Crave Free Trial: How to Get It In 2022 [Easy Guide]

Do you love streaming movies and shows online? Then CraveTV is amazing! It’s one of the best Canadian streaming platforms and if you haven’t tried it then get a Crave free trial before you pay for the service.

The Canadian streaming service offers both live and on-demand content. CraveTV is home to some of the most popular TV shows, Crave movies, and even sports events. The service is owned by Bell Media and is available to customers of selected cable and satellite providers.

If you are thinking about how to get Crave free trial then we’ve got the easiest guide; you can also use the instructions to watch CraveTV outside Canada!

Does Crave offer Free Trial?

Yes, CraveTV offers a 7-day free trial, but it is only available to new customers when they sign up. However, before starting the trial, you must create a new Crave account.

There are two ways; either sign up directly through Crave or get your local cable provider to pay for your service (which means you don’t need the free trial at all).

The free trial of CraveTV gives you access to all of the content the channel has to offer. During the 7-day trial, you can binge-watch movies and series from various channels, including STARZ, Showtime, HBO Max, Super Ecran, and different Crave Originals.

How to Sign Up for CraveTV to Get a Free Trial?

You must sign up for a CraveTV account to start your CraveTV free trial in 2022. The registration process is pretty straightforward and only takes a few minutes.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Visit the CraveTV website and click the “Subscribe with CraveTV” button.

Click the Subscribe Button

To start your free trial on Crave, click the subscribe button.

2. Enter your email address

Enter your details to create a Crave account.

Enter your email address to start the 7-day free trial.

3. Create a password, and click on the “Continue” button.

4. Choose the subscription plan that you prefer.

Choose the Crave Plan Your Prefer

Select the Crave plan that meets your requirement.

5. Enter your billing information, i.e., Canadian credit card.

6. Click on the “Subscribe” button and enjoy the free trial.

Note: If you like the services after the 7-day free trial, continue watching, and the fee will be deducted automatically (unless you cancel Crave).

How Much is the CraveTV Subscription After Free Trial?

After your free trial ends, you will be automatically charged. Crave offers two types of subscription services, Crave Mobile and Crave Total. You can also pay for add-ons such as STARZ.

Crave Mobile

The Crave mobile subscription is cheaper and starts at CA$9.99+tax per month. It is best suited for individuals who watch movies and series on their mobile gadgets, including smartphones. You can also pay CA$99.90+tax/year for an annual subscription.

This subscription only gives you access to on-demand content. Casting and downloads are not available, and it is only one person who can stream at a time.

Crave Total

The Crave Total subscription starts at CA$19.99+tax per month and is ideal for multiple users. You can also pay for the yearly subscription, which costs CA$99.90+tax/year. This subscription gives you access to CraveTV’s content, including live TV and on-demand shows.

You will enjoy the best video resolution, casting to your big screen, and downloads anytime. This subscription gives you 4 streams at any given time.


The Add-on STARZ costs an additional CA$5.99+tax per month. You can also pay it yearly for CA$59.90+tax/year. With this add-on, you will have access to all STARZ content, including live TV and on-demand shows.

Crave Free Trial – FAQs

Yes, CraveTV offers a free trial for 7 days. However, you must sign up for the service and provide your credit card details to activate the trial. You will not be charged during the trial period.

Yes, you can cancel your Crave subscription at any time. You will not be charged if you cancel during the free trial period.

The Crave free trial only begins after you have signed up for the service. There are two ways to enjoy Crave; start your free trial directly from the Crave website. The second way is to ask your local cable provider to pay for the subscription – in this case, you don’t even need a free trial!

Yes, you can cancel your free trial during the 7-day period at any time. Once you cancel, the subscription will stop after the trial period is over.


CraveTV is an excellent streaming service that offers movies, TV shows, and live TV and you can stream this content on your smartphone, computer, or TV using the Crave free trial.

The Crave free trial gives you access to all this content for 7 days, depending on the Crave price plan you use.

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