to change the language on Disney Plus. Also, did you know, that Disney acquired one of the greatest superhero franchises, marvel entertainment back in 2009? So you can easily stream marvel movies on Disney plus. Now let’s get back to the topic.

How to Change the Language on Disney Plus In UK

Disney Plus offers multiple options to change the language of any title or even the complete language of your Disney Plus account. Here is how you can do it:

Change Disney Plus Language through Profile Settings

  • Login to Disney Plus with your credentials
  • Click on profile on the top right corner and go to the “Edit Profiles” option


  • Select the profile from which you are watching
  • Scroll down to the “App Language” option and select your preferred language

disney plus language change on profile

  • Click “Done” on the top right corner to change the language on Disney Plus.

Change the Language on Your Disney Plus App

Changing language on the Disney Plus app is similar to changing from profile setting on the browser.

  • Go to the Disney Plus app and click on your profile on the bottom right
  • Tap the “Edit Profiles” option
  • Select your profile and go to the “App Language” option
  • Choose your preferred language from the list
  • Click “Done” on the top right corner
  • You will get “Updated” text on the screen
  • That’s it, the language has been changed on Disney Plus

Video Tutorial:

Change Language of a Particular Movie or Show

  • Go to Disney Plus and start watching any title
  • Within the video player, click the “CC/Subtitles” icon on the top right corner

disney plus language change from video player

  • From the audio section, select your preferred language


  • Start watching the title with a changed language

How to change Disney Plus Language to English

To change the Disney Plus language to English, just go to your Disney+ account > select profile > edit profile settings > select English (US or UK) from the list > click done.

Your Disney Plus language would change to English.

Disney Plus Language Options

Disney Plus offers 14 different languages to stream content. Here is the list of language options on Disney Plus

  • English (US and UK)
  • Dansk
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Spanish (Latinoamerica)
  • Francais
  • Francais (Canadien)
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese (Brasil)
  • Suomi (Finnish)
  • Svenska (Swedish)

How to Change language on Disney plus Apple TV

  • Go to Disney Plus app on Apple TV
  • Select a title to watch
  • Within the video player, choose “Audio and Subtitle settings” on the top right corner.
  • Choose your preferred language from the audio section
  • Start watching Disney Plus on Apple TV in a changed language

How to Change language on Disney Plus Roku

  • Go to Disney and start watching any title
  • Press the Star button (*) on the remote to open the “Audio” menu
  • Select your desired language
  • Continue watching Disney Plus on Roku in changed language

How to Change Subtitles on Disney Plus

  • Open the Disney Plus app and choose any title to watch
  • While watching, you will find a closed caption icon in the upper right corner
  • The subtitle menu will open then select your desired language
  • Continue streaming Disney+ with changed subtitles

How to Change Language on Disney Plus – FAQs

Which Language Is Default on the Disney Plus?

Disney Plus does not have any default language, it uses the language that your device is using.

Why is My Disney Plus in Different Language?

The selected language in your Disney Plus account might have been different from what you desire. To change language, just go “Edit Profile” setting and choose your preferred language.

Why does the language keep changing on Disney Plus?

It is an alarming situation that signifies that your Disney Plus account has been compromised. To resolve this issue, check your account setting to make sure your payment information is secure and address the issue with Disney Plus Support ASAP.

Why is my Disney plus playing in Spanish?

You might have selected the Spanish language as your Disney Play language. You can change the language by going to “Edit Profile Option” and select your desired language. Even after the setting, the language does not change from Spanish, you’d better contact Disney Plus Support.

Does Disney plus have Spanish audio?

Yes, Disney Plus offers its content in Spanish audio.

What If You Can’t Change the Language on Disney Plus?

If you are unable to change the language on Disney Plus, then it is probably a glitch. In this case, Contact Disney Plus Support to resolve the language issue.

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