How to Watch Discovery+ from Anywhere 2021


Wondering how to get your hands on Discovery+? Look nowhere else as this blog will enlighten you exactly how to watch Discovery+ from anywhere. So sit tight and start reading.

If you are new to all this, then the first question arises: What is Discovery Plus? It is a video streaming service of the infamous Discovery Inc., and it has over 55000+ hours of TV available on demand. From Food Network to Animal Plante, it has them all.

Sadly, the service is available in a few countries now, and if you try to access it from abroad, then you get to see the following message, which says:

“Streaming access is available only when you are located in the US and certain US territories.”  

discovery+ streaming access is available only when you are located in the US and certain US territories

But, worry not, as we have just the right fix for you. And this blog will guide you on how you can stream your favorite TV shows using a Discovery+ VPN. Read along and find everything out.

How to watch Discovery+ from Anywhere (Easy Guide)

You can find Dplay in the US, UK, and India. The catalog from the UK and India offers a variety of free content for the users, whereas Discovery+ USA offers premium content only with a 14-day trial.

Follow the steps below to get Discovery Plus from anywhere in 2021:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service, ExpressVPN is our #1 recommendation.
  2. Download the app and sign-in using your credentials.
  3. Connect to an American, Indian, or UK server.
  4. Go to and subscribe.
  5. Voila! You can now stream all the shows on Discovery+.

Stream Discovery+ with ExpressVPNOur Tested Recommendation

How do I get Discovery+ Subscription?

Since Dplay is available in quite a few regions, the Discovery Plus subscription method is also straightforward. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the Discovery+ website.
  2. Select the price tag of your choice.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen and set up your account.
  4. Congratulations! Now binge on all your favorite shows on Discovery+.

Best VPN to Watch Discovery Plus from Anywhere in 2021

The VPN industry is massive, and finding the right kind that fits your requirement is hard. So Team ScreenBinge took the burden upon themselves and testes over 50 VPNs to develop the following list of top 3, which are mentioned below:

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to watch Discovery Plus

ExpressVPN Best VPN to watch Discovery Plus

ExpressVPN is the best of the lot, there is no doubt in that, and it further proved itself by unblocking Discovery+ from anywhere in 2021. It is a powerful VPN that can bypass the most rigid restrictions in a few seconds.

It resides 3000+ servers in over 90 countries, while numerous are found in the USA. which means that you can easily change Netflix location with this provider. ExpressVPN provides exceptional services, which include a buffer-free streaming experience because of the unlimited bandwidth it provides. Moreover, you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ExpressVPN is available on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, along with external streaming devices and gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation.

Surfshark: Most-Affordable Discovery+ VPN

Surfshark Most-Affordable Discovery+ VPN

Surfshark is a fantastic pocket-friendly option for a VPN that can unblock restricted sites like Discovery Plus from anywhere. It comes with an affordable price tag and an excellent service for the users to stream their favorite shows on Dplay.

Surfshark has over 3200+ servers in 60+ countries, out of which you can find hundreds of them in the US. Furthermore, Surfshark offers unlimited simultaneous connections on all devices with a single account. And it also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It is available on all mainstream devices, including streaming sticks, dongles, and gaming consoles.

NordVPN: Reliable VPN for Discovery Plus


NordVPN is a reliable choice to unblock Discovery+ from anywhere. It is easy to use, and it offers 5000+ servers in 59 countries. The user interface for NordVPN is easy and convenient, even for beginners.

NordVPN offers 6 simultaneous connections per account and also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee on an affordable price tag. You can find it on all mainstream software and devices.

Why do you need a VPN to watch Discovery + from Anywhere?

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a technological tool that helps the users access content that is either geo-restricted or censored in their country. And as we are aware, Discovery+ is available in a handful of countries, including America and a few European countries.

A geo-restricted website blocks any international user by tracking their IP address and configuring their region based on it. These restrictive walls are high because of copyrights and licensing issues with the service. And hence to avoid any lawsuit, they block the service for use. But a VPN is a legal and safe way to access anything online.

A VPN disguises your IP address and replaces it with one from their own servers, based on the country you have selected on the VPN app. And it manipulates the site into believing that you are a resident of that said region, hence opening up the site for you.

Only a reliable Discovery Plus VPN like ExpressVPN is capable of unblocking a strong geo-filter like that of Discovery+ without any sort of compromise. Moreover, a VPN also protects your online footprint from all ends and keeps your identity anonymous.

Discovery+ Price Plans

India: INR 99/month INR 299/year
UK: £4.99/month £29.99/first year then £49.99/year thereafter
USA: $4.99/month (Ad supported) $6.99/month (Ad-free)

Discovery+ Channel Line-up

United States United Kingdom India
Food Network Food Network Food Network
Animal Planet Animal Planet Animal Planet
Discovery+ Originals Quest Discovery+ Originals
OWN Quest Red DMAX
Magnolia Network (formerly DIY Network) Really Travel Channel
A&E DMAX Discovery Turbo
Lifetime Discovery History Discovery Science
History Discovery Science Discovery Kids
Travel Channel Discovery Turbo Euro Sport
Science Channel MotorTrend
The Dodo

Discovery+ Shows 

United States United Kingdom India
Fixer Upper: Welcome Home Crimes Gone Viral Mission Frontline
Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines 90 Day Diaries The Ganges with Sue Perkins
Bobby and Giada in Italy Estonia Tales of Valour
90 Day Fiance Universe Outback Opal Hunters Walking the Himalayas
Six Degrees with Mike Rowe Aussie Gold Hunters Jewels of the Natural World

Best Shows on Discovery+

disney plus programming categories


Property Brothers: Forever Home

Home Town

Love It Or List It

Fixer Upper

Food Network

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives


Barefoot Contessa

Worst Cooks in America

Discovery Channel/BBC

Gold Rush


A Perfect Planet

Planet Earth

Blue Planet


90 Day Fiancé

90 Day Diaries

Say Yes to the Dress

Magnolia Network Preview 

Fixer Upper: Welcome Home

Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines

Road to Launch

Courage to Run

Discovery+ Originals

Home Town: Ben’s Workshop

90 Day Fiancé Universe

American Detective with Lt. Joe Kenda

Bobby and Giada in Italy

Six Degrees with Mike Rowe


Where is Discovery+ Available?

Discover Plus Subscription is available in the USA, India, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and in a few Nordic countries.

Can I use a free VPN to Unblock Discovery+?

We highly discourage the use of a free VPN. Only a reliable Discovery+ VPN like ExpressVPN is good enough to unblock the service for you.

How much is Discovery Plus?

Discovery+ comes in 2 price packages, $4.99/month (With Ads) and $6.99/month (Ad-free).

Final Thoughts

Discovery+ has a wide selection of content that you wouldn’t want to miss. And ExpressVPN has proved its worth accordingly throughout our testings. If you want to know more or have any queries, then feel free to comment below; team ScreenBinge will get back to you soon.

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