30 Most Popular Hugh Jackman’s Movies – A Definitive Guide

30 Most Popular Hugh Jackman

Hugh Michael Jackman was born on October 12, 1968, in Sydney, Australia. He got his break as James “Logan” Howlett / Wolverine in the X-Men film series (2000–2017). In the 2019 Queen’s Birthday Honours, he was named Companion of the Order of Australia.

Jackman has won a Tony Award, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, and a Golden Globe Award, among other honours. He’s also been nominated for an Academy Award. In the 2019 Queen’s Birthday Honours, Jackman was named a Companion of the Order of Australia for his contributions to the performing arts and the global community.


Hugh Jackman – Top 30 Highest Rated Movies

Reminiscence (2021)

Reminiscence (2021)

Nick Bannister goes deep into their memories to unearth long-buried feelings of love and loss amid the flooded Miami, a helpless victim of global warming.

When Nick defies convention and falls head over heels in love with the mysterious and seductive jazz singer Mae, a bizarre chain of events begins that propels Nick into a last-ditch effort to uncover the truth.

However, the past and obsession may paralyze us if we let them. When all Mae has left are her memories, what lengths will Nick go to unearth the hidden fragments of her priceless recollections? A must-watch Hugh Jackman’s upcoming movies.

Bad Education (2019)

Bad Education

A Long Island school superintendent and his aide are credited with elevating the system to a level of national prominence previously unattainable.

Frank is an expert in positive message delivery and persuasion in front of a group of community leaders or a private meeting with a worried kid or parent.

The situation shifts whenever a student reporter finds an embezzlement plan of epic proportions, causing Frank to design a complex cover-up strategy.

The Greatest Showman

Phenomenal American performer Phineas Taylor Barnum, who was up in poverty and orphaned, was known for his ability to blur the lines between truth and fantasy.

The child of a tailor succeeds in opening a wax museum. Still, he quickly switches his attention to the unusual and bizarre, adding astounding live performances to the circus stage that have never been seen before.

Phineas, concerned with acclaim and respectability, would lose sight of the most important element of his life: his family if he puts all on the opera singer to cater to a high-brow audience.



What lengths do you go to ensure the safety of your loved ones? Every parent’s greatest dread is about to come true for Keller Dover. When Anna, his six-year-old daughter, and her friend, Joy, go without a trace, panic.

A rusty RV that had previously been placed on their street is their only lead. Detective Loki, who is in charge of the investigation, first detains the vehicle’s driver, Alex Jones, but later frees him due to a lack of evidence.

As the investigation by the police deepens, and the stakes rise, a distraught Dover thinks he has no other option than to take things into his own hands. But how far can a parent defend his family if he has no choice?



X-Men dissolve in 2029 as mutant numbers plummet owing to genetically enhanced plants that weaken mutant abilities. In the face of declining self-healing abilities, Logan turned to drink and became a driver to make a livelihood.

Cares about and hides Professor X, an older man who is sick. Logan is approached by a woman who wants him to take a young woman to the Canadian border.

Despite his initial reluctance, the Professor insists on seeing her since he’s been waiting so long for her to show up. Laura is a formidable fighter who resembles Wolverine in many respects.

Because she was created using Logan’s DNA, she is being hunted by nefarious forces working for a large business. A decrepit Logan is required to consider himself if he can and even wants to put his dwindling skills to good use.

It seems that shortly, they will no longer be able to use their razor-sharp claws and telepathic skills to bring the planet back into balance.


Eddie the Eagle

Eddie the Eagle

Eddie the Eagle is based on the actual tale of British ski-jumper Michael “Eddie” Edwards, who defied the odds by believing in himself even though the whole country was counting him out.

In the Hugh Jackman movie, he plays Eddie’s rebel and charismatic coach, who helps him take on the establishment and capture the hearts of sports fans all across the globe by making an unlikely but historic showing in the 1988 Winter

Olympic Games in Calgary. With Taron Egerton as Eddie, the lovable underdog with a never say die attitude, the Eddie the Eagle film comes from the makers of Kingsman: The Secret Service.



Peter, a twelve-year-old orphan, is dragged away towards the magical kingdom of Neverland, wherein he encounters both joy and peril before discovering his true destiny: to be the hero. The latter would be renowned throughout history as Peter Pan.

Men on tethers kidnap several youngsters from their beds while they sleep. Barnabas called them to hoist a pirate flag above the orphanage’s roof.

Nibs is about to be kidnapped, and Peter is racing to rescue him. The pirates capture Peter when Barnabas kicks him in their way. Nibs leaps from the ship while the others are on deck and lands on the ship’s roof.

Military jets from the Royal Air Force fly just after the ship and fire at it as it ascends into the sky. Once the ship has risen above the clouds, the aircraft begins to disperse.



Using robots even from the Tetravaal Company, built by engineer Deon Wilson, Johannesburg police officers lowered the city’s high rate of criminal activity.

There is no interest from Tetravaal or the local police in developing Vincent’s new project, Moose, which he has created. Michelle Bradley, CEO of Tetravaal, tells Deon that he must abandon his AI project since it has already been completed.

To put his artificial intelligence to the test, Deon plans to bring the injured Robot 22 back to his lab. Although Ninja, Yo-Landi, and Amerika would like him to defeat the robot police by kidnapping him.

After seeing the broken robot in the vehicle, the robbers demand that Deon program it to steal banks alongside them and name it Chappie.

On the other hand, Chappie behaves like a toddler and has to be taught to progress. On the other hand, Vincent is in pursuit of Deon and hatches a strategy to activate the robot.

The Front Runner

The Front Runner

A senator from Colorado, Gary Hart, is the presumed frontrunner in the Democratic battle for the nomination for President. Hart chose to run for President of the United States after losing the nomination in 1984 to Walter Mondale, the vice president.

Hart dares the press and the public to “follow him about” when he’s not promoting on weekends, despite the wishes of his manager Bill Dixon, at one time during his campaign.

Once again, he makes a blunder when the Miami Herald Reporters publish images of him with journalist Donna Rice in 1987. Hart makes a last-ditch effort to repair his image during a press conference about the scandal, but his efforts are vain.

Hart is shamed, berated by Dixon, and forced to pull out of the campaign, although his wife Oletha stays close to him due to the repercussions of his conduct. As a result, Donna has publicly said that she never had sex with the ex-senator.

Movie 43

Movie 43

A filmmaker scams his way into an interview to get an appointment with a film executive to sell an outlandish and provocative comedic screenplay.

After proposing one of his thirteen bizarre parables, the despondent artist threatens the CEO with a pistol. He relates one story about a lady on a blind date meeting a guy with testicles coming out of his neck.

Another is about an infatuated woman who reveals her neck to her partner as a token of their undying devotion to one another.

In yet another, two parents take homeschooling to a new low, attempting to subject their solitary adolescent son to the “normal” anguish and embarrassment of puberty via bullying, peer pressure, and even seduction. This is a film on an unsettled subject matter.

The Wolverine

The Wolverine (2013)

The killing of Jean Grey at Logan’s hands has left him in a state of depression. This guy saved his life during World War II, and now his dying friend wants to visit him.

A Japanese girl comes to see him about this. Logan denies the man’s offer to turn him, mortal when he meets him. That person goes on to die.

Some guys attempt to seize the man’s granddaughter during his burial. However, once they shoot him, they don’t heal. Logan rescues her, but they keep going to the same area because she knows it’s a secure place for her.

However, men continue to hunt them down, and the doctor treating the patient requests a Samurai who had promised to protect the girl from delivering Logan to the woman. However, as per Xmenmovies, the death of Jean still haunts Logan.

Les Misérables

Les Misérables

Jean Valjean is released from jail by Javert, the prison officer in command of the prison labor, after 19 years behind bars. Valjean immediately violates his parole, although he subsequently re-invents himself like a mayor and company owner with the money he took from the police.

Javert swears that he will return Valjean to jail. Eight years later, upon the death of Cosette’s mother, Valjean becomes the girl’s guardian, but Javert’s unrelenting pursuit ensures that peace will be a long time in coming.

Real Steel

Real Steel

When boxing and comparable sports lose their appeal soon, a new one will emerge robot boxing, in which robots fight each other under the direction of a human referee.

Former boxer Charlie Kenton, who is now attempting to create a name for himself in the new sport, is not only losing money, but he’s losing it fast. In the wake of the death of his ex-wife, he sets out to find a new home for his son, Max. Charlie’s ex’s sister is interested in hosting him, but he insists on having the last say.

In return for handing up Max, Charlie offers to pay her husband to purchase him a new Robot. During the summer, he decides to take Max along. And Max’s robot control improves as well.

Robots may be salvaged from scrapyards after they’ve been destroyed. A robot called Atom is discovered by Max and brought back to life. Atom agrees to a battle with Max, but Charlie warns him that he won’t make it through one round.

In the end, Atom comes out on top. Shortly, Atom will be involved in important fights. When Charlie teaches Atom how to fight, it strengthens the father-son relationship.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Sentinels, strong robots, murder mutants and people who aid them in the future. Magneto, Storm, and Kitty Pryde are reunited in a Chinese monastery with Professor Xavier, Wolverine, and Magneto.

Xavier reveals that the Sentinels were constructed to use the DNA of Mystique, who was arrested in 1973 while attempting to kill Dr. Bolivar Trask, the man who built the Sentinels.

They have no choice except to go back to 1973 and use Pryde to help Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr in convincing Mystique to give up her plan, as Xavier explains. On the other hand, Wolverine is immune to time travel’s ravages since he is immortal.

Are the mutants and their human allies in danger of extinction because of his efforts to halt Mystique and her Sentinel Program?



It’s been a long time since Jonathan McQuarry has had many close pals. He can’t use his job as a company’s financial auditor to his advantage since he transfers from company to company, meeting the same people who don’t know him.

Wyatt Bose, an attorney at the law firm Jonathan, inspects, then appears in front of the young man’s eyes. They end up being good friends. Jonathan visits a high-end sex club where participants are given lists of telephone numbers of other people of the opposite sex to start one-on-one sexual rendezvous in high-end hotels.

There are no strings tied or names mentioned and no conversation about real life. At first sight, Jonathan falls in love with a club member he met only a few weeks ago while infiltrating the club via Wyatt’s contact list.

The club’s members unintentionally get embroiled in robbery and murder, though. Jonathan must outsmart both the supervillain and the police if he is to have any hope of survival.

The Prestige

The Prestige

Robert Angier, Julia McCullough, and Alfred Borden are close friends and helpers of a magician in London at the end of the nineteenth century.

As a result, Robert accuses Alfred of killing Julia, becoming bitter rivals. Both become renowned and competing magicians, ruining each other’s performances on stage. In an attempt to learn Alfred’s secret after Alfred’s successful trick, Robert gets obsessed, which leads to fatal results.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The mutated half-siblings, Victor Creed and James Logan have been on the run for over two centuries, being hunted like animals and always on the move.

The Stryker brothers will split ways as Colonel William Stryker gives them a chance at atonement after surviving an infinite run of catastrophic conflicts due to their remarkable regenerative and self-healing skills.

As a result of a personal tragedy, Logan will face an even greater challenge that pits him against a technologically augmented formidable opponent and the brutal face of revenge. Is the wild Wolverine equipped to defeat him? Watch this most loving Hugh Jackman movie to know more about the wolverine. Want to know the palm of his hand the back of the rest of the blade between his knuckles and how he cuts through the blade? Then watch Wolverine movies in order. Moreover, once you complete the order you will also come to know which X-men movies ranked from worst to best.



To meet her spouse, Maitland, the wealthy Lady Sarah Ashley, went from Great Britain to northern Australia in 1939. However, when they get to Faraway Downs, they discover that his drover was slain.

When Sarah meets Nullah, she learns that the administrator Neil Fletcher is taking her animals has murdered Maitland, and works for King Carney’s cattle lord. Sarah becomes friends with Nullah.

Drover and Nullah are among the faithful servants she assembles to help her transport animals to the army and win a tender during wartime. However, Fletcher has plans of his own and uses Nullah as a way to pressure Sarah.

The Fountain

The Fountain

Three tales of men searching for a place in eternity with the one they love, one from the past, one from the present, and one from the future. A conquistador in Mayan land, a medical researcher looking for treatment for his dying wife, and a space traveler with an old tree in a bubble looking for eternal love. There are many parallels and connections between the tales.



For 15 years, laid-back Bob of Iowa has won the state fair’s butter-carving contest. Laura, his hard-charging wife, and the future governor are furious when the contest organizers ask him to step aside so that others can win.

When Bob refuses to protest, Laura decides to enter herself. Laura is not the only one upset. She’ll face African-American foster kid Destiny and a prostitute Bob has not yet paid named Brooke in the county competition.

If things do not go Laura’s way, she calls on her ex-boyfriend Boyd for assistance. Meanwhile, Laura’s stepdaughter and the foster parents of Laura’s foster child are also embroiled in the state fair drama.



People who knew British writer Joe Strombel well remember how persistent he was in his pursuit of an exclusive at his memorial service. During this time, the recently departed Joe revealed the name of London’s tarot card serial murderer.

Sondra Pransky, an American journalism student in London, sees a magic performance by magician Sidney Waterman when he emerges and reveals that the killer is nobleman Peter Lyman, who has escaped death.

To find proof that Peter is the assassin, Sondra draws Sid into her inquiry. However, she meets and falls in love with him and wonders whether Joe Strombel is telling the truth in his story.

Van Helsing

Van Helsing

Count Dracula is the arch-enemy of humanity and the ideal monster. Abraham Van Helsing and his eccentric companion, the brilliant friar, Carl, journey to Transylvania in late 19th-century Transylvania to pursue redemption.

Anna Valerius, a valiant vampire-killer from an old Romanian clan, joins forces with the professional demon-slayer to defeat the Count. Dracula’s nightmare brides, Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s monster, and the ferocious Wolf Man all stand in the way of this team’s noble mission.

Can they stop the Count’s evil plan to rule the world? It is one of the best vampire movies ever made and this type of film can feature excessive blood and gore, the bloodiest movies of all time typically fall within the best horror movies genre.



Swordfish, the DEA’s phony corporate program, had produced $400 million when it was shut down in 1986. Compound interest has grown amount to $9.5 billion since then.

It’s all encrypted, and an undercover counter-terrorist team named Black Cell, headed by Gabriel Shear wants the cash to fund their raise-the-stakes retribution fight against worldwide terrorism.

For his daughter, Holly, Stanley Jobson, a convicted hacker, is brought in to hack into the government’s computer systems and steal the money.

Kate & Leopold

Kate & Leopold

Kate and her actor brother reside in New York City during the twenty-first century. Stuart, her ex-boyfriend, now resides in the flat above hers. In the vicinity of the Brooklyn Bridge, Stuart discovers a void in time.

He travels back in time and snaps photos of the location. Stuart’s little camera puzzles Leopold, a guy from the 1870s, and Leopold pursues Stuart back through the chasm, where they both wound themselves in the present day.

Leopold has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Charlie, who feels Leopold is an actor who is constantly in character, provides him with advice and insight. As a very bright guy, Leopold always does his utmost to understand and even enhance the technological comforts he comes across.



In the next step in the chain of human development, the strong meta-humans will soon have to pick sides in a world of fear, prejudice, and intolerance.

The mutants and humans must learn to live peacefully, but Magneto, Xavier’s old adversary, prepares for a battle. New pupils Wolverine and Rogue have found themselves caught up in the thick of a violent fight that might bring an end to or herald a new chapter in the history of humanity’s most advanced species.

To stop Magneto, will the X-Men be able to find a way to defeat him? One of the best Hugh Jackman movies of all time.
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

During the 19th century, Snow Flower and Lily, both seven years old, are paired as laotong – or “old same” – forever. Because they are separated from their families, they can only communicate by folding a white silk fan and writing in a special code called nu shu.

Meanwhile, in present-day, the laotong’s descendants, Shanghai, Nina, and Sophia, are fighting to hold on to the closeness of their childhood relationship despite the demands of their work, the complications of their love lives, and the inevitable evolution of Shanghai itself.

The two contemporary ladies must draw on the wisdom of the past to uncover the mystery of their ancestry, which is concealed inside the folds of an old white silk fan. Otherwise, they risk losing each other for good.

X-Men is one of the best superhero movies series based on the fictional superhero team of the same name, who originally appeared in a series of comic books.

X-Men: The Last Stand

X-Men The Last Stand (2006)

Understandably, the mutant population would be incensed by discovering a “cure” that could transform any mutant into a “regular” human being.

Many mutants, including Rogue, believe that there should be no “cure” for mutants. Warren Worthington II’s “cure” and Magneto’s belief that a war is imminent prompt him to assemble a massive squad of mutants.

Magneto has a major edge against Wolverine, which the X-Men don’t have. Magneto and Jean Grey have reunited. A part of her, the Dark Phoenix, has awakened, and she will kill everything that stands in her path, even an X-Man.

X2: X-Men United

X2 X-Men United (2003)

Magneto was imprisoned in an indestructible plastic chamber for some months after the X-Men vanquished him. One day, a mutant named Nightcrawler invades the White House and tries to kill the President, which causes the government to take action against mutants in general.

As he searches for his background, Logan finds himself in a predicament. After discovering Professor X’s private school and its leader, Cerebro, a scientist called William Stryker plans to free Magneto from jail with the help of his partner, Mystique.

Stryker’s men assault Professor X’s school, but a few fortunate students manage to escape. With Magneto’s help, the remaining X-Men establish an uneasy alliance to defeat Stryker and rescue Professor X.

Professor X (born Charles Francis Xavier) is a mutant, the leader and creator of the X-Men and the founder of the Xavier if you don’t remember the character then watch X-Men movies in order to know that he is gifted with vast telepathic powers, being a specialist in mutant biology and sociology.

Someone Like You…

Someone Like You…

All of Jane Goodale’s advantages are in her favor. In addition to being a producer on a successful daytime talk show, Ray is the program’s executive producer, and she is in an intense relationship with him.

So, when Ray dumps her out of the blue, she dives headfirst into a comprehensive study of male behavior to see what makes them tick.

After doing “research,” she becomes an overnight phenomenon among single women across the globe. While researching, Jane discovers both fun and answers when she turns to her womanizing roommate and coworker Eddie.



There is also the 1999 film version of the smash musical Oklahoma!, in which Hugh Jackman’s best movie reprises his role as Curly McLain.

This part propelled him to stardom in the world of the stage just a year before in the original stage production. The wonderful and captivating performance of Hugh Jackman as the legendary theatre role is a sight to see, even if you aren’t a fan of event adaptations in general.

Wrapping Up

Some people are familiar with Hugh Jackman’s best movies because of his famous portrayal of Wolverine in the X-Men films.

Others remember the multi-talented Australian actor for his dramatic performances in contemporary classics such as The Prestige and Prisoners.

And then some can’t think of anything else to associate with the Tony Award winner other than The Greatest Showman. However, a huge section of the movie-going public is familiar with and enjoys any number of his notable performances over the previous 20 or so years, regardless of the circumstances.

The question remains: what are the top Hugh Jackman movies of all time? So, we have provided a list of Hugh Jackman’s best movies to watch.

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