How to Watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix From UK In 2023


Does Netflix have all of Dragon Ball Z? Yes, it does. Finally, one of the most anticipated manga series, “Dragon Ball” is now available on Netflix.

But there is a bummer! We all know that Netflix’s content library varies from country to country because of content distribution policies. This is why Dragon Ball is only on Japanese Netflix.

So, how to watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix from UK? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. The best way to watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix from UK is with a VPN.

If you have a Netflix account and you are not in Japan, you can still watch it with the help of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN. This means you can watch Goku and his team bashing the most powerful villains on Netflix from anywhere around the world.

Here is how you can watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix no matter where you are:

How to Watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix In UK [Quick Steps]

Here’s how to watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix from UK:

  1. Subscribe and download a VPN (we highly recommend ExpressVPN).
  2. Now open the VPN app and log in with your credentials.
  3. Connect to one of the Japanese servers (preferably Tokyo) from the list.

    Connect ExpressVPN’s Tokyo server and watch Dragon Ball Z from anywhere!

  4. Now visit the Netflix website or app > sign in to your account (it will automatically redirect you to the Japan Netflix library).
  5. Search for “Dragon ball” and bingo; all Dragon Ball series will appear on your Netflix.

    You can now watch Dragon Ball Z from anywhere!

Note: To watch Dragon Ball Netflix, ExpressVPN is our top choice as it offers highly optimized streaming servers to access Japanese Netflix so you can enjoy Dragon Ball adventure without any hassle.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix [Outside Japan]?

Dragon Ball Z is available on different platforms like Japanese Netflix, Funimation, etc., but all these platforms are unluckily geo-restricted.

Simply put, when you log in to your Netflix account, it automatically redirects you to your country’s content library. And Netflix figures out your location by tracking your local IP address.

But thanks to a VPN service as it allows you to access any country’s Netflix library, including Japan, from anywhere around the world.

A VPN can change your local IP address with the one where the Dragon Ball series is available such as Japanese Netflix. This way, accessing your favorite titles is super easy.

So when you connect to the Japanese server and then log in to your Netflix account, it tricks the service into that you are somewhere in Japan and thus allows you to access the Dragon Ball series. Now you know how to watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix in UK with a VPN!

What are the Best VPNs to Watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix in UK?

To determine which VPNs were the easiest to use to unblock Japanese Netflix, we examined more than 50 different VPN services. After carefully testing, we identified the top three providers and made them a part of our guide on how to watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix from UK.

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN to Watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix in UK

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix in UK because it provides a fast download speed of 89.38 Mbps.

It offers 3,000+ servers in 105 countries. We connected to the Tokyo server (highly recommended) and successfully watched Dragon Ball Z on Netflix in UK!


By unblocking Japanese Netflix, you can easily watch Dragon Ball Z outside Japan!

Recommended Servers: Tokyo, Yokohama, Tokyo-2

It is known for blazing-fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth; its download speed averages at 89.38 Mbps download speed and 84.66 Mbps upload speed (tested on a 100 Mbps connection).


ExpressVPN Speed test result!

ExpressVPN has a Media Streamer (Smart DNS) option that allows the provider to connect to any services that don’t have a specific VPN app.

It offers support for Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows. Moreover, ExpressVPN is compatible with PC, PlayStation, Firestick, Roku, Xbox, Apple TV, and Smart TV.

It offers five simultaneous connections. It offers several features such as Lightway Protocol, Split Tunneling, Trusted Server Technology, AES 256-Bit Encryption, and Automated Kill Switch.

You can buy a Netflix subscription and watch shows which are only available on Japanese Netflix like One Piece.

Through ExpressVPN, you can not only watch Japanese Netflix but also unblock Channel 4, Sky Sports, and BBC iPlayer outside UK without any issues.

It allows 5 simultaneous connections per account and costs just GB£5.23/mo (US$6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Surfshark – Pocket-Friendly VPN to Watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix in UK

Surfshark is a pocket-friendly VPN to watch Japanese Netflix in UK. It costs only GB£1.95/mo (US$2.49/mo) - Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee.

It offers 3200+ servers in 100+ countriesincluding a fast Japanese server that allows you to watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix in UK.


We opted for the Japan-Tokyo server, and it lets us watch Dragon Ball TV series!

Recommended Server: Japan- Tokyo

On a 100 Mbps connection, Surfshark offers a fast download speed of 88.14 Mbps and an upload speed of 83.72 Mbps. It is one of the cost-effective VPN service providers that offer shuffling IP addresses at this speed on reliable connections.


Surfshark speed test result!

The best part of all: streamers enjoy unlimited simultaneous connections on a single subscription, which comes in handy for unblocking Japanese Netflix.

Surfshark offers support for Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and other major operating systems. It is also compatible with streaming devices such as PlayStation, Roku, Xbox, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Wi-Fi routers.

Besides Japanese Netflix, Surfshark can also unblock Voot and Eurosport in UK.

3. NordVPN – Reliable Netflix VPN to Watch Dragon Ball from UK

NordVPN has perhaps the largest server network to watch Dragon Ball Z from UK. For bypassing geo-restrictions, users have 6000+ ultra-fast servers in 61 countries. These come in handy for watching Dragon Ball Z on Netflix in UK!

Its applications are quite intuitive and responsive. The interface allows for an easy selection of servers for unblocking. We opted for Japan Server# 454, which worked well for us!


With NordVPN’s Japan server # 454, you can easily watch Dragon Ball Z from anywhere!

Recommended servers: Japan #454

According to our test results, you can enjoy buffer-free streaming because there is a tiny speed change after connecting to the server.

On the speed test, NordVPN performed very well! It gave us a download speed of 86.49 Mbps and an upload speed of 79.42 Mbps, good enough for bufferless streaming!


NordVPN’s download and upload speed are enough for a bufferless streaming experience!

NordVPN provides military-grade AES-256 encryptionVPN Kill Switch, Clean Web, Bypasser, and Camouflage Mode.

The VPN can also be used to access BT Sport outside UK and Foxtel GO in the United States. As a plus, users also enjoy 6 simultaneous connections per account.

Moreover, it supports Linux, Windows, Routers, Android, iOS, macOS, and gaming consoles. It is also compatible with streaming devices such as PlayStation, Roku, Xbox, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Wi-Fi routers.

With access to many compatible devices, people who are somewhat more serious in nature but still incorporate humor can watch shows like Young Sheldon Season 5 on Netflix in UK.

You can get NordVPN’s 2-year plan just at GB£3.13/mo (US$3.99/mo) - Save up to 63% with exclusive 2-year plan + 3 months free for a friend.

What Dragon Ball Series and Movies Can I Watch on Japanese Netflix?


Here is the list of Dragon Ball movies and shows that you can watch on Netflix Japan:

  • Dragon Ball 1986 (All Seasons)
  • Dragon Ball 1989 (All Seasons)
  • Dragon Ball Z 1989 (Movie)
  • Dragon Ball Z 1991 (Movie)
  • Dragon Ball Z 1992 (Movie)
  • Dragon Ball Z Fighters 1993 (Movie)
  • Dragon Ball Z 1993 (Movie)
  • Dragon Ball Z 1994 (Movie)
  • Dragon Ball Z Fighters 1995 (Movie)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods 2013 (Movie)
  • Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ 2015 (Movie)
  • Dragon Ball Super 2017 (All Seasons)

Where Else Can I Watch Dragon Ball?

If you are wondering where to watch Dragon Ball Z or what is Dragon Ball Z on except for Netflix, it is available on many other platforms. Here are some of the options:


Only the US and Canadian editions of Funimation—which are available in six different nations—have Dragon Ball. It has the full Dragon Ball series and is the most user-friendly and economical platform (Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Kai, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super, and the Dragon Ball movies).

It has a 14-day free trial, costs US$5.99 per month, and doesn’t require the US or Canadian payment method.


With the Toei Animation add-on, Hulu offers Dragon Ball. This features a seven-day free trial and costs US$14.99 each month. Please be aware that Dragon Ball Z, possibly the most important arc in the Dragon Ball TV series, is not included in this package.

Anime Lab:

Only Australia and New Zealand offer AnimeLab. AnimeLab has a 60-day free trial before it charges US$6.99 each month. Dragon Ball Kai is absent from AnimeLab; hence it has fewer Dragon Ball titles than Funimation. Additionally, you must use a payment method from Australia or New Zealand to register.

How to Watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix in UK – FAQs

Japan is the only country that makes Dragon Ball available on Netflix. You must use a VPN to first connect to a Japanese server in order to access Netflix from any place outside of Japan.

Yes, you can also watch Dragon Ball: Evolution movie on Disney Plus.

Yes it definitely is! The majority of the characters in the original Dragon Ball are humans, although ones with access to supernatural power, which makes it so entertaining.

Dragon Ball Z shifts the setting of the plot right away to an alien planet, and over time, all of the Earthling characters lose a lot of their significance because they are unable to compete in any meaningful sense. The introduction of Demon King Piccolo and his goals for the world is such a significant event.

Yes, you can. However, we would never recommend using a free VPN service because these free VPNs offer terrible speed to stream Dragon Ball Z on Netflix.

Moreover, 18% of free VPNs use no encryption protocols, almost 40% contain malicious malware, and 84% are vulnerable to IPv6 leaks.

Final Thoughts

That’s all from our guide on how to watch Dragon Ball Z on Netflix in UK.

There is no need to reside in Japan to watch Dragon Ball adventure on Netflix, as you can access it from anywhere with the help of one of our recommended VPNs (ExpressVPN is highly recommended).

Let us know in the comment section which one is your favorite Dragon Ball adventure by mentioning your comment below. Happy Binging!

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