How to Watch Tom Jones 2023 in USA on ITV [Free Streaming Guide]


You can watch Tom Jones 2023 in USA on ITV, by using a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN. Since ITV is a restricted channel, a VPN is necessary to access ITV in USA.

Tom Jones (TV series 2023) is a British drama adapted from Henry Fielding’s novel “The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling.The show stars Solly McLeod as Tom Jones, seeking his place in the world. The series is directed by Georgia Parris and crafted by Gwyneth Hughes. Follow our guide and watch Tom Jones 2023 in USA free.

How to Watch Tom Jones 2023 in USA on ITV? [5 Easy Steps]

To watch Tom Jones 2023 in USA on ITV, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN service such as ExpressVPN, known for its excellent speed and secure connections.
  2. Download and Install the VPN app on your iOS or Android device.
  3. Connect to a server in the UK (Recommended server: Docklands)
  4. Visit the ITV Hub Website or app and log in or sign up for a free account.
  5. Search for Tom Jones (TV series 2023) and enjoy streaming in USA!

Where can I Watch Tom Jones 2023 in USA on ITV for Free?

ITV is the platform if you are wondering where can I watch Tom Jones (2023) for free. The series is a four-part television drama reimagining Henry Fielding’s 1749 novel.

ITV is completely free to watch for UK residents. However, If you try to watch Tom Jones 2023 in USA on ITV, you may face geographical barriers.

To overcome the geo-restrictions imposed by the platform, we recommend that you use a high-quality VPN service like ExpressVPN. You can also watch Billie Jean King Cup Play Offs 2023 in USA on ITV by using ExpressVPN.

When can I Watch Tom Jones 2023 on ITV for Free?

ITV is the go-to platform if you are thinking about how to watch Tom Jones 2023 online free. The Tom Jones mini-series is available for viewers online as the Tom Jones ITV release date was 11 May 2023 on ITVX in the UK.

However, if you want to watch Tom Jones 2023 in USA on ITV, make sure to use the best ITV VPN, as ITV is a restricted library.

What is Tom Jones Based on?

Tom Jones mini-series is based on the bestselling 1749 novel The History of Tom Jones, written by Henry Fielding, the four-part romantic comedy tells a delightful story of Tom and Sophia’s complicated and against-all-odds romance all the while highlighting various Tom Jones themes.

What is the Plot of Tom Jones 2023?

If you want to know what the series Tom Jones 2023 about, we’re here to spill.

Abandoned as a baby and adopted by a kind man named Squire Allworthy, Tom Jones grows up charming and popular with the ladies. Despite his good qualities, his low birth causes problems when he falls in love with Sophia Western, a wealthy heiress. Their families oppose the match, leading to Tom’s disgraceful banishment.

To escape a forced marriage to another man, Sophia runs away from home. She’s willing to sacrifice everything for Tom, but her devotion wavers when she discovers his involvement in flings with other women.

Eventually, both find themselves in London, facing challenges from Sophia’s dangerous aunt, Lady Bellaston, who is determined to ruin their love. Sophia realizes life in London’s high society can be harsh and dangerous for a young woman.

How many Episodes are there Tom Jones Series?

There are a total of four Tom Jones (miniseries) episodes, and their details are given below.

Episode 1: Tom Jones and Sophia Western hit it off despite their wildly contrasting backgrounds. Another woman complicates the picture for Tom, as does the sour Blifil for charming Sophia.

Episode 2: Tom is banished by his father, Squire Allworthy. Meanwhile, Sophia flees her grandfather’s home to avoid an impending marriage to Blifil. Adventures ensue, as do fateful encounters.

Episode 3: Tom is lured to a masquerade ball in London by an insatiable paramour, leading to yet more complications for our hero. Blifil and a loathsome lord try to compromise Sophia.

Episode 4: Tom’s letter to Lady Bellaston threatens to sink his prospects with Sophia. A swordfight puts him in even deeper trouble. A secret emerges.

Who is in the Cast of Tom Jones 2023?

The hero Tom Jones is played by Solly McLeod, with Sophie Wilde playing the heroine, Sophia Western. Hannah Waddingham also stars as “the seductive and vengeful” Lady Bellaston. The rest of the Tom Jones 2023 cast includes Shirley Henderson, James Fleet, Pearl Mackie, Alun Armstrong, Felicity Montagu, and Lucy Fallon, among others.

Where was Tom Jones 2023 Filmed?

If you’re curious to know where was Tom Jones filmed, you’re at the right spot. The miniseries was entirely filmed in Northern Ireland, including Gracehill, Ballymena, and at The Regency (Upper Crescent) Belfast.

What Makes ExpressVPN the Best VPN to Tom Jones 2023 in USA on ITV?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Tom Jones 2023 in USA on ITV because it has a large network of servers in many different countries. This allows users to connect to a server in UK and get their IP address masked.

ExpressVPN also protects user data with strong encryption and has a policy of not keeping logs, which can give users more privacy and has connections that are fast and reliable, which is important to stream Tom Jones (TV series 2023) without interruptions.

With ExpressVPN, you can also watch Georgia vs Scotland UEFA Euro in USA on ITV. Move to the part below and learn the in-depth details about the service’s features.

ExpressVPN: The Fastest VPN to Tom Jones 2023 in USA on ITV

ExpressVPN remains the premier VPN choice to watch Tom Jones 2023 in USA on ITV because of its fast speeds. In recent speed tests, it has delivered amazingly fast speeds, reaching download speeds of up to 89.38 Mbps and upload speeds of 84.66 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


With ExpressVPN’s Docklands server, we accessed ITV instantly.

It easily overcomes geographic restrictions because of its extensive server network, which includes over 3,000+ servers spread in 105 countries. This will allow for an uninterrupted viewing experience to watch Tom Jones 2023 in USA on ITV online.

ExpressVPN has a MediaStreamer feature that expands your streaming options and allows you to watch Tom Jones 2023 on ITV because this feature enables connectivity for devices that usually do not support VPN connections.

ExpressVPN has employed advanced security protocols like AES 256-bit encryption, No Leaks Policy, TrustedServer, and the Lightway protocol, as it gives high importance to online privacy and lets you watch Tom Jones 2023 in USA on ITV securely.

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By using ExpressVPN, you can simultaneously connect up to 8 devices, including ITV on Samsung TV, Android, iOS, Mac, Apple TV, Linux, Smart TVs, laptops, PS5, Roku, Firestick, and stream Tom Jones (TV series ITV) easily.


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Tom Jones 2023

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FAQs – Tom Jones 2023

Solly McLeod plays the eponymous hero Tom Jones.

Tom Jones, a “bastard” raised by the philanthropic Allworthy, is the novel’s eponymous hero and protagonist.

You can watch Tom Jones 2023 in USA for free on ITV but you need a premium streaming VPN like ExpressVPN as ITV is blocked in USA.

Wrapping Up

You are now ready to watch Tom Jones 2023 in USA on ITV. You just need a helping hand that can assist you in overcoming geo-restrictions, which is ExpressVPN.

Get ready for a reimagining of Henry Fielding’s classic novel and use the free trial option to watch Tom Jones 2023 in USA on ITV, where Tom Jones and Sophia Western’s forbidden love faces banishment and challenges in London’s high society.

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