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ScreenBinge Write For Us Program

Are You A Binge-Watcher?

If yes, you must have so much to share with your fellow binge-streamers; regarding various streaming channels or the shows that feature on them. Stop staying awake at night rolling over scenes and ending in your head and start jotting down your thoughts for your fellow binge-streamers to read.

What Are We Looking For?

People like YOU! - Die-hard streamers with expert knowledge on their favorite genres. Capable of sharing positive and opinionated write-ups that stir excitement among fellow binge-watchers.

Gear up and start writing based on your years of experience that you have acquired by your constant devotion towards your favorite TV shows and movies.

Will You Be Paid?

Of course! Once your content is shortlisted we will be compensating you for the submission.

Our process is simple! You submit your content, we read through it, and if it’s shortlisted, we will publish it on our website. As soon as your article goes live, you will be eligible for the compensation.

*We might edit your submission to ensure it’s up to our editorial standards.

However, to maintain your contributor status, you’ll need to submit at least one content per month (you can submit as much quality content pieces as you like).

So, what are you waiting for? Apply NOW!

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Fact Checking Policy

ScreenBinge does not compromise on quality, and its rigorous fact-checking policy is proof of it. We do not entertain rumors and strive to restrain from publishing any misleading information.

Therefore, as a contributor, you are also responsible for making sure that you submit well-researched content and proper background check before including any statement.

Correction Policy

Every content piece submitted by contributors will undergo our editorial checking process. Our expert editorial team will see if your submission fulfills our editorial requirements or not.

To ensure only quality content is shared with our audience, ScreenBinge has all the right to update and change portions of your content.

Scenarios in which your submission may undergo change:

  • If the information provided is not correct
  • If you submit us content with incomplete information
  • To keep the content relevant and up-to-date
Ownership Policy

ScreenBinge owns all the content published on the website, including the blogs submitted by the contributors.

But, as a contributor, you will receive the due credit as your content piece will be published under your name or pseudo name. We will also include your picture if you are comfortable with it.

Ethics Policy

We are a community dedicated to catering to binge-watchers by sharing information that can be helpful to them. While also making sure that we publish original content.

We have started the 'Write for US' initiative to provide people who are die-hard streamers a platform to share their knowledge on their favorite shows and movies.

However, we have ZERO tolerance for copied or plagiarized content and expect our contributors to respect our ethics policy.

Any contributor who submits copied content will be banned and will not be allowed to submit any future write-ups.

Editorial Guide

We have an expert editorial team that will review every submission. However, there are few pointers that you should also take into consideration while writing the blog. It will also increase your chances of winning a $100 Amazon gift card as a token of appreciation once your article is featured on our website.

  • The content should be 100% unique, i.e., you should not copy it from other sources and write it in your words.
  • Plan your content structure before you start writing, use Google, see what other top results have done, and add what they missed.
  • Each submission must cover at least 1000-2000 words.
  • Make sure to use correct grammar, punctuation, and spellings.
  • Make use of relevant heading tags, i.e., H2, H3, etc.
  • Write concise and clear sentences.
  • Use short paragraphs (2-4 lines max).
  • Include royalty-free images wherever necessary.
  • Include one external link (link from another website).
  • Include 7-10 ScreenBinge's internal links.
  • Keep the tone neutral and positive.
Frequently Asked Questions

Experience is not compulsory; we are looking for someone who has the skills and knowledge to write some valuable and mind-blowing content for binge-watchers.

The only thing that we need is you to write content in English that is understandable for us, and don't worry about grammar.

We have a team of experts that will guide you, share useful tips and tools that will improve your English gradually.

Yes, you can use "nickname" or "pseudonym" that is different from your real identity

ScreenBinge will own your content, but you will receive the due credit since it will be published under your name or pseudonym.

Whenever you share your content with us, it will be reviewed by our professional team. If there is an issue, the team will suggest some edits, and you will be given enough time to make the necessary tweaks to your write-up.

Once it is approved, it will take a week to get it published, and we will notify you via email.