Loyalties will Be Tested on Love Island as the Show Teases the Return of Casa Amor

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Drama, romance, and beautiful people, Love Island, has been back for almost four weeks. For the viewers, most couples seem to have settled into a lovey-dovey romantic routine of kisses, hugs, and cozy nights. We are already seeing some pretty stable couples suggesting more permanent plans for the future. 

Obviously, the showrunners have decided to ruffle some feathers and bring in some drama with the exciting return of the fan-favorite Casa Amor to the show.

Fans were left wanting more as the episode ended on a cliffhanger with  Antigone, Danica, and Tasha, and boys Jay, Charlie, and Andrew were voted the least popular couples due to their lack of obvious compatibility. 

With the anticipation of a shock dumping, viewers were teased with the return of the iconic Casa Amor, which will put loyalties to the test and may make for some juicy drama among the steadiest of couples.

As fans wait for the islanders to decide and choose who will face the shock-dumping, they are absolutely enthralled with the upcoming episodes bringing Casa Amor back to their screens.

Fans took to Twitter with their excitement as they shared their views:

One excited fan wrote, “Gemma has been waiting for Casa amour I AM TELLING YOU NOW #loveisland.

While another one speculated, “I just know Davide will think Ekin’s head will turn in Casa, and he’ll couple up with someone else, but she’ll stay loyal to prove to him, and it’ll be like Faye and Teddy vibes when they return.

Another fan is all for the drama:: “I normally dread casa amor, but, this year, I cannot wait for some hearts to be broken. As long as Indiyah and Ekin are still with Dami and Davide on the other side, I am all for the drama, heartache, and tantrums this year. BRING IT ON!”

Another drama-loving Twitterati shares:  “This is the best thing ever when Casa Amor comes, they always have arguments… but I wonder who will be going.”

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Fans who have started watching this show for the first time and aren’t aware of the iconic villa are in for an exciting and shocking turn of events. Casa Amor is the second villa on the island where one half of each couple stays for three to four days while the other half stays back in the original villa. The contestants at Casa Amor are introduced to new bombshells giving opportunities for the heads to turn and a chance for the postcard to be sent to the main villa. 

Contestants are then asked to decide if they want to remain with their original partner or pair up with a new one. 

The Casa episodes are full of drama and heartbreaks, which is what the fans live for, and they haven’t shied away from sharing their views.

One such fan wrote on Twitter: ‘I don’t think any couple is safe from the Casa Amor demolition tbh,’ 

Another one tweeted: ‘Nahhh my body tingled when I saw the casa amor sign jfbdodhdos

While a third one is simply excited:  ‘Casa Amor about to be a madness. We are ready’.

Viewers have been speculating which couples will maintain their loyalties and whose heads will turn, with many wishing that couples such as Ekin-Su and the Italian hunk Davide stay together. While some hope Indiyah and Dami stand firmly together as the couple has become a fan favorite,

Although the fans have been rooting for lots of thrill and buzz in the upcoming episodes, there are some who think that this year might not be as exciting as a lot of the couples seem steady and might not have a change of heart.

One such fan shares their apprehension on Twitter: ‘this year’s Casa Amor will either be 10/10 or boring AF’ because ‘everyone’s loved up’, unless some try to be ‘sneaky’ and ‘f**k s**t up.

Well, the fans don’t have to wait long to know what the future holds for the couples as they get to see the new episode on Friday 1, July, and we will see who stays with whom.

Here’s how you can watch Love Island S8 on ITV Outside UK  and experience the heartfelt moments and emotional dramas awaiting you in future episodes.

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