Love Island Fans Support Danica ‘Standing up for Herself’ After Billy Leaks ‘Intimate Details’

Danica and Billy

Love Island fans are supporting Danica for ‘standing up to Billy in the newest episode of Love Island. 

The ITV2 series has been the talk of the Twitter town, especially the 19th July episode. If you want to watch the series, check out how you can watch Love Island UK season 8 outside the UK. The episode revealed that the couple Danica and Billy officially broke up. 

It all began during the Snog, Marry, Pie Challenge during which Billy neither kissed nor Snog Danica, despite being a couple. Later, Billy revealed how he did not feel a spark with her despite an obvious sexual attraction. Billy even went behind her back, telling people that the two had been ‘intimate’.

After the two had a candid conversation, they decided to split up. But the very next day, Danica spoke up against his behavior towards her, which was lauded by the Twitterverse. 

One of the Love Island viewers @_briana tweeted:

In their conversation, Danica bought up the fact that he revealed intimate details about their relationships to the boys. Billy claimed he was “baffled” and told her to “Chill”. He even told her that she “changed her tune” but Danica responded that was only because she had “slept on it” and it has now “opened my eyes to see how much of a pushover I have been”. Billy told her to ‘stop swearing’ and even laughed during the heated argument. One user took to Twitter and commented on her ability to stand up for herself by sharing:

Throughout Twitter, there’s a swarm of support coming for Danica. One person tweeted, “I dunno how she has done it but Danica has won me over”. Another person said, “Her tune hasn’t changed. She’s processed her emotions” and “Danica had every right to pop off at him. Such a gross move,”

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One person questioned, “Men are really questioning the way Danica spoke to Billy? He told everyone he wasn’t on it before he told her but apparently, he deserved a calm tone and respect?”

Many fans wish her well and want to see her not leave the villa. One fan wrote: 


Someone else also wrote: “Danica shouting at Billy is gonna go in Love Island history.”

Despite being a historic moment, the end of the episode concluded with the fact that Danica, Billy, Summer, and Dami could leave the villa after receiving the fewest votes from the public. Now the decision rests in the hands of the islander. 

Also in the episode, Luca and Dami had to apologize to Tasha for the “brutal” Snog, Pie, Marry challenge. Many fans believed it was the producers who compelled them to apologize. Also, who do you think will be leaving the villa after the Danica-Billy fiasco? Stay tuned for more updates.

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