Love Island Dumped Two Couples in a Brutal Twist Before the Finale

Love Island bombshells dumped in brutal twist as two couples sent home ahead of final

We have witnessed heartfelt moments and emotions with the contestants being dumped and left with tears in their eyes. Recently, two more couples including Deji Adeniyi and bombshell Reece Ford were also dumped from the Spanish villa in Love Island’s Sunday night episode, along with the new ladies Lacey Edwards and Nathalia Campos, after they failed to win the public vote for the most compatible couple which everyone thought they were.

The popular dating show Love Island UK is reaching its end, and the excitement to see the final winners is rising by the day. You can watch the program on ITV2 and ITV Hub every night at 9 pm. However, if you are residing outside of the UK and cannot access the channels, here’s how you can watch Love Island UK Season 8 from anywhere in the world.

Since Lacey’s arrival earlier in the week, Deji and Lacey were seen to be getting closer, but it seems that, like Nathalia and Reece, their time on the ITV2 show is up, and that it just wasn’t meant to be.

The couples were taken aback when instructed to gather around the fire pit right away, on the most recent episode of the show. 

They were reminded that viewers had been liking the couples and voting them based on compatibility. The islanders with fewer votes will be at risk of being dumped from the show any time.

Along with Danica and Jamie and Nathalia and Reece, Deji and dancer Lacey were one of the three couples with the least amount of votes.

However, the group was informed that two out of three couples would be immediately leaving for their homes.

After a few minutes, the Islanders received a text that informed Danica and Jamie had been saved and would be staying in the villa.

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The Love Island audience was especially heartbroken by Deji’s departure because he had just begun dating the newbie, Lacey.

When the incident happened, it shocked the viewers, and twitter had been flooded with tweets ever since.

One of the Love Island fans tweeted 

Another fan sadly tweeted 

One fan tweeted: “I’m so p*ssed. Danica should have gone home. Deji and Lacey were so good together man. #loveisland.”

Another stated: “We’re in a world where Dami, Luca and Danica have survived and Deji is going home #loveisland.”

Another viewer expressed his shock: “i can’t believe deji is leaving wtf.”

Speaking about his time on the show, Deji stated of Casa Amor: “I didn’t know if I’d be actually able 

to break the bond that Indiyah and Dami had because it was so strong. I feel like actions speak louder than words and me and Indiyah definitely had something there which is the reason why we got on as well as we did and went back to the main Villa.”

Questioned himself if he wished he’d done anything differently, Deji further said:  “I stand by what I did. I don’t want to change anything. I was true to myself, which is why I went for Indiyah and why we got along as much as we did. If anything was fake she would have picked up on it and I would defo have not been myself. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Even though Love Island 2022 is coming to an end, the drama hasn’t stopped. We are going to witness more romantic and heartbroken moments in the finale. Stay tuned and get ready for more twists and turns awaiting!

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