Hulu Not Working on Smart TV in UK? Here’s a Fix [February 2022]


Are you having trouble streaming Hulu on Smart TV in the UK? Then, you are not alone. Many streamers have raised the issue of Hulu not working on Smart TV in the UK.

However, it is not a big deal. With some basic methods mentioned below, you can fix the Hulu app issue on Smart TV within minutes.

But before that, let’s understand why are you having trouble watching Hulu in UK on Smart TV ?

Why Hulu is Not Working on Smart TV in UK (Probable Reasons)

Here are some of the probable reasons that might cause trouble for the Hulu app to not work properly on Smart TV in UK:

  • Hulu server down
  • Slow internet speed
  • Using a blacklisted VPN server
  • Outdated Hulu Smart TV app
  • Temp files in Hulu app

These were some of the basic Hulu tv streaming issues that cause trouble in Hulu streaming on Smart TV in UK.

How to Fix Hulu ‘Not Working’ Issue on Smart TV in UK

Here is how you can fix the Hulu Smart TV app issue with some basic methods:

1- Clear Cache from Hulu App

First and foremost, clear all the cache data from the Hulu app. It is an absolutely safe and finest way to fix this issue. Here is how you can clear unwanted temporary data and files from the Hulu Smart TV app:

  • Open the Smart TV and go to the ‘settings’ section.
  • Go to apps and select Hulu.
  • Within the Hulu app, go to storage and click the ‘clear cache’ option.
  • Come back to Home, select the Hulu app, and check if it is working.

2- Check Your Smart TV Compatibility with Hulu

If you cannot find the Hulu app on your Smart TV or cannot Chromecast Hulu, then probably your Smart TV is not compatible with Hulu.

Here is the list of compatible Smart TV and devices to watch Hulu on the big screen:

  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Vizio SmartCasts TV
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV (minimum 4th generation)
  • LG TV
  • Xfinity Flex Streaming TV Box
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation (4 & 5)

3- Reboot/Reinstall Hulu App

Restart Smart TV and reinstalling the Hulu app is another effective way to resolve the Hulu issues on Smart TV. I would highly recommend reinstalling the Hulu app if it is not working properly. Here is how to delete and reinstall the Hulu app on Smart TV:

  • Open Smart TV and click the menu/home button on the remote.
  • Go to the apps option and click Hulu from the list.
  • Delete Hulu app.

Once the uninstallation process is complete, restart your Smart TV and reinstall the Hulu app by the following process:

  • Open Smart TV and go to the app store.
  • Search Hulu and click ‘install’.
  • After installation, login to Hulu app with your credential.

Now, it would probably be working on your Smart TV in UK

4- Get the Latest Hulu Smart TV App

On mobile devices, the Hulu app updates automatically when its latest version arrives. Most Samsung Smart TVs have auto-updates features, but that is not the case for many Smart TVs. So, if your Smart TV is not updating the Hulu app automatically, it uses an older version that can cause trouble with Hulu streaming on Smart TV.

To get the latest Hulu version, just delete and reinstall the Hulu app and start watching it on your Smart TV.

5- Analyze Hulu Error Code

To find any solution, you must figure out the cause of the issue. When Hulu causes any trouble in working, it shows an error code that defines the problem. Here are some most common Hulu errors that occurred on Smart TV in UK:

Hulu Error 5003 – Playback issue

Solution: Set date and time correctly

Hulu Error p-dev 320 – Connectivity issue with Hulu or your internet connection

Solution: Restart router or contact Hulu support

Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13 – Playback and buffering issue

Solution: Clear cache or reboot the Hulu app

Hulu Error 16 – Unsupported region issue (VPN error)

Solution: Disable proxy and use premium Hulu VPN

6-  Check Your Internet Connection

Insufficient internet speed is one of the leading hurdles in Hulu streaming. Check the internet speed with a built-in speed test app. To stream Hulu in 4K, you need 16 Mbps speed, 8 Mbps for live streaming, and a minimum of 3 Mbps to watch Hulu library.

If your internet speed is below the Hulu streaming requirement, contact your internet provider to get a faster speed or get a new fast internet connection.

7- Check if Hulu is Down

Sometimes Hulu service is down and becomes unavailable for streamers. So, if you try every method and still Hulu is not working, then it is probably the Hulu outage issue. To confirm this issue, contact Hulu customer support or check the latest post on its social media platforms regarding the Hulu outage.

You can use these methods if Hulu is not working with Roku or any other streaming device.

Wrapping Up

You must have figured that all the solutions are very basic to fix Hulu not working on the Smart TV in the UK. Just go through each method whenever this issue occurs and, in case none of the tips work, then contact Hulu support and address your Hulu streaming issue.

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