How to Watch Minamata on Hulu in UK


As a Johnny Depp fan, you must have missed the Oscar-nominees absence from the screen for ages. Now you can watch him in a unique role in Minamata. Unfortunately, licensing violations may not allow viewership in UK. But we’ve got your back: in this article, you’ll find how to watch Minamata on Hulu in UK with the aid of a VPN.

So without further ado, let’s begin!

Easy Steps – Watch Minamata on Hulu in UK

Below you will see steps showing you how to watch Minamata on Hulu in UK:

  1. Purchase a robust VPN subscription; our number one choice is ExpressVPN due to its consistently high performance.
  2. Install the VPN app after downloading it.
  3. Switch your location to a US server within the VPN.
  4. Log in to your Hulu account and begin streaming Minamata.

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Where can I view Minamata?

You can view Minamata on Hulu in early July. The movie is one of Hulu’s independent releases for the month. So if you’re looking forward to viewing the movie, get your Hulu subscription ready. Remember, Hulu is only accessible in the USA which means you will require a reliable VPN service to watch Minamata on Hulu in Canada.

What is the release date of Minamata?

The release date of Minamata is July 8, 2022, when fans will finally be able to stream it on Hulu. COVID postponed the film’s cinematic release, initially slated for February 2021. Because of this abrupt change in plans, some people thought the film had been a box office flop.

What is Minamata about?

Minimata is about a withdrawn photojournalist from the US who, in 1970, visited Japan. His travel aimed to probe into a disease that was mysteriously spreading.

Soon he finds out that there is a corporate hand behind the emergence of the disease. The photojournalist struggles to expose culprits and attains iconic status in his field due to his efforts.

Who is in the Minamata?

Johnny Depp is the leading star in Minamata. He will play the role of the photojournalist protagonist of the movie. Amidst recent legal conflicts, the actor makes a long-awaited return to the screen.

When did Johnny Depp film Minamata?

Filming for Minamata, starring Johnny Depp, began in January 2019. Production took place in three countries: Serbia, Montenegro, and Japan. Other stars in the filming process included Bill Nighy, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Minami Bages.

What was the Minamata disaster?

The Minamata disaster was the spread of mercury poisoning. The poison spread through an entire Japanese fishing town, Minamata. Physical signs included limb and lip numbness. Nearly 3,000 people suffered from the poison, with many mothers giving birth to deformed babies.

What is the Trailer for Minamata?

The trailer for Minamata is striking, opening with haunting flashbacks for the protagonist. The trailer leaves clues to the movie’s true story with a powerful musical score in the background. The Minamata trailer also features high praise from different sources for Johnny Depp’s acting. You can watch the trailer here.

Where is Minamata available?

As a Johnny Depp fan, this question must be in your mind: where is Minamata playing? Currently, Minamata is available for purchase on DVD through Amazon. And to enjoy Minamata, Amazon Prime subscribers can stream the movie on the platform. It is also possible for Apple TV subscribers to rent Minamata. The good news is that the movie will be available for streaming on Hulu on July 8.

Is Minamata worth watching?

Yes, Minamata is worth watching, not only because Johnny Depp is in it. The movie has received critical acclaim with a fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and the Minamata Fandango rating is over 90%. Ratings on IMDB also point to the high quality of the movie.

Did Minamata win an Oscar?

No, Minamata did not win an Oscar award. However, the movie did make its mark at the Oscars by finishing third in the Fan Favorite contest, which was introduced in 2021. The Favorite Fan contest recognizes movies that may or not win an Oscar but get high votes from Twitter users.

What Are The Best Netflix VPNs to Watch Minamata on Hulu in UK

You can watch Minamata on Hulu in UK with our recommended VPN services below.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Minamata on Hulu in UK


ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Minamata on Hulu in UK. The service offers high stability, speed, and solid privacy and security. ExpressVPN has 3000+ servers available in 94+ countries around the world and servers in 16 cities within the US. US server locations include LA, NYC, New Jersey, Miami, and many more. ExpressVPN offers high-speed streaming, primarily through its Lightway Protocol.

The protocol makes Express VPN light on your battery with zero connection loss. ExpressVPN’s security features include the lock kill switch, which helps protect your data when you lose connection temporarily. Private DNS and Threat Manager thwart any malicious attempts from malware senders and hackers.

If your device disallows VPN use, ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer can provide VPN access once you’ve registered your IP address on ExpressVPN’s site.

ExpressVPN also unblocks other popular US streaming content such as The Princess on Hulu, The Terminal List on Amazon Prime and We Hunt Together Season 2 on Showtime and Mysteries Decoded Season 2 on The CW. Pricing is also reasonable, with three simple plans.

The monthly plan costs $12.95 a month. A yearly subscription will bring costs down to GB£6.04/mo (US$6.67/mo) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan), while a six-month subscription costs $9.99/month. Accompanying all plans is a 30-day money-back guarantee, and numerous payment options are available.

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Surfshark: Pocket-Friendly VPN to Watch Minamata on Hulu in UK


Surfshark is a VPN that’s light on your pocket. The server presence for Surfshark is broad: 3200+ servers in 65+ countries and 600 in the United States. The geographic concentration of the servers is quite diverse, from extensive areas such as NYC and LA to smaller regions like Ashburn and Latham. Two Surfshark features make the VPN’s security robust: Camouflage Mode and Clean Web.

Camouflage Mode masks VPN traffic in a way that counters even the most stringent restrictions from your internet service provider. It also works against efforts by streaming services to block VPNs. Clean Web is true to its title: it ensures a pure streaming experience, devoid of annoying ads and malware attacks.

A fabulous luxury you have with Surfshark is accessing the VPN on unlimited devices once subscribed. Outside of Hulu, Surfshark also unlocks other US-based streaming content, such as Maggie 2022 on Hulu, and Players Season 1 on Paramount+.

Pricing is Surfshark’s main attraction. While the monthly plan costs $12.95/month, you get substantial savings for the yearly ($3.99/month) and two-yearly plans GB£2.26/mo (US$2.49/mo) (83% Off on 2 Years Plan).

So if limiting VPN costs is your top priority, Surfshark is an excellent choice.

NordVPN: User-Friendly VPN to Watch Minamata on Hulu in UK


NordVPN is a service with a well-designed app that comes with high functionality. The service has an expansive network of servers: more than 5310+ servers available in 59+ countries., with nearly 2,000 of them in the USA. And those US servers are spread in 15 different locations. With NordVPN, you can effectively mask your IP address, so your ISP can’t detect your activities.

NordVPN’s Meshnet feature goes beyond connecting devices to VPN, allowing direct connection to devices anywhere in the world. Meshnet makes it possible to share files across borders efficiently, and its device limit is 60 (10 of your own and 50 external ones). Besides speed and security, usability is a significant factor when choosing a VPN. NordVPN excels in user experience with an intuitive, easy-to-use, well-designed app. An extensive knowledge database, live chat, and email support are available. And NordVPN will help you stream sites other than Hulu, e.g., Netflix and HBO Max.

Finally, NordVPN offers multiple pricing options, contingent upon the features chosen. Full-feature pricing is $13.99/mo on the monthly plan, $6.99/month on the yearly plan, and GB£2.98/mo (US$3.29/mo) (Save 60% on 2-year plan) on the 2-year plan.

Without 1 TB cloud storage, the three tiers go down to $12.69, $5.69, and $4.69 per month, respectively. And without a data breach scanner and cross-platform password manager price for the tiers reduces to $11.99, $4.99, and $3.99, respectively.

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Yes, Minamata is a true story based on a natural disaster in the Japanese fishing town of Minamata in the 1970s.

The pronunciation of Minamata sounds like mi nuh maa tuh.

Minamata was dubbed a box office bust after reports revealed the movie only made $15,000 during the first weekend of its cinematic release. These initial reports were debunked, as the truth about release postponement due to COVID came out.

Wrap Up

Minamata will be available for streaming on Hulu on July 8, 2022. Johnny Depp fans across the globe must be psyched to see the movie. But geo-restrictions may get in your way of viewing the film if you’re not in the US.

To get around this issue, you’ll need a VPN, and we strongly recommend subscribing to the excellent service of ExpressVPN. With the power of ExpressVPN, you can easily watch Minamata on Hulu in UK.

So get your hands on this great VPN and enjoy Mr. Depp in action!

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