50 Best Action Movies On Netflix Outside USA To Start Binging! [Updated 2023]


Are you looking for the best action movies on Netflix to watch right now? You have come to the right place,

Netflix is one of the biggest online movie streaming platforms with the greatest action movies in almost all Netflix regions. We have picked out the best action movies on Netflix 2023.

Everyone loves action movies because of the adrenaline that they offer when you watch them while munching on your popcorn! And if the action movie has a fantastic story along with a talented cast then that’s just a cherry on the top!

Today, among the best Netflix movies library, we have complied a list of the top action-filled films. We know you’re going to love each and every movie in this list today!

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What are the Best Action Movies on Netflix To Watch in December 2023?

Over the last year, Netflix has added numerous action-based titles and that’s why they’re present on our list of the best action movies on Netflix today!

We’ve made sure that there is a little bit of everything in each movie we’ve picked, so we’re sure you’ll find something you like! Let’s have a look!

Red Notice (2021)

Red Notice-Best Action Movies On Netflix

Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber

Writer: Rawson Marshall Thurber

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot

IMDB Rating: 6.4/10

When the FBI’s best profiler John Hartley receives a call about an Interpol “Red Notice,” The highest level warrant available for searching for and apprehending the most wanted person on the planet, with the help of Nolan Booth, the world’s best art thief, he sets out on a worldwide mission to capture the world’s most sought art thief, “The Bishop.”

To top it all off, they’re continuously in one another’s company on this high-flying journey that takes them over the globe and to an isolated jail in the rainforest.

Army of Thieves (2021)


Director: Matthias Schweighofer

Writer: Zack Snyder

Cast: Nathalie Emmanuel, Matthias Schweighofer, Ruby O. Fee

IMDB Rating: 6.4/10

The viral outbreak in Las Vegas six years before the cataclysmic events in Army of the Dead (2021) is a lonely life for small-town bank teller Sebastian. If you’re a YouTuber and theoretical safe-cracker, you’ll get to shine when Gwendoline hires you to break a quartet of impenetrable enemies.

On the other hand, Interpol agent Delacroix is hot on the trail of Sebastian and Gwendoline’s gang of robbers as they race across Europe. Things are looking bad in Sin City. One guy is ready to write history in the face of insurmountable difficulties. It’s truly an underrated Netflix movie!

Fistful of Vengeance (2022)


Director: Roel Reine

Writer: Cameron Litvack

Cast: Lewis Tan, Iko Uwais, Lawrence Kao

IMDB Rating: 4.5/10

The movie begins in Bangkok, where Wu Assassins season 1 ended and deals with a sequence of events since then. Tommy, Kai, and Lu Xin are in Bangkok on a mission to find Tommy’s sister’s murderer, who has killed Tommy’s sister, Jenny.

Jenny’s half-broken talisman, which she held in her hand when her son was recovered, serves as their primary source of knowledge. A fight with Chi vampires and a quick victory awaits the three in Bangkok as they search for information.

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Kate (2021)Kate-movie

Director: Cedric Nicolas Troyan

Writer: Umair Aleem

Cast: Woody Harrelson, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Miku Patricia Martineau

IMDB Rating: 6.2/10

Kate is the epitome of a perfectly honed assassin at the pinnacle of her game: meticulous and preternaturally competent.

Because of her uncommon failure to complete a job, she is poisoned and has less than 24 hours to avenge herself on the yakuza who killed her father.

A strange friendship is formed between Kate and the adolescent daughter of her previous victims as her health rapidly declines. Watch Kate from our list of best cction movies on Netflix this weekend and share your review with us in the comment section below.

The Vault (2021)


Director: Jaume Balaguero

Writer: Rafa Martinez

Cast: Astrid Berges Frisbey, Freddie Highmore, Sam Riley

IMDB Rating: 6.4/10

If the Bank building’s walls were broken, an underground river would flood the safe chamber, which is 100 years old and has no architectural plans.

Thom and Walter “Cunningham” prepare a thorough plan to break into the bank’s safe when they discover that a famous lost treasure would be housed there for only ten days.

One hundred five minutes is all they’ll have while the Bank of Spain employees are watching Spain’s national football team play in the 2010 FIFA World Cup final.

Gunpowder Milkshake (2021)

Gunpowder Milkshake (2021)

Director: Navot Papushado

Writer: Ehud Levski

Cast: Karen Gillan, Carla Gugino, Lina Headey

IMDB Rating: 6.0/10

Scarlet, a skilled assassin, was forced to give up her daughter Sam and flee her home to avoid capture. While Sam has grown up and become a cold-blooded hitwoman, she is still estranged from her father.

He must go, rogue when an important assignment goes awry, and an innocent 8-year-old girl is thrust into the center of a gang war that Sam has inadvertently incited.

Finally, she reunites with her mother and ex-hitwoman sidekicks to wage a fight against those who robbed them of their lives.ryogenic chamber having no memory of how she got there. Limited on supply and primarily on oxygen, she must find her way out in this struggle for survival.

21 Bridges (2019)

21 Bridges (2019)

Director: Brian Kirk

Writer: Adam Mervis

Cast: Sienna Miller, J.K Simmons, Chadwick Boseman

IMDB Rating: 6.6/10

Andre Davis, a New York City police investigator, is thrust into a city-wide search for a pair of cop murders and must determine who he is seeking and who is truly hunting him.

For the first time, all 21 bridges connecting Manhattan to the rest of the world are closed during the search. Watch this thriller and best action movie on Netflix to see what happens next.

Blood Red Sky (2021)

Blood Red Sky (2021)

Director: Peter Thorwarth

Writer: Stefan Holtz

Cast: Carl Anton Koch, Peri Baumeister, Alexander Scheer

IMDB Rating: 6.1/10

They assassinate three air marshals and destroy the plane’s black box, among other things. The hijackers stage the operation to seem like a suicide mission, knowing that they would be shot down.

Just as the jet is ready to crash land in New York, she hits back and takes back control of the aircraft. The film concludes with Elias detonating the detonator, murdering her and the other vampires in the process. It is a user favorite on the list of Netflix action movies all over the world.

Never Back Down: Revolt (2021)

Never Back Down Revolt (2021)

Director: Kellie Madison

Writer: Audrey Arkins

Cast: James Faulkner, Nitu Chandra, Michael Bisping

IMDb Rating: 3.9/10

It provides an additional dimension of risk and intrigue to the battles, particularly given that the combatants aren’t there of their own. Furthermore, all of the abducted rivals are female, which is a first for the series Jeeja Yanin is the only prior notable female fighter in the franchise’s last part, Never Back Down: Any Surrender. Overall, Revolt stands out from the rest of the series’ previous installments.

Thunder Force (2021)

Thunder Force

Director: Ben Falcone

Writer: Ben Falcone

Cast: Octavia Spencer, Melissa McCarthy, Jason Bateman

IMDb Rating: 4.4/10

In a world where super-villains harass the population, one lady has devised a method of bestowing abilities on ordinary people.

However, when researcher Emily Stanton accidentally elevates her estranged best friend with superhuman talents, the two women are forced to band up to become the world’s first superhero organization.

It is now up to Thunder Force to take on the super-powered Miscreants and free Chicago from the clutches of The King, who has taken over the city.

The Foreigner (2017)

The Foreigner (2017)

Directors: Martin Campbell

Writer: David Marconi

Cast: Jackie Chan, Katie Leung, Rufus Jones

IMDb Rating: 7.0/10

After a senseless act of political terrorism takes his sole remaining loved one away, modest London businessman Quan unleashes his long-buried history in a revenge-fueled vengeance.

Quan is pushed into a cat-and-mouse battle with an Irish government official, whose own background may provide clues to the names of the elusive murders.

Ava (2020)

Ava (2020)

Director: Tate Taylor

Writers: Matthew Newton

Cast: John Malkovich, Jessica Chastain, Common

IMDb Rating: 5.4/10

An assassin with a conscience, Ava is a gorgeous, lethal lone wolf and a cold-blooded killer, but she’s beginning to change. Even after overcoming her addiction to alcohol and other drugs with the assistance of Duke, her grizzled tutor of death and father figure, unstable Ava continues to let remorse get in the way of closing her “deals,” drawing unwelcome attention.

Following an unsuccessful effort to kill a high-profile target, Ava returns home to her family for the first time in eight years, unaware that she has signed her death sentence. There is an entire selection of family movies on Netflix, if you are not an action movie enthusiast.

6 Underground (2019)

6 Underground (2019)

Director: Michael Bay

Writers: Paul Wernick

Cast: Melanie Laurent, Ryan Reynolds, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo

IMDb Rating: 6.1/10

When you’re dead, what’s the most enjoyable part? It’s the sense of freedom that makes it so appealing. Fighting the evil that lurks in our world is a right we all have.

6 Individuals in Underground’s organization have decided to alter the course of history. An enigmatic leader codenamed “One” brings the squad together to guarantee that he and his other comrades will be remembered for their acts.

We recommend to you to watch this top pick from our list of best action movies in Netflix 2023.

Mile 22 (2018)

Mile 22

Director: Peter Berg

Writers: Graham Roland

Cast: Lauren Cohan, Mark Wahlberg, Iko Uwais

IMDb Rating: 6.1/10

As the director of Lone Survivor, this violent contemporary thriller appears as James Silva, an officer of the CIA’s most highly-coveted and least-understood squad, who is on the run from the authorities.

With the assistance of a top-secret tactical command team, Silva must recover and deliver an asset who has life-threatening intelligence to Mile 22 for evacuation before the enemy closes in on them.

Project Power (2020)

Project Power

Director: Henry Joost

Writers: Mattson Tomlin

Cast: Joseph Gordon, Dominique Fishback, Jamie Foxx

IMDb Rating: 6.0/10

It’s not long until word gets out over the streets of New Orleans about a strange new drug that gives its users their own set of abilities. The only way to know what’ll happen is to take it.

The reactions of some people are more lethal than others. Some people get the ability to become invisible or grow superhuman strength.

To hunt down and defeat the gang responsible for inventing the pill, a local policeman joins up with a young drug dealer and a veteran soldier, who are each driven by an act of personal vengeance.

It is a great watch in the Netflix movies 2023 action genre, check out some of the best Sci-Fi movies on Netflix here!

Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier

Director: J. C. Chandor

Writer: Mark Boal, J.C. Chandor

Cast: Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam

IMDb rating: 6.4/10

Triple Frontier has been one of the biggest names when we talk of action films to watch on Netflix. Special armed and trained forces join hands to battle and complete a personal mission. Ben Affleck has given one of the best performances in Triple Frontier. This is the best new action movie on Netflix.

The Old Guard


Director: Gina Prince-Bythewood

Writer: Greg Rucka

Cast: Charlize Theron, Kiki Layne

IMDb rating: 6.6/10

The Old guard is about a group of immortal people who can never age-old and also have the ability to heal themselves. But if someone knows the secret he should be restricted from telling it to the world. The Old Guard is a must-watch for all the Charlize Theron’s fans out there.

You can also find the best apocalyptic movies on Netflix.

Collateral (2004)


Director: Michael Mann

Writer: Stuart Beattie

Cast: Tom Cruise; Jamie Fox; Jada Pinkett Smith

IMDb rating: 7.5/10

A cab driver(Max) starts a day just thinking it is going to be a regular working day on the roads of LA. Little did he know that he would find himself hostage to a hitman (Vincent) who offered him a lump sum of $600 to make five stops in the city.

By the end of the day, Max had no clue whether he would be able to go back home alive because the FBI was now on the lookout for two men in a cab who are likely to be behind all these killings.

Enola Holmes (2020)

Enola Holmes(2020)

Director: Harry Bradbeer

Writer: Jack Thorne(screenplay by)Nancy Springer(based upon the book “The Case of the Missing Marquess: An Enola Holmes Mystery” by)Arthur Conan Doyle(based on characters created by)

Cast: Millie Bobby Brown; Henry Cavill; Sam Claffin

IMDb rating: 6.6/10

In the movie, Enola travels to London looking for her mother but to her surprise she is stuck in an adventure.

She pairs up with a runaway lord and together they solve a mystery that could possibly threaten the country in the long-run. Enola is a mysterious girl but loves to do her own adventures, find out more her adventures in Enola Holmes 2 which is also in our list of best action Movies on Netflix.

The Mask of Zorro (1998)


Director: Martin Campbell

Writer: Johnston McCulley(character Zorro); Ted Elliott(story); Terry Rossio(story)

Cast: Antonio Banderas; Anthony Hopkins; Catherine Zeta-Jones

IMDb rating: 6.8/10

When it comes to old American action movies on Netflix, the original Zorro played by Anthony Hopkins is imprisoned as Spain surrenders California to Santa Anna.

20 years later, Zorro’s mortal enemy Don Rafael Montero returns to California. Zorro, after his own vengeance, trains a young burglar seeking retribution for the death of his brother from him. A new young Zorro will become the person behind the Mask of Zorro.

Spiderhead (2022)


Director: Joseph Kosinski

Writer: George Saunders (based on the short story “Escape from Spiderhead” by)Rhett Reese (screenplay by)Paul Wernick (screenplay by)

Cast: Chris Hemsworth; Miles Teller; Jurnee Smollett

IMDb rating: 5.4/10

In our list of all best new action movies on Netflix, this movie is set in the future where the convicts are mainly given the chance to take part in medical experiments and be a subject to shorten their sentences.

There was one prisoner who was a subject of a new pharmaceutical and they tried generating feelings of love in him through experimentation.

This is when he starts to question everything in the real world and most importantly the reality of his emotions. The movie is based on his journey to discover the truth about his life.

The Gray Man (2022)


Director: Anthony Russo; Joe Russo

Writer: Joe Russo(screenplay by); Christopher Markus(screenplay by); Stephen McFeely(screenplay by)

Cast: Ryan Gosling; Chris Evans; Ana de Armas

IMDb rating: 6.5/10

The movie had an intriguing plot from the start. Six is a part of the Sierra program created by the CIA, which employs non-agents to carry out specific tasks on an unofficial contract basis.

He learns that the individual he murdered was a colleague from Sierra, Four, while fulfilling one of these contracts.

Because Four had damaging information about Carmichael, a top CIA agent, Carmichael was assassinated. Six currently holds that knowledge, and Carmichael will stop at nothing to obtain it.

All Quiet on the Western Front (2021)


Director: Edward Berger

Writer: Edward Berger(screenplay by); Lesley Paterson(screenplay by); Ian Stokell(screenplay by)

Cast: Felix Kammerer; Albrecht Schuch; Aaron Hilmer

IMDb rating: 7.8/10

It is based on the terrifying experiences of a German soldier during the time of World War I. 1914 sees the outbreak of World War I in Germany. To serve their country, Paul Bäumer and his companions enlist in the army right away.

The first photographs from the battlefield that they see after being conscripted immediately make them aware of the reality of war. I

Point Break (1991)


Director: Kathryn Bigelow

Writer: Rick King(story); W. Peter Iliff(story)

Cast: Patrick Swayze; Keanu Reeves; Gary Busey

IMDb rating: 7.2/10

An FBI agent goes undercover on a mission to catch surfers who may be suspected bank robbers. A series of bank robberies took place in California that showed similar patterns.

The robbers wore masks of important personalities like that of some federal agents or former presidents. The federal agent was successful in infiltrating the gang who were actually surfers by profession but had an addiction to the idea of thievery.

Are you intrigued by the storyline, it our top pick from the Netflix movies 2023 action section. There are more 90’s movies on Netflix which you may not want to miss out on.

Uncharted (2022)


Director: Ruben Fleischer

Writer: Rafe Judkins(screenplay by); Art Marcum(screenplay by); Matt Holloway(screenplay by)

Cast: Tom Holland; Mark Wahlberg; Antonio Banderas

IMDb rating: 6.3/10

Sully is a treasure hunter who is recruited by Nathan Drake to gain back fortune amassed by Ferdinand Magellan around 500 years ago. It is a favorite on Netflix movies 2023 action genre. It started off as a heist but soon it became a globe-trotting race to get the cash prize before anyone could get their hands on it, especially Santiago Moncada. If Nate and Sully are able to decode this mystery, they will be owners of $5 billion of treasure.

Check out more top Heist films on Netflix right now.

Enola Holmes 2 (2022)



Director: Harry Bradbeer

Writer: Jack Thorne(screenplay by); Harry Bradbeer(story by); Nancy Springer(based upon the “Enola Holmes Mysteries’ book series” by)

Cast: Millie Bobby Brown; Henry Cavill; David Thewlis

IMDb rating: 6.8/10

In this part, Enola has become a detective and she takes up her first case but she cannot do it alone, she needs help from her brother Sherlock.

The first requires finding a girl who has been missing and it has sparked some dangerous conspiracy. Enola needs help from her friends and most importantly needs Sherlock to unravel this mystery.

RRR (2022)


Director: S.S. Rajamouli

Writer: Vijayendra Prasad(story); S.S. Rajamouli(screenplay); Sai Madhav Burra(dialogue)

Cast: N.T. Rama Rao Jr.; Ram Charan Teja; Ajay Devgan

IMDb rating: 8/10

It is a historic story when two revolutionaries who fight for their nation in the 1920s when the British colonists had power over India. It is a tale of two friends, Rama Raju and Bheem, who come at par with one another through unforeseen circumstances.

It was the British Era when a small girl named Malli was taken by the British governor and his wife. Rama Raju was a cop who worked for the British Army, he was extremely duty conscious and was loyal to the Britain.

On the other end, Bheem considered Malli as his sister and wants to get him back at any cost. Rama Raju and Bheem met in a train accident where they became the best of friends.

But later they realized they cannot remain friends and turned thirsty for each other’s blood because of their responsibilities.

It is indeed a nail biting story that unravels throughout the journey of these two revolutionaries. RRR movies was the highest grossing movie all over the world and deserves to be in the list of best action movies on Netflix 2023 as well.

Burn Out (2017)


Director: Yann Gozlan

Writers: Yann Gozlan(scenario); Guillaume Lemans(scenario); Jérémie Guez(adaptation)

Cast: François Civil; Olivier Rabourdin; Manon Azem

IMDb rating: 6.2/10

Tony is known to live for thrills. All head burned; he was a passionate motor-cycle professional. It was not until the day he found out that his son’s mother had some connection with the gypsy underworld.

The only way to get to the root of it, he put his talents to serve the gangsters. Little did he know that he was at an edge of a rupture. For his family, he gave up his passion and used that to protect his family instead.

Any Given Sunday (1999)


Director: Oliver Stone

Writers: Daniel Pyne (screen story); John Logan (screen story); Oliver Stone(screenplay)

Cast: Al Pacino; Dennis Quaid; Cameron Diaz

IMDb rating: 6.9/10

In the movie, a Football coach who is getting older finds it difficult to balance his professional and personal life while attempting to keep his team together. A star quarterback gets injured and a rookie football player step in to take his position.

However, after being introduced to the sports world, the rookie becomes a risk to both himself and his teammates.

The team owner’s daughter, who is ruthlessly power- and money-hungry, is determined to get rid of the squad, and the coach got into a never-ending struggle with her. For best ever sports movies, do read our blog.

Walking Tall (2004)


Director: Kevin Bray

Writers: Mort Briskin (earlier screenplay); David Klass(screenplay); Channing Gibson(screenplay)

Cast: Dwayne Johnson; Ashley Scott; Johnny Knoxville

IMDb rating: 6.2/10

A member of the former US Army Special Forces returned to his hometown in the rural areas of Washington only to realize that the town where he once lived all his life has changed entirely.

Now this town is ruled with violence, drug addicts and there is a general feeling of terror all the time. Everybody in the town blamed all this on a crooked casino where his ex-girl friend was working now.

The Army official is out to seek vengeance against those who changed the face of that village entirely. There are more such mystery movies in our list of best action movies on Netflix, continue reading.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)


Director: Doug Liman

Writer: Simon Kinberg

Cast: Brad Pitt; Angelina Jolie; Adam Brody:

IMDb rating: 6.5/10

John Smith and Jane Smith are a normal married couple like any other who have a normal life in the suburbs. The twist comes in when their real identities are shown, in reality, they were both skilled assassins working for different employers.

They were both considered best in their fields and each was successful in concealing their identities to one another at home.

They came face to face when they were both assigned to kill the same man and discovered about one another. Not only that, soon they realized, their next target was to kill each other. It is amongst the long list of suspense Netflix movies which you may want to watch this weekend.

Scarface (1983)


Director: Brian De Palma

Writers: Oliver Stone (screenplay by); Howard Hawks (1932 screenplay); Ben Hecht (1932 screenplay)

Cast: Al Pacino; Michelle Pfeiffer; Steven Bauer

IMDb rating: 8.3/10

Following the assassination of a member of the Cuban government in exchange for a green card, Tony Montana (Pacino) establishes himself in the Miami drug trade.

Tony soon rises to the position of the state’s largest drug lord, controlling almost all of the cocaine that passes through Miami, by ruthlessly murdering anyone who gets in his way.

However, escalating police pressure, conflicts with Colombian drug cartels, and his own drug-fueled paranoia all contribute to his eventual collapse. This movie is indeed an old classic movie but for us it is one of the top movies in our list of best action movies on Netflix.

Road House (1989)


Director: Rowdy Herrington

Writers: R. Lance Hill(story); Hilary Henkin (screenplay)

Cast: Patrick Swayze; Kelly Lynch; Sam Elliott

IMDb rating: 6.6/10

The proprietor of the Double Deuce Road house hires Dalton, a skilled “cooler” (head bouncer), to calm things down when things get too violent.

Wesley, the town’s crime boss, is enraged by Dalton’s early triumphs and developing relationship with the local doctor.

The scene has been set for a spectacular encounter that will challenge Dalton’s bounds and determine the future of the town when Dalton chooses to defy him.

Wanted (2008)


Director: Timur Bekmambetov

Writers: Michael Brandt (screenplay); Derek Haas(screenplay); Chris Morgan(screenplay)

Cast: Angelina Jolie; James McAvoy; Morgan Freeman

IMDb rating:6.7/10

A young man goes on a voyage in which he learns that his long-lost dad is an assassin. After his father is killed, the son is persuaded to join his father’s old organization and is given training by a guy by the name of Sloan to carry on his father’s legacy.

A Knight’s Tale (2001)


Director: Brian Helgeland

Writer: Brian Helgeland

Cast: Heath Ledger, Mark Addy, Rufus Sewell

IMDb rating: 6.9/10

It is inspired by the Canterbury Tales. One of a knight’s squires, William Thatcher, assumes his master’s identity to compete for the tournament’s prize money when the knight is killed during a fight.

After winning the battle, he and his fellow archers Wat and Roland decide to assume a new identity—that of a knight—and pursue a lucrative tournament-winning career.

They encounter Geoffrey Chaucer, a struggling author, who joins the group as they travel to a competition. The group then continues their journey while competing in events via France and England.

Spider-Man (2002)


Director: Sam Raimi

Writers: Stan Lee (Marvel comic book); Steve Ditko (Marvel comic book); David Koepp(screenplay)

Cast: Tobey Maguire; Kirsten Dunst; Willem Dafoe

IMDb rating: 7.4/10

Peter Parker (Maguire) gets attacked by a genetically altered spider while on a field trip with his class. The following morning, he awakens with extraordinary abilities.

Parkers makes the decision to utilize his newly acquired powers to purge the city of evil after watching the end of his uncle (Robertson), but another person has other ideas. In order to get rid of Spider-Man, the Green Goblin (Dafoe) perceives him as a menace. Even if it means that Parker’s Aunt (Harris) as well as the woman he secretly yearns for will be the targets of the Goblin (Dunst).

The Spider-Man series is the world’s favorite and now it as the best action movie on Netflix 2023, making it easy to stream on Netflix online.

Men in Black (1997)



Director: Barry Sonnenfeld

Writers: Lowell Cunningham (comic); Ed Solomon (screen story)

Cast: Tommy Lee Jones; Will Smith; Linda Fiorentino

IMDb rating: 7.3/10

The exploits of two federal agents nicknamed “The Men in Black,” Agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) & Agent Jay (Will Smith), who keep a watch on aliens in New York City, must attempt to preserve the planet after the aliens attempt to destroy it.

The goal of Jay and Kay is to find the terrorist and thwart the scheme in order to save the earth from destruction.

Hardcore Henry (2015)

Hardcore Henry

Director: Ilya Naishuller

Writers: Ilya Naishuller; Will Stewart(additional writing by)

Cast: Sharlto Copley; Tim Roth; Haley Bennett

IMDb rating: 6.7/10

AKAN, a crazed despot with telekinetic abilities, and his band of mercenaries are after Henry, a recently revived cyborg, and his wife/creator. Jimmy is fighting with Henry and is Henry’s sole chance of surviving the day. Hardcore takes place in Moscow, Russia, over the period of one day.

Rambo (2008)


Director: Sylvester Stallone

Writers: Art Monterastelli; Sylvester Stallone; David Morrell(character)

Cast: Sylvester Stallone; Julie Benz; Matthew Marsden

IMDb rating: 7.0/10

John Rambo has retired to a quiet existence in a remote Thai town close to the Burmese border, where he transports wanderers in his old PT canoe and captures snakes for local performers.

Rambo transports a team of Christian humanitarians into war-torn Burma after being begged repeatedly to do so. There, Major Tint’s ruthless men routinely abuse and murder the native Karen villagers.

When the community is assaulted and the pastors are abducted, the humanitarian effort is going well. Rambo is once more called to transport, but this time it’s a squad of mercenaries led by the missionary minister on a dangerous rescue mission. He leaves this time instead of following.

It is not a new series, in fact, it is one of the best action movies of all time. So, watch it today on Netflix.

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Director: Guy Ritchie

Writers: Michael Robert Johnson(screenplay); Anthony Peckham(screenplay); Simon Kinberg(screenplay)

Cast: Robert Downey Jr.Jude Law; Rachel McAdams

IMDb rating: 7.6/10

Lord Blackwood, a black magic practitioner, and serial killer who has already murdered five women, is apprehended in London by Sherlock Holmes and fellow sidekick Dr. John Watson as he is about to murder his sixth victim.

Blackwood is given the punishment of being hanged, and Dr. Watson confirms his demise. Nevertheless, Blackwood unexplainably makes a comeback from the dead, and Inspector Lestrade calls in Sherlock Holmes to assist Scotland Yard in their inquiry. While Sherlock receives a visit from his former flame Irene Adler, who is on a mission, Dr. Watson plans to wed the stunning Mary Morstan.

The Italian Job (2003)


Director: F. Gary Gray

Writers: Troy Kennedy-Martin (1969 screenplay); Donna Powers(screenplay); Wayne Powers(screenplay)

Cast: Donald Sutherland; Mark Wahlberg; Edward Norton

IMDb rating: 7.0/10

Professional burglars successfully steal $35 million worth of gold bars from an Italian gangster’s safe in Venice, but one of their partners betrays them and leaves them for dead.

They devise an exceedingly intricate theft against the traitor in an effort to recover the gold as they seek retribution.

We have endless options for non-stop action movies on Netflix, if you do not like this one, check out the other movies in our article.

The Informer (2019)



Director: Andrea Di Stefano

Writers: Matt Cook (screenplay by); Rowan Joffe (screenplay by); Andrea Di Stefano(screenplay by)

Cast: Joel Kinnaman; Rosamund Pike; Common

IMDb rating: 6.6/10

In order to penetrate the gang at a maximum-security prison, an undercover ex-convict deliberately gets himself locked up once more.

Casino Royale (2006)



Director: Martin Campbell

Writers: Neal Purvis(screenplay); Robert Wade(screenplay); Paul Haggis(screenplay)

Cast: Daniel Craig; Eva Green; Judi Dench

IMDb rating: 8.0/10

A list of Netflix movies 2023 action and 007 is not included, it is just not possible. James Bond (Daniel Craig), who was recently given the 00 ranks, embarks on his first assignment. Le Chiffre, a secretive private banker involved in international terrorism, is the opponent (Mads Mikkelsen).

Bond participates in a high-stakes game of poker set up by Le Chiffre with the MI6 agent and a gorgeous Finance Agent Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) in Montenegro in order to recoup a sizable quantity of his customers’ money he lost in a failed operation that the British spy foiled.

Not only will 007 learn who his opponent is being supported by, but also the most devastating of all truths: never to trust anyone.

Den of Thieves (2018)


Director: Christian Gudegast

Writers: Christian Gudegast (screenplay by); Paul T. Scheuring (story by)

Cast: Gerard Butler; Pablo Schreiber; O’Shea Jackson Jr.

IMDb rating: 7.0/10

The state’s most accomplished bank robbery crew and an elite squad of the LA Sheriff’s Department battle it out as the criminals plot an apparently impossible attack on the Fed Reserve.

The Night Comes for Us (2018)


Director: Timo Tjahjanto

Writer: Timo Tjahjanto

Cast: Iko Uwais; Joe Taslim; Julie Estelle

IMDb rating: 6.9/10

Upon his return from a time overseas, Ito, a gangland assassin, was caught up in a perilous and violent uprising within his Triad criminal gang.

The King (2019)


Director: David Michôd

Writers: David Michôd; Joel Edgerton

Cast: Tom Glynn-Carney; Gábor Czap; Tom Fisher

IMDb rating: 7.3/10

The rebellious prince and unwilling successor to the English throne, Hal (Timothée Chalamet), has abandoned the aristocracy and is now residing among the commoners. Hal, however, is made King Henry V after the death of his authoritarian father and is compelled to accept the lifestyle he had earlier wanted to flee.

Now the young king must manage the palace politics, chaos, and conflict his father left behind, as well as the emotional strands of his past life, especially his friendship with the ailing alcoholic knight John Falstaff, who served as his closest friend and adviser (Joel Edgerton).

Avengement (2019)


Director: Jesse V. Johnson

Writers: Stu Small; Jesse V. Johnson

Cast: Scott Adkins; Craig Fairbrass; Thomas Turgoose

IMDb rating: 6.5/10

A lowly prisoner on furlough escapes his guards and goes back to his old surroundings to take vengeance on those who turned him into a cold-blooded killer. Searching for the spirit he lost on the roads of a merciless city is an epic, violent conflict. It is our top pick for best action movies on Netflix.

Extraction (2020)

Extraction (2020)

Director: Sam Hargrave

Writers: Joe Russo(screenplay); Ande Parks(based on the graphic novel “Ciudad” by); Anthony Russo(from a story by)

Cast: Chris Hemsworth; Bryon Lerum; Ryder Lerum

IMDb rating: 6.7/10

A young boy is used as a pawn in a conflict between prominent drug lords in the criminal underworld of arms dealers and traffickers.

His rescue requires the unmatched expertise of a commando called Tyler Rake, but Rake is a shattered man with little to lose and possesses a death wish, that makes what is already a dangerous assignment, nearly impossible.

He is trapped by kidnappers within one of the world’s most impregnable cities. It is indeed a nail-biting movie in all the options you will get in Netflix action movies 2023.

Ip Man (2008)


Director: Wilson Yip

Writers: Edmond Wong(screenplay); Tai-lee Chan

Cast: Donnie Yen; Simon Yam; Siu-Wong Fan

IMDb rating: 8.0/10

There is a school for every corner martial arts in Foshan, south China, in 1935. Despite being the uncontested martial arts champion, Ip Man has not given himself over to mentoring students.

As it turns out, every kung fu master in the city wants to compete against him in order to boost their reputation.

The Outpost (2019)

The Outpost

Director: Rod Lurie

Writers: Paul Tamasy (screenplay by); Eric Johnson(screenplay by); Jake Tapper(based on the book “The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor” written by)

Cast: Scott Eastwood; Caleb Landry Jones; Orlando Bloom

IMDb rating: 6.8/10

Combat Outpost Keating is a small US Army outpost in a remote part of Afghanistan that is highly vulnerable to attack.

The Taliban launched a massive assault in October 2009 after years of occasional, small attacks. The defenders are facing extremely long odds.

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Final Verdict

This list of best action movies on Netflix is handpicked and contains some of the best Western and mystery movies to stream this weekend.

If you have no plans for the weekend and you are looking for options of any good action movies on Netflix, this guide will be your friend throughout. Add all of these movies to your watchlist now!

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