Love Island’s Andrew Will Make a Dramatic U-turn and Leave Coco for Tasha

Andrew and Tasha Love Island S8

Love Islander Andrew Le Page’s relationship with Tasha Ghouri reached a breaking point, causing the islander to break down in tears and sorrow.

Love Island fans believe that Andrew Le Page is about to reverse his decision to leave Tasha Ghouri for Coco Lodge.

Although Andrew and Tasha have been together since the beginning, the boys worried that she didn’t like him as much as he liked her.

When Tasha departed the villa with the other girls to go to Casa Amor, where they were joined by several new boys, Andrew was warned by the girl bombshells that she was using him for a mug. The new girls were worried when he left for Casa Amor since Andrew got to know Coco Lodge, but it’s clear that he still has feelings for Tasha.

It appeared that the girl bombshells misled him, as he seemed to have believed that Tasha was talking negatively about him behind his back. As a result, after some hot hugs with Coco, furious and feeling betrayed, Andrew decided he was going to leave Tasha for her.

In the most recent episode, prior to the “stick or twist” recoupling, Andrew has been seen with tears in his eyes over everything that happened to him with Tasha.

The scene was emotional, and Andrew said, “I haven’t cried over a girl in f**king years. I literally opened up to her, my fears were being with someone and not being enough, she listened to that.”

Jacques stated, “Anyone would be lucky to have you because you’re such a respectful guy, you treat girls right.”

Andrew said, “It’s not enough for the girl I wanted.”

He added while sitting at the beach hut, “Tasha was what I wanted, I felt like we were building something, obviously, she didn’t mean any of it or I was just there because I was easy for her.”

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This gives the impression that he may be about to do a massive U-turn when it comes to who he wants to be with. 

After the emotional scene took place, fans started to share their views on social media and Twitter users were convinced he would regret his action with Coco and would decide to stay with Tasha.

One of the Twitter users said, “Tasha is gonna come in with Billy and Andrews going to be stood there solo, I feel ill.”

Another user predicted, “no way Andrew is going back to Tasha after all that he’s DONE.”

A third stated, “Andrew, don’t even try going back to Tasha after all you’ve said and done in Casa Amor,” as a fourth viewer wrote: “why’s my guy huffing and puffing like he didn’t say Tasha who yesterday.”

Tasha returned to Casa Amor to get to know Billy Brown while Andrew has been busy with Coco. Andrew and Coco had their first kiss which became the finest moment of Casa Amor on Wednesday’s episode.

Tasha decided to give Billy a chance after admitting she was first “drawn to his banter.”  Danica Taylor pushed Indiyah Polack and Tasha to explore their possibilities in Casa Amor. 

‘He did go in for a kiss,’ she stated in the Beach Hut.

Billy took the chance to kiss her, pointing out that they had locked lips only once during a challenge. Once again, Billy noticed Tasha’s hint and leaned in.

Some Love Island viewers were upset to hear that a shocking twist had been ditched from the ITV2 version of the show. No postcard has been sent to either villa accusing the men or women of “cheating” on their spouses.

Typically, a postcard containing images depicting Islanders kissing bombshells and sleeping with them is delivered to the main villa, and it frequently causes upsets. However, this didn’t take place this year; instead, the recoupling took place without sending the postcard.

Some viewers wondered whether it was because Ofcom complained about how much upset it caused during the previous season. It has been ditched once before too before returning to the last series and many viewers believe the producers are saving all the juicy content for Movie Night instead since it was previously canceled before returning last season.

Viewers showed their disappointment about the missing postcard on Twitter once they realized the girls would not be informed before making their decisions.

One viewer stated, “my head is already hurting. no postcards? casa cut short, very messy.”

The drama, fun, tears, and sorrow around Casa Amor are driving the show to its peak right now. Love Island season airs on ITV and ITV Hub every night at 9 p.m., excluding Saturdays. In case you are not residing in the UK; here’s how you can watch Love Island Season 8 from any part of the world. 

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