Simon Cowell’s X-Factor U.K Axed after 17 Years Immense Success on TV!

Simon Cowell

X-Factor, the highly popular show created by Simon Cowell, has finally come to an end after 17 years of showing us unbelievable talent from all over the world.

It was Simon’s X-Factor that led to the creation of highly successful singers and bands such as One Direction, JLS, Olly Murs and Little Mix, just to mention a few.

It is Simon’s own choice to shelve the show now, as he believes it’s been enough and he has different plans for the future. The show was being aired on ITV. However, according to The Sun,  there are no chances in the near future for it to return.

He also got a little emotional as he shared his feelings,

You do miss it, definitely. You work with people for the best part of 10 years and you become a really tight team. 

Simon initially took the show from the previous host Kate Thornton, she hosted it for 2 years.

Digital Spy was informed by a spokesperson for ITV,

There are no current plans for the next series of The X Factor at this stage.

The head at ITV, Kevin Lygo, had already announced about this last year during the Edinburgh TV Festival, he told the audience that the show will not return for multiple years — however, it would be back at some stage, perhaps in some other form.

At the peak of its success, the show had 14 million viewers on average. X-factor host, Dermot O’Leary said that he was half-hearted about whether the show should be continued or not. Even though the show is massively popular globally, it had started to get stale in the U.K.

A spokesperson said,

Simon remains at the top of his game and knows how to make a hit.“It is still on the back-burner and there’s the option to return it in 2023, with auditions next summer, but a lot will ride on his new format Walk The Line.

He stated to Radio Times,

I’m in two minds because half of me thinks there’s a reason why we rested it, because we were doing the same thing but then again, there is a real sense of simplicity to that show I love, which is great singers and great characters. It’s a celebration of British eccentricity! Let’s just get them out there and see where we end up.

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Despite shelving X- Factor, Simon has not parted ways with ITV as the channel lately announced a new musical game show called, “Walk The Line”. It, too, is expected to air on prime time, as Simon brings in a lot of viewership which is obviously great for advertisers.

The premise of the show will be that solo musicians and bands will be competing against each other to win cash prizes and other exquisite prizes from the panel of music gurus.

Having run for a good 14 years (from 2004-2018), the X- Factor show amassed a lot of live audiences and a lot more on TV, and it’ll surely be something that fans will miss a lot. But the new show also seems quite promising and we can’t wait for it to air!

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