How to Watch ‘Big Mouth Kdrama’ in UK in 2022


If you are into watching South Korean dramas these days, you need to learn how to watch Big Mouth Kdrama in UK. Big Mouth Korean drama that stars Lee Jong-Suk together with Yoona is available on Disney Plus in selected areas.

Due to the South Korean drama being released in selected areas, you will encounter a geo-restriction policy when you watch it in the UK. But there is always a way how to bypass it.

Bypass the geo-restriction policy of Disney+ and watch Big Mouth Disney Plus show and other K-drama series like Crash Landing On You by using a VPN.

How to Watch Big Mouth Kdrama in UK – Quick Steps

You must follow the four simple steps to watch Big Mouth Kdrama in UK on Disney Plus without any streaming problems.

  1. Subscribe to a VPN. We highly recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the app and log in to your account.
  3. Connect to a server where Disney+ is available.
  4. Open your Disney Plus app and easily watch Big Mouth Kdrama in UK.

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Where to Watch Big Mouth Kdrama in UK?

Disney+ is exclusively streaming Big Mouth Kdrama on its website and app. But sadly, the show is unavailable on Disney+ UK.

Here’s what you need to do to access the series in UK: Login your ExpressVPN account, choose a Korean server location, click connect, and that’s it. Search the Big Mouth Kdrama and start streaming.

Moreover, using this trick, you can watch other Kdramas on Disney+ UK without facing geo-errors.

What is the Big Mouth Kdrama Release Date in UK?

Big Mouth Korean drama was first released on the South Korean TV network MBC on July 29, 2022. On the same day, it was reported that viewers could also watch Big Mouth Kdrama on Disney Plus in selected areas.

Unluckily, Big Mouth Kdrama UK streaming is still not available on the UK streaming platform. So the best way to catch up with the newly released episodes is ExpressVPN.

Big Mouth Korean Drama Plot

The plot of Big Mouth (South Korean TV series) follows the life of Park Chang-Ho (Lee Jong-Suk), an unsuccessful lawyer who later gets involved in a murder case and is pointed as the Big Mouse.

His wife, Go Mi-Ho (Yoona), tries to do everything she can to help Chang-Ho clear his name and get him out of prison.

How Many Episodes of Big Mouth Kdrama are there?

A total of 16 episodes are plotted for the Big Mouth Kdrama series. Let’s take a look at each episode’s description and air date schedule on Disney Plus:

Episodes Details Air Date and Time Episode’s Description
S1 Episode 1


29th July 2022

9.50 PM KST/ 8.50 AM ET

A lawyer with a 10% victory rate ends up losing his own case and is duped out of his lifetime savings. His wife files for divorce after hearing the news, but he is pulled into a scandal that brings big shots that could recover his career.
S1 Episode 2


30th July 2022

9.50 PM KST/ 8.50 AM ET

Changho awakens in the hospital, is accused of drug abuse, and is imprisoned in Gucheon Prison; there is information that a skilled con artist who stole NR Forum has been apprehended approximately at the same time as Changho’s detention.
S1 Episode 3


5th August 2022

9.50 PM KST/ 8.50 AM ET

Changho investigates how he got to be labeled as Big Mouse; Miho moves to Gucheon University Hospital to clear Changho’s name but discovers something odd going on in the cancer ward.
S1 Episode 4


6th August 2022

9.50 PM KST/ 8.50 AM ET

As concerns about Changho’s identity mount, Gong Jihoon plans to test him; Miho approaches Choi Doha for assistance with one of Changho’s cases.
S1 Episode 5


12th August 2022

9.50 PM KST/ 8.50 AM ET

Changho interrogates a witness with vital information regarding Big Mouse; Jihoon seeks Miho for assistance in locating Seo Jaeyoung’s thesis.
S1 Episode 6


13th August 2022

9.50 PM KST/ 8.50 AM ET

Miho enters the prison medical volunteer program in order to meet Changho, but she doesn’t recognize Changho, who is receiving special treatment in the detention center; Miho receives a call about the whereabouts of Seo Jaeyoung’s thesis.
S1 Episode 7


19th August 2022

9.50 PM KST/ 8.50 AM ET

Changho is warned by Jaeho to halt his probe into Seo Jaeyoung’s thesis. Miho approaches the thesis but is attacked, and Jihoon joins forces with Jungrak to apprehend Big Mouse.
S1 Episode 8


20th August 2022

9.50 PM KST/ 8.50 AM ET

Changho is locked up in a mental hospital and attempts to conceal his identity; Miho finally locates the possessor of Seo Jaeyoung’s thesis, but she has difficulty convincing them to part with it.
S1 Episode 9


26th August 2022

9.50 PM KST/ 8.50 AM ET

Through a social network live broadcast, Changho acts as an accomplice in Seo Jaeyoung’s murder trial, while Jihoon and Jungrak track Changho in real-time. Meanwhile, a terrifying rumor about a ghost is circulating.
S1 Episode 10


27th August 2022

9.50 PM KST/ 8.50 AM ET

Changho summons Big Mouse, and an unexpected individual appears at the appointed hour, who may or may not be Big Mouse. Meanwhile, Miho is nearing the conclusion of the thesis.
S1 Episode 11


2nd September 2022

9.50 PM KST/ 8.50 AM ET

Changho begins to exert pressure on Big Mouse by shifting the power dynamics within the prison. Doha also attempts to locate Big Mouse by appointing a new warden. The question is whether Big Mouse will come out.
S1 Episode 12


3rd September 2022

9.50 PM KST/ 8.50 AM ET

The prison is in complete chaos owing to disturbances, and the warden intends to take Changho and Miho out through this window. The inmates make their way to Miho’s medical unit.
S1 Episode 13


9th September 2022

9.50 PM KST/ 8.50 AM ET


The hot-plate restaurant was badly damaged. Changho, who is agitated, encounters an unexpected there and gets an offer he cannot decline
S1 Episode 14


10th September 2022

9.50 PM KST/ 8.50 AM ET

Changho pays a visit to Chairman Kang and makes an enticing proposal; Kang is charmed by Changho’s chutzpah and asks him for his coming birthday celebration; Doha is fed up with Changho’s shenanigans.
S1 Episode 15


16th September 2022

9.50 PM KST/ 8.50 AM ET

Chairman Kang’s will is disclosed, and Jihoon, who is now the odd man out, rushes to Changho. Changho joins forces with Jihoon and is hard at work planning for full-fledged campaigns against Doha.
S1 Episode 16


17th September 2022

9.50 PM KST/ 8.50 AM ET

The television discussion, which is the final opportunity to overturn the decision, begins. The piece of evidence that will bring Choi Doha down is within Miho’s fingertips. It is unclear whether Choi Doha will be demolished.

Big Mouth Genre and Filmmakers

Genre and Cast of Big Mouth Kdrama 2022
Cast Lee Jong-Suk, Kim Joo-hun, and Im Yoon-ah.
Writer and Director Co-written by Young Chul Jang, Chris and Kyung Soon Jung and directed by Choong Hwan Oh
Genre Mystery, Action & Thriller
IMDb Rating 7.9/10
Age Rating 13+
Run Time 1 hour per episodes

Big Mouth Kdrama IMDb Rating

Big Mouth Korean Drama 2022 is one of the highest rating drama series on IMDb. According to the results, Big Mouth IMDb ranking is 7.9 out of 10.

Big Mouth Kdrama Trailer

Disney+ uploaded a trailer for the K-drama Big Mouth on their official Youtube channel as part of its promotional activities for the show. The trailer teases Park Chang-Ho, and Go Mi-Ho’s life suddenly changes after Chang-Ho gets involved in a murder case.

Big Mouth Kdrama Cast

Yoona plays the lead of Big Mouth Korean drama actress. She portrays the wife of Lee Jong-Suk, an underperforming lawyer. Joining them for a star-studded Big Mouth (2022) Kdrama cast are Kwak Dong-Yeon, Ok Ja-Yeon, Kim Joo-Hun, Yang Kyung-Won, and so much more.

Big Mouth Kdrama Genre

Big Mouth Korean Drama has a suspense-mystery thriller genre with a bit of romance and comedy. This Korean drama series is great for viewers who enjoy watching a show that has numerous genres involved and for viewers who like to solve mysteries of a series.

‘Big Mouth’ Main Poster

The main poster of the South Korean Drama Big Mouth shows Lee Jong-Suk, who has bruises on his face, and Yoona, who also offers the same expression but with no facial bruises. It was released in July before the series premiered on July 29, 2022.

Will there be a Season 2 of Big Mouth Kdrama?

Currently, season 2 of Big Mouth Kdrama has not been introduced. So, we are not sure about its release.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Big Mouth Korean Drama on Disney Plus?

You need a VPN to Watch Big Mouth (Korean Drama) in UK on Disney Plus because of the Disney Plus Error Code 73. This error limits users from watching it outside of where that content is available.

The platform’s geographical restriction policies can restrict users. To bypass this, using a VPN is the only way.

Where can I Watch All Seasons of Big Mouth?

If you are in Korea, you can watch Big Mouth (South Korean Drama series) on MBC. Otherwise, you will have to tune in to Disney Plus, as it has streaming rights to the series. Remember to use a VPN when streaming in the UK.

What is your Review of the Korean Drama ‘Big Mouth’? Is it Worth Watching?

Yes, Big Mouth K-drama is a great series to watch if you are into suspense, mystery-thriller content. This series offers a lot of questions and mysteries, making viewers intrigued about the show’s outcome.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Big Mouth Kdrama in UK on Disney+?

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Yes, Big Mouth is available on Disney Plus but in selected areas only.

After Big Mouth, Lee Jong-Suk will star in a movie titled Decibel.

Yoona is one of the Big Mouth Korean Drama actresses. She is a part of the girl group called Girls Generation (SNSD).

You can watch Korean Dramas on the following channels in UK:

  • Hulu
  • Disney+
  • Dramacool.
  • Kissasian (English subtitles and dubbing)
  • Soap2day
  • Solar Movies
  • Yes Movies
  • NewAsianTV
  • And Viki.

In case, any service is unavailable in your region, try using a reliable VPN and start streaming anything you want.

No, Big Mouth Kdrama is not available on Disney Plus USA. However, the series is available to stream on Disney+ UK and South Korea via ExpressVPN.

You can watch Big Mouth Korean drama on Hulu. Hulu also offers a free trial period for 30 days, avail the offer and start watching Big Mouth Kdrama.

Yes! DramaFever, the leading US VOD platform for Korean dramas, launched in the United Kingdom in January 2014.

Wrapping it Up!

After reading this article, you now know how to watch Big Mouth Kdrama in UK. And the details of the series indeed make you curious about how the drama will end. The good thing is that you won’t have to worry about geo-restriction anymore because of ExpressVPN.

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