Watch Criminal Minds Season 13,14 and 15 in UK


CBS will no longer have distribution rights to let you watch Criminal Minds Season 13 online. Once the show ends its run in 2020. It reverts to Disney/ABC Studios and will most likely be on Hulu once the Netflix deal ends.

That’s partly why S13 isn’t on any streaming platform except Viaplay but it’s not in English.

ABC can’t add it to Hulu with the rest of the seasons still being on Netflix once all the agreements expire they can then begin pulling out-owned content for their own streaming service.

How to Watch Criminal Minds Season 13 Online in UK

Wondering, where can i watch Criminal Minds Season 13 if not on CBS.

Well, the only possible solution to watch Criminal Minds Season 13, is by purchasing it from either Google Play Store, Amazon, or Itunes.

Our Preferred option is Amazon since its the cheapest of all

Can You Watch Criminal Minds Season 13 Live Online in UK

Yes, You can watch Criminal Minds live online in UK with the help of streaming services.

If you have accounts with any of these streaming services such as Hulu, Live TV, YouTube TV, or DirecTV Now you can easily stream criminal minds all seasons. But you might need a VPN to access these services from UK.

How to Stream Criminal Minds on Netflix in UK

First of all, if you use Netflix you need to read this article, as accounts are being stolen. You can watch Criminal Minds seasons 1-12 on Netflix US library but unfortunately, season 13-14 are not available on Netflix.

However, this might be an excellent chance for you to watch the first 12 seasons of this phenomenal crime show since it will be removed from Netflix sometime in 2020. With a Netflix VPN all the exclusive like Legend of Korra, Supernatural are accessible instantly.

If you are living in UK, you can still watch it by using a VPN service, or else you will not be able to find the title or receive Netflix Site error:

To watch Criminal Minds on Netflix follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and Sign-up VPN (ExpressVPN).
  2. Login in with your credentials.
  3. Select and connect to the US server from the country list.
  4. Go to Netflix Title here and enjoy streaming criminal minds on Netflix.

How to Stream Criminal Minds Season 15 Online in UK

To watch criminal minds season 15 online for free. The trick is simple just follow the steps to access TVNZ on demand and start watching criminal minds online via TV New Zealand. Another option to watch Criminal Minds season 15 is via CBS All Access (USA only).

In both cases, if you try to stream Criminal Minds you will see the following errors:

Criminal Minds Season 15 Geo Block Error

To bypass this Geolocation error you need to install a VPN on your devices.

Stream Criminal Minds with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation for TVNZ

TVNZ is our preferred choice as CBS offers only some episodes to watch online and the rest are locked for premium members only.

On the other hand TV New Zealand is an ideal choice, first of all, because it airs for free and secondly it has amazing shows such as The Little Drummer Girl, Sensing Murder, 800 Words, The Bad Seed and Deep State.

All the Criminal Minds viewers out there, your wait is finally over since criminal minds season 15 is airing currently.

If you haven’t started watching this procedural thriller about the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, which profiles criminals to solve crimes, man I tell you are missing one of a hell series.

watch criminal minds season 13

Criminal Minds is all about ensemble action depends on the multitasking squad that includes talented youth and seasoned leader persecution by a past incident.

This show is not like other crime shows that mainly focus on science, but it is more cerebral in showing deductive analysis of the violation and their perpetrators.


Yes, you can watch Criminal Minds on Netflix, however, it only has seasons till season 12.

No, 12 seasons of Criminal minds are available on Netflix but later seasons did not release on the platform.

There are multiple ways to watch Criminal Minds Season 15, you can watch it on CBS as well as on TVNZ.

Yes, you find Criminal Minds Season 15 on Amazon Prime. You can buy it for $24.99 or $2.99 per episode.

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