How to Watch Godzilla vs. Kong on Netflix in UK

WatcJ Godzilla VS Kong in UK

If you’re looking to watch Godzilla vs. Kong on Netflix in UK, you’ve come to the right place. Netflix already has Godzilla Singular Point (2021) which was their portrayal of the beast. But now, the Australian Netflix viewers get to stream Godzilla vs. Kong on Netflix.

The Monsterverse was amazed by this epic battle of the two beasts. The production of Warner Bros and Legendary brought to screens the fight of the century. What was originally available on HBO Max is now up for streaming on Australian Netflix. But if you’re reading this from outside the country, there is a way for you to stream the movie as well.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Godzilla vs. Kong on Netflix in UK

To watch Godzilla vs. Kong on Netflix in UK, you will need a VPN. When it comes to bypassing geo-restrictions and a seamless streaming experience, we turn to ExpressVPN. Here’s how:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN (preferably ExpressVPN). Download and install it on your preferred device.
  2. Open the VPN app and choose a server located in Australia
  3. Now log in to your Netflix account and enjoy streaming Godzilla vs. Kong.
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Godzilla vs. Kong on Netflix Release Date

After a long wait, Godzilla vs. Kong was released on Netflix Australia on 23rd December 2021.

Godzilla vs. Kong Trailer

The feature revolves around two monster icons: Godzilla and King Kong. The origin story of King Kong stems from his discovery on Skull Island. Over there, he befriends a native girl named Jiwa, who is deaf and communicates via sign language. Kong is monitored by the Monarch.

At Apex Cybernetics, there is trouble reported down at their research facility in the Apex Pensacola facility. They put together a team to uncover the suspicious attack. They use King Kong from the Monarch as an aid through this search operation. On their way to the facility, the tides turn, and calamity falls with the rise of Godzilla. The two monsters engage in a battle to the death, making Kong humanity’s last hope for survival.

Best VPNs to Watch Godzilla vs. Kong on Netflix in UK

Excited to stream Godzilla vs. Kong, but you’re in UK? A VPN will come in handy. When it comes to VPN options, ExpressVPN is our recommendation. But if you’re looking for some options, here are the three best VPN options:

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch Godzilla vs. Kong on Netflix in UK

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The best of streaming, online protection, and privacy can be found in ExpressVPN. It ranks the best in almost everything and is a titan of the VPN industry. It has been dominating the cybersecurity area for over 12 years and has received praise from HuffPost, Techradar, PCWorld, etc.

ExpressVPN is equipped with advanced features like Private DNS for encryption, VPN split tunneling for traffic rerouting, and a network lock switch for blocking unwanted traffic. The user’s privacy and personal data are protected best by the AES-256 encryption and defeat ISP throttling.

It provides an astonishing fast downloading speed of up to 89.78 Mbps tested on a 100 Mbps connection. You will get uninterrupted buffering, thanks to its great bandwidth.

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With ExpressVPN, you can also watch some other trending titles on Netflix like Shaun the Sheep: The flight for Christmas, Young Sheldon Season 4 , Spider-Man: No way home, etc

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Surfshark: Pocket-Friendly VPN to Watch Godzilla vs. Kong on Netflix in UK

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NordVPN: Largest Servers Network VPN to Watch Godzilla vs. Kong on Netflix in UK

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Why do you need a VPN to Stream Godzilla vs. Kong on Netflix in UK?

Although the whole world is anticipating Godzilla vs. Kong on Netflix, it was released exclusively for Netflix Australia. Netflix has a trend of regionally designating content, and Godzilla vs. Kong is just one example. They do this due to agreements with the production houses and to ensure the right audience for the right content.

The only workaround for Netflix viewers in UK is the use of a VPN. VPNs mask the IP address of the user and can bypass geo-restrictions. Using a VPN, you can obtain an Australian IP address and stream Netflix Australia from anywhere. The same goes for Netflix UK, USA, Canada, etc.

Introduction of Godzilla vs. Kong

In the dawn of Titans vs. Humanity, the monster Godzilla rises and attacks the research facilities across the globe. The Titans are preparing for war, as they realize the massacre plagued by Godzilla. The team is told of a mysterious energy source, located far, that can be their one-way solution to defeat Godzilla.

With the help of King Kong, they sail across the oceans to uncover the energy source. But along their path, comes the calamity of Godzilla, who now rages war on the ship. King Kong and Godzilla engage in an epic battle, while the team harnesses the power of the energy.

Humanity rests in the hands of the giant ape, and the girl who can control it. Like King Kong and Godzilla battle to be the alpha, they must work together to save humanity as well as each other.

The cast of Godzilla vs. Kong

The cast of Godzilla vs. Kong includes:

Alexander Skarsgard as Dr. Nathan Lind
Millie Bobby Brown as Madison Russell
Rebecca Hall as Dr. Ilene Andrews
Brian Tyree Henry as Bernie Hayes
Shun Oguri as Ren Serizawa
Eiza González as Maia Simmons
Julian Dennison as Josh Valentine
Lance Reddick as Guillermin
Kyle Chandler as Dr. Mark Russell
Demián Bichir as Walter Simmons
Kaylee Hottle as Jia


You can stream Kong vs. Godzilla on Netflix Australia.

Godzilla vs. Kong is rated M (Mature audience) due to obscenity and scenes of violence.

Kong vs. Godzilla is available on Netflix Australia since 23rd December 2021.


Now that you know how to watch Godzilla vs. Kong on Netflix in UK, your travel plans or stream time will not be affected by geo-restrictions. Be sure to opt for the VPN that best fits your needs, we highly recommend ExpressVPN. Make sure you have a Netflix account as well and enjoy streaming Godzilla vs. Kong on Netflix Australia.

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