Love Island Star Underneath Fireplace over ‘Disgusting” Remarks

love island- heart challenge controversy

Jacques O’Neill is facing criticism from viewers who find his remarks “disgusting”. After the heart rate challenge made a comeback, some dramatic scenes were witnessed by the contestants in the ITV2 villa, on Monday.

Due to the heart rate challenge’s return, which caused a major controversy inside the house, ITV Love Island is in disarray. The biggest surprise, however, came from Jacques when he spoke with Paige. The findings revealed that former lovers Jacques O’Neill and Gemma Owen caused the most heartbeats to race. 

For those who don’t know, For those who don’t know, the heart rate challenge is all about the girls competing against the boys to work their magic and raise each other’s heart rates. Each contestant on the island attempts to pique the interest of their partners and, occasionally, learns the true nature of the other contestant’s feelings for them.

The heart rate challenge, one of the series’ most thrilling segments, can genuinely show viewers that this week’s episode of Strictly Come Dancing is all about finding out if the islanders really swoon over the people they’re paired up with or whether they have emotions for another sexy singleton.

The results left almost all of the girls dissatisfied, and Tasha said that she “felt stupid” when Danica raised Andrew’s heart rate the greatest. When Jacques made Gemma’s heart rate increase to the peak, despite merely kissing her on the cheek, Luca began to have doubts in mind.

Luca Bish, who had been questioning Gemma’s emotions for him, took this as a blow. Before Jacques and Gemma participated in the show, the couple dated for about a year but have not tried to get back together yet.

The results revealed that Jacques’ heart rate was most significantly influenced by his ex-girlfriend Gemma.

On the other hand, Paige acknowledged that she wouldn’t have cared if it had been any other female in the villa. The two (Paige and Jacques) had an intense conversation, and Jacques made an effort to reassure Paige of his feelings. However, she is currently seeing Jay Younger, but she has made it apparent that she has feelings for Jacques.

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Jacques told fans that Paige would react differently if someone she had slept with was in the villa. He also revealed that he sometimes has “flashbacks” to his connection with Gemma and how it feels when someone you’ve slept with is in your life.

The moment he revealed that he had “flashbacks”, millions of fans were left shocked, resulting in them starting to share their thoughts on social media. 



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