How to Fix Discovery Plus Error 500? [Ultimate Guide]


Are you looking for a solution on how do I fix error 500 on Discovery Plus? You can fix this Discovery Plus error 500 by checking your internet connection, seeing whether your app is upgraded, restarting your device, or contacting the Discovery Plus support team.

Now, the question arises what does the error 500 mean on Discovery Plus? This rare issue happens when the Discovery Plus server isn’t operating correctly. There could be several causes for the server to be down.

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If Discovery Plus not working error pops up on your screen, don’t worry because, in this guide, we will be listing the possible solutions for Discovery Plus error codes.

Why does Discovery Plus Error 500 Occur?

You may have encountered Discovery Plus error 500 for various reasons, and you would have thought about what is wrong with Discovery Plus. Error code 500 on Discovery Plus typically appears when the Discovery Plus Server malfunctions.

So, try to solve it at your earliest convenience, so your Discovery Plus price plan doesn’t get wasted.

How to fix the Error 500 of Discovery Plus? [100% Efficient]

Do you want to know how to fix error 500 Discovery Plus? Fortunately, by using the solutions listed below, you should be able to rapidly resolve this issue and see the Discovery Plus error code 500 disappear so that you would easily watch Discovery+ on Firestick and other devices.

Here are the options below that could quickly solve this issue so that you can continue taking advantage of the Discovery Plus free trial before canceling your Discovery+ free trial.

Let’s attempt the following solutions to troubleshoot Error 500 in Discovery Plus:

Check The Servers

The leading cause of this Discovery+ error is occasional server interruptions. Therefore the first thing you should check is the server stability of Discovery+ else. You will receive an error message on your Discovery Plus login screen.

To determine the status of the Discovery+ server:

Click here to check whether the Discovery+ server is experiencing any documented continuing server outages. If there is a problem with the Discovery+ server, you must wait until everything is fixed before using it again.

Consider the suggestions given below if there is no issue with the Discovery Plus server, and still, you’re facing the Discovery Plus error 500 unable to switch profiles.

Check Your Internet Connection


Check to see if your internet is connected.

You should verify your connection to the internet if there is no outage or server maintenance because a slow or unreliable connection will prevent you from loading the page and result in error code 500.

To see whether any other apps or websites are operating correctly, try opening them. Try if other websites or apps aren’t functioning. connect your device to a different network to see if your personal network is having any problems.

Additionally, try opening the Discovery+ app on a different device connected to the same network to see if the problem is specific to your device.

Try rebooting your router if you discover that your internet isn’t working. Contact your ISP if you continue to get the issue.

This is how to restart your router to solve the Discovery Plus error code 500:

  • Take the router’s power cord out of the wall socket.
  • For one minute, let all the cords go unplugged.
  • Your power cord should then be plugged back into the wall outlet.
  • Reconnect your device to the network, then launch Discovery Plus to see if the device’s services have resumed without a problem.
  • Try rebooting your router if you discover that your internet isn’t working. Notify your ISP if you continue to get the issue.

Restart Your Device

Here are the six simple steps to restart your device. Many of the issues resolve efficiently just by restarting the device:

  • First, press the power button to turn off your smartphone.
  • Removing the power line from the wall outlet is a must if you use a TV or a comparable device.
  • Then hold off for a minute or two.
  • The power cord should then be plugged back into the wall outlet.
  • The TV will then turn on.
  • Open Discovery Plus after that, and see if the issue still occurs.

Make Sure Your Device And Discovery Plus Are Updated With Latest Version

Verify that your device and Discovery Plus have the most recent versions of each other if the error persists. If not, consider updating the Discovery Plus application or your device before searching for mistakes.

Contact Discovery Plus Support

Visit Discovery Plus support to notify the problem so they may investigate it and offer you a better solution if there isn’t a common problem with the Discovery Plus server.

It is necessary if you’ve already attempted all the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps so you could enjoy Discovery Plus on Apple TV, Discovery Plus Chromecast, and Discovery Plus Roku


Please try the next steps if you have trouble connecting: Close the browser window or the Discovery Plus app. Clear the cache and data on any Android, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV, or web browsers you are using. Refresh the browser page or launch the Discovery Plus app to resume watching the video.

An error response with the HTTP status code 500 is a common one. It implies that the server was unable to process the request because of an unexpected occurrence.

Please try the following actions if the Discovery Plus app or website crashes or won’t load: Quit the internet browser or the Discovery Plus application. Clear the data and cache on any web browser, Roku TVs, Android devices, Fire TVs, Fire TV Sticks, or Roku Sticks you are using.

Wrapping up!

That’s it! You can wait a little while before it is automatically corrected within a few minutes because Discovery Plus Error 500 is a rare error that happens when the Discovery+ server is not functioning properly. Trying to reach their customer support is another option to fix this issue.

Additionally, you might try updating the application, clearing your local cache, or perhaps you’ll need to reinstall the app. You can get Discovery Plus error 500 on Apple TV, Discovery Plus error 500 on Roku, and similar other devices.

However, after reading this guide, we hope you won’t face any kind of issues as you’ll understand what is error 500 on Discovery Plus and how to fix error code 500 on Discovery Plus.


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