How to Watch DP World Tour Championship 2021 Outside UK

The DP World Tour Championship is upon us, and if you’re wondering how to watch DP World Tour Championship 2021 outside UK, then we’ve got all the info.

The DP World Tour Championship is a golfing tournament that takes place in different countries across Europe and brings together golfers from all over the world. This year’s finale, the 13th edition of the DP World Tour Championship, will take place at Jumeirah Golf Estate, Dubai.

This is the first-time fans will attend since the 2019 edition because of Covid restrictions. But if you can’t make it, we’ll show you how to watch the events right from your home.

Quick Steps: How to watch DP World Tour Championship 2021 Outside UK Online [2022 Guide]

UK’s Sky Sports has the broadcasting rights for the event under the Sky Sports Golf channel and it’s only licensed to broadcast in the UK. So, you’ll need a VPN to watch DP World Tour Championship 2021 outside UK. Follow these easy steps (assuming you have a Sky Sports subscription).

  • Subscribe to a VPN service provider (We recommend ExpressVPN for sports streaming).
  • Download and install the app on your streaming device.
  • Choose and connect to a UK server on the list.
  • Log in to your Sky Sports account and watch the DP Tour Championship live stream.

The Best 3 VPNs to watch DP World Tour Championship 2021 Outside UK

As you can see, you can use a VPN to access restricted content from different countries worldwide. A VPN masks your actual IP address and gives you one from the server you connect to. There are many VPN service providers, but sadly, all are not equal. Choosing a VPN can be a headache, but luckily, we have listed the best three, and they are:

ExpressVPN – Best VPN to watch DP World Tour Championship 2021 Outside UK

ExpressVPN is the best streaming VPN in the market and offers the best speeds compared to its competitors. For example, you’re less likely to experience buffering when streaming Sky Sports from the UK in New Zealand.

Besides speed, ExpressVPN is the best for privacy and unblocking content from different parts of the world.

ExpressVPN gives users the choice of over 3000 servers in 160 locations across 94 countries. These are more than enough servers to keep your actual location hidden from prying eyes. You can connect five devices simultaneously using this VPN app, experiencing no reduction in speed or performance.

It has fantastic applications for streaming devices running Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and extensions for Chrome and Firefox. You can also configure ExpressVPN to work on routers, gaming consoles, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and Roku.

The best thing about ExpressVPN and probably what sets it apart from other VPNs is how easy it is to set up. No other VPN in the market makes its app so intuitive in setting up and operating. You don’t need any skills to use ExpressVPN.

A VPN has many uses, but we’re judging a VPN by how good it is at getting around streaming hurdles for this article. You need a VPN that can easily bypass geo-restrictions and allow you to watch Netflix US, HBO Max, Sky Sports outside the UKESPN+, BBC iPlayer outside the UK, NFL on Amazon Prime Video, etc. ExpressVPN doesn’t have an issue unblocking them all.

The servers are fast and offer incredible connection speeds across multiple countries. The VPN also has additional features like Private DNS, a private and encrypted DNS on every server, which makes streaming faster and safer. ExpressVPN also has a Kill Switch for keeping the data safe if the VPN connection drops. You can get ExpressVPN for $6.67/mo.

Surfshark – Pocket-Friendly VPN Provider to watch DP World Tour Championship 2021 Outside UK

If the price will help you decide when looking for a VPN, you’ll choose Surfshark. The VPN is the most affordable in the market, but it also stands out in performance and security.

Surfshark is a laid-back VPN application, and its interface is stripped back to make for easy configuration and use. When you launch the app, all you’ll see are the options for ‘Quick Connect,’ ‘All Locations,’ and a settings icon; that’s it!

With this Vpn, you can also access CNBC content in UK.

However, don’t let the simple interface fool you because Surfshark carries a lot of power. The VPN app has new security protocols like WireGuard, added to all the connection protocols, i.e., TCP, UDP, and IKEv2.

Surfshark is packed with all the features you can expect from a premium VPN. This includes a Kill Switch, which acts as a safety net in case your VPN connection drops. If the connection drops, your sensitive data and activities are never exposed. A Kill Switch is a valuable feature because it means the streaming platform will not figure out your real IP to ban your account.

On top of Private DNS and Leak Protection, Surfshark has AES 256 Encryption for protecting your data. Also, the Camouflage Mode means that even your ISP can’t tell you’re using a VPN to access the internet.

Coming back to the price, if you sign-up for Surfshark’s two-year plan, your price comes down to as low as $2.21/mo. This is the lowest price point in the VPN market, and no other provider can match it. That’s not all because you get unlimited connections with ExpressVPN. You can connect all your streaming devices simultaneously using one Surfshark account.

Surfshark is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome, and Firefox. Finally, you’ll get 3200+ servers in 65 countries with Surfshark, which is simply impressive.

NordVPN – Largest Server Network VPN to watch DP World Tour Championship 2021 Outside UK

NordVPN is on this list for several reasons but primarily because of its large server network. It beats all other VPNs in server count with a staggering 5121 servers in 60 countries, all offering ultra-fast connections.

The level of security you get from NordVPN is impressive because the VPN offers the AES-256 Encryption standard. Also, you can turn to its Double Protection feature that allows users to change their IP address twice to add an extra layer of protection.

Other common features include DNS Leak protection, Kill Switch, and Obfuscated servers to hide your internet traffic and VPN connection for maximum protection. NordVPN also supports Split Tunneling to stream and share your VPN connection while still browsing local content.

A Dedicated IP is a key NordVPN feature because it gives the user an IP address that a single person will only use. This is cherished in streaming because content platforms identify and block IP addresses used by multiple people.

NordVPN is a robust tool for unblocking YouTube TV, HBO Max, all Sky Sports channels, among other streaming sites and platforms.

What’s more? NordVPN has wide device support, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Android TV, Chrome and Firefox extensions, and other streaming devices. You can install the NordVPN app on all your streaming devices, and the platform allows you to connect up to six devices with a single account.

This means you can install NordVPN on your phone to watch Sky Sports on the go, on your Wi-Fi router, your work Laptop, TV, Xbox, and on your child’s iPad.

You can get the special 2-year plan for $3.71/mo and enjoy what NordVPN offers.

DP World Tour Championship Dubai 2021 Schedule

The DP World Tour Pitches up in Dubai to mark the end of the European Tour. As always, the venue will be the Earth Course at the Jumeirah Golf Estate. This year’s event will be held over four days from Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 November 2021. The following is the full TV/Streaming Schedule

Sky Sports (Timings BST subject to change)

Sky Sports 7 am–1 pm Thursday 18 November 2021
Sky Sports 7 am–1 pm – Friday 19 November 2021
Sky Sports 7 am–1 pm – Saturday 20 November 2021
Sky Sports 7 am–1 pm – Sunday 21 November 2021
Sky Sports 6.30 am–12.30 pm

Golf Channel (Timings BST subject to change)

Golf Channel – Thursday and Friday at 1-6 pm
Golf Channel Saturday 1-2.30 pm,
NBC Saturday 2.30 pm–7 pm
Golf Channel Sunday 12 – 1.30 pm
NBC Sunday 1.30–6 pm



In last year’s DP World Tour Championship, Matt Fitzpatrick was in electric form, where he won his second career European Tour title. He took the title with a one-shot win at Jumeirah Golf Estate’s Earth Course in Dubai, UAE. Fitzpatrick held off a late surge by Lee Westwood for the one-shot win on 15-under 27, closing with 4-under 68 to take the spoils.

He took home 3 million dollars as the winner’s share of the 8-million-dollar purse. The DP World Tour Championship 2021 is expected to be highly competitive this year and Fitzpatrick has to be at his best to reclaim his title.

Sky Sports will air the DP World Tour Championship in the UK via Sky Sports Golf and Sky Sports Main Event. If you’re in the US, the Golf Channel has the right to broadcast live coverage of the entire event. Also, NBC will partially cover the DP World Tour Championship.

If you’re outside the UK then you must use a VPN to watch all the action, where the two channels will be streaming. For example, you can watch the DP World Tour Championship on Sky Sports using ExpressVPN. Assuming you have a Sky Sports subscription, download and install the VPN app on your streaming device, connect to a UK server and stream the event live.

Collin Morikawa wins DP World Tour Championship to become first American No. 1 in Europe.


This article has shown how to watch DP World Tour Championship 2021. This is a fantastic golfing competition with skilled players and this year’s event is no exception. Fans will be allowed in for free for the first time since the pandemic, but you don’t have to be in Dubai to watch every round.

Sky Sports will air the entire event, and if you have a subscription, you can watch DP World Tour Championship 2021 outside UK. Use ExpressVPN to watch the events as they unfold in the breathtaking Jumeirah Golf Estates in HD.

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