Best Animated Movies on Disney Plus to Watch In 2023 in USA


Check out the amazingly best animated movies on Disney Plus available to watch in USA!

As a parent, sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect movie for your kids. There are so many options out there, but not all of them are appropriate or enjoyable. So, we’ve put together this list of best Disney animated movies that you and your family will love!

We assure you that each one is age-appropriate for your kids. Others may even be fun for the adults making them perfect for watching as a family!

Although Disney+ is available in more than 60 countries around the globe. If you are in a region where Disney+ hasn’t been launched yet or you are unable to find any title in your library, you can use a VPN and unblock Disney Plus outside USA and enjoy its largest library.

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Here are our 50 Best animated movies on Disney Plus

1. FUN & FANCY FREE (1947)


Director: Jack Kinney, Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson

Writer(s) : Ted Sears (story), Frank Thomas (story), Bill Peet (screenplay)

Cast: James MacDonald; Judy Garland; Sterling Holloway; Margaret O’Brien

The story follows Amos, taken from his forest home by a hunter and sent to the city. He finds a whole new world of sights, sounds, smells (and people) that he never knew existed as his adventure takes him from one exciting situation to another – but it is not all fun and games for Amos!



Director: Stephen Anderson, Daniel Greaves

Writer(s): Kelly Asbury (story), Geoffrey Kloske (screenplay)

Cast: Nathan Lane; F. Murray Abraham; Jim Conroy; Elisa Donovan; Hilary Duff; David Henrie

The story follows two families, one rich and the poor, who are displaced to opposite coasts because, in this period, travel is too expensive for middle-class people. The kids on both sides make friends with each other through their letters sent back and forth across the country while they wait for their parents to find new jobs and homes.



Director: Ron Clements, John Musker

Writer(s): Gavin Scott (story), Brian Nissenbaum (screenplay)

Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt; Emma Thompson; Cuba Gooding Jr.; David Hyde Pierce; Martin Short

This is the story of a daring adventure that begins when 18-year-old Jim Hawkins finds a treasure map in the attic of his grandfather’s old sea-faring home. He and friend Dr Doppler set out to find the buried pirate treasure on Treasure Planet, but they have more than just pirates to worry about: sirens, aliens, asteroids that threaten their space shuttle!



Director: Jack Kinney

Writers: Robert Huemer (story), Al Bertino, Jim Piddock (screenplay)

Cast: Roy Rogers; Dinah Shore; Cab Calloway; Ray Evans and Jay Livingston

Enjoy singing along with your favourite Disney tunes in this delightful compilation of animated short subjects. Songs featured include: How D’ye Do and Whoa Mabel, The Siamese Cat Song (Lives of a Bengal Lancer), When You Wish Upon A Star.



Director: Hendel Butoy

Writers: Jim Cox (story), Ken Anderson, Joe Ranft, Dave Michener (screenplay)

Cast: Bob Newhart; Eva Gabor; John Candy; Glenn Close and George C. Scott

In the Australian Outback is a large crater called The Devil’s Gullet. The Rescue Aid Society has been alerted by an animal lover that a secret scientific expedition is being held in The Devil’s Gullet to capture and export hundreds of endangered Australian animals, including many rare species such as anteaters and kookaburras.



Director: Ted Berman, Richard Rich

Writers: Art Scott (original screenplay), Larry L. King (screenplay)

Cast: Rick Baker; Mickey Rooney, and Stan Shaw

Tod is a naïve little fox pup who sees his first snowfall in the winter of 1959. Shortly after this, he leaves home to take part in a play as the hero of his town. His mother, Mrs Fox, tells him to always stay away from Hoot Owl’s tree because it is dangerous territory that belongs to “The Big Bad Wolf.”



Director: John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton

Writers: Milt Banta (original story), Ken Anderson and Joe Ranft (story)

Cast: Jim Cummings; Barry Gordon, and Kath Soucie

Piglet is a cute little pig who loves to be the centre of attention. When his friends come to visit him, he arranges a show for them. But, when his friends leave early, Piglet is too embarrassed to tell everyone the truth.



Director: Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise

Writers: Tab Murphy (screenplay), Caroline Thompson, Linda Woolverton, Roger Allers, and Chris Sanders (story).

Cast: Tom Hulce; Demi Moore, Kevin Kline. Tony Jay

A mysterious girl Esmeralda is the object of desire of many in Paris, including Quasimodo, the hunchback of Notre Dame. This movie has many lessons about life, including that materialism is not the key to happiness.

9. TEACHER’S PET (2004)


Director: Kevin Lima

Writer: Lizzie Binder (screenplay), Tom Schulman (story)

Cast: Greg Germann, Christina Applegate, Steve Zahn. Wallace Shawn and Bonnie Hunt

Caroline has been a straight-A student all her life until she decides to have some fun with her work to prove that she’s just as good a student, if not better, than her older sister. Her mom is very strict and tells Caroline to follow the school rules, but you can’t be perfect all the time!

10. PETER PAN (1953)

PETER PAN (1953)

Director: Hamilton Luske, Clyde Geronimi

Writer: J.M. Barrie (based on the play), Ted Sears (screenplay)

Cast: Margaret O’Brien, Kathryn Beaumont, and Bill Thompson

A boy who never grows up must leave Neverland to save his children from Captain Hook’s villainous plot. There are many valuable lessons to be learned from this timeless classic and some very catchy tunes.

11. FROZEN II (2019)

FROZEN II (2019)

Director: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

Writer: Jennifer Lee (screenplay), Erik Hedegaard and Sara Parr (story)

Cast: Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff

The sequel to 2013’s Frozen finds Anna on her way to find Elsa, who has gone missing. If you were a fan of the original, you wouldn’t be disappointed in this one.

12. MELODY TIME (1948)


Director: Jack Kinney

Writer: Frank Churchill, Larry Morey (story)

Cast: Fred Penner; Jimmy Durante and Sterling Holloway

Disney’s second anthology film features six stories that are all set to music. The most memorable being Johnny Appleseed narrated by Bing Crosby, which is a true Disney classic. This is the first of Disney’s films to contain segments of animation mixed with live-action



Director: Ron Clements and John Musker

Writer: Burny Mattinson, David Michener (story)

Cast: Vincent Price; Barrie Ingham and Val Bettin

The Great Mouse Detective was the first movie to use Disney’s famous computer animation. The film is a classic mystery story about Basil of Baker Street, an eccentric mouse detective who solves the disappearance of a prominent scientist.



Director: Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver

Writer: Noah Allen (story), Karey Kirkpatrick (screenplay)

Cast: Jim Cummings; John Fiedler and Nikita Hopkins

In this movie from Disney’s Pooh franchise, a Heffalump is mistakenly left at Christopher Robin’s house. Piglet, Christopher Robin, and the rest of their friends go on a journey to return the Heffalump home.

15. THE RESCUERS (1977)


Director: John Lounsbery

Writer: Romeo Muller (screenplay), Ken Anderson, Al Wilson, Larry Clemmons, and Rita Shaw

Cast: Bob Newhart; Eva Gabor and Peggy Lee.

The Rescuers is a 1977 American animated adventure film about two mice from a secret international mouse service trying to save an orphan girl from kidnappers to inherit her fortune and fix up their dilapidated houseboat.



Director: Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske and Wilfred Jackson

Writer: Lewis Carroll (novel)

Cast: Kathryn Beaumont; Ed Wynn.

Alice falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar creatures like talking rabbits and mad hatters. She must find her way home before the Red Queen’s forces recapture her.

17. FANTASIA 2000 (2000)

FANTASIA 2000 (2000)

Director: James Algar; Eric Goldberg and John Musker.

Writer: Roger Allers, David Michener and Richard M. Sherman

Cast: Various Disney voice actors including Wayne Allwine, Tony Anselmo, Jim Cummings, Bella Hudson, Bill Farmer, and Tress MacNeille.

Fantasia 2000 is a 1999 American animated film by Walt Disney Feature Animation and was released on December 17, 1999. The sequel to the 1940 Fantasia is a compilation film consisting of eight segments set to pieces of classical music selected from Tchaikovsky’s original score for the first feature-length animation ever made.

18. HERCULES (1997)


Director: John Musker and Ron Clements.

Writer: Roger Allers, Bob Shaw, David Reynolds and Irene Mecchi.

Cast: James Woods as Hades; Tate Donovan as Hercules’ father Zeus; Susan Egan as Megara (Meg); Danny DeVito as Philoctetes (Phil).

Hercules is a 1997 American animated film based on the classic Hercules legend but told in a light-hearted and comedic manner with strong influences from Saturday morning cartoon shows. The movie begins when young teenaged Hercules is tasked to travel through Ancient Greece defending his title as the strongest man alive (or at least that’s what he thinks) and one day finds that his friend Icarus has been captured by Hades, who wants to rule the world. Hercules must find a way to rescue him from eternal torment with the help of Meg.



Directed by: Mark Dindal

Written by: David Reynolds, John Pomeroy, and Joe Hale

The Emperor’s New Groove is a film about the story of a spoiled, self-centered emperor who is turned into a llama and taken in by his old peasant servant. Now he must make his way back to the palace with the help of some unlikely characters.



Directed by: Ron Clements and John Musker

Written by: Ron Clements, John Musker, Matthew O’Callaghan, and Don Hall

The Princess And The Frog is a story about a young girl named Tiana who, with the help of a fairy godmother, is granted her wish to be a princess. The story follows her adventures as she tries to reconcile that fairytale world and its expectations for women with herself and the realities of being poor in 1920s New Orleans. This timeless story of love and friendship, family, and loyalty has the feel of a classic Disney animated film.

21. MULAN (1998)

MULAN (1998)

Directed by: Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook

Written by: Rita Hsiao and Chris Sanders

Cast: Ming-Na Wen, Eddie Murphy

Mulan is the story of a young woman who disguises herself as a man to take her father’s place in the army. Set against a backdrop of ancient China, it is both an action-packed adventure and a touching story about personal discovery and family loyalty. Mulan has many interesting characters: from her love interest Li Shang who she competes with for one very important position to Mushu, the bumbling (and largely unseen) dragon guardian sent by his ancestors to help her win over their descendant.

Mulan is a story about China’s most powerful warlord, Shan-Yu. Together they work to save the country from invaders, and Mulan learns that she is stronger than she ever knew. The movie features an all-star cast with Eddie Murphy as Mushu, Ming Zhao as Grandmother Fa (Fa Zhou), BD Wong as Li Shang.

22. LILO & STITCH (2002)

LILO & STITCH (2002)

Directed by: Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders

Written by: David Reynolds, Mark Kennedy, Jeff Pidgeon, Aaron Springer

Lilo & Stitch is about two Hawaiian girls who get a little more than they bargained for when their new dog comes from outer space. The film tells the story of how these unlikely friends end up on a hilarious and action-packed adventure that changes their world.

23. WRECK-IT RALPH (2012)


Directed by: Rich Moore and Phil Johnston

Written by: Jennifer Lee, Phil Johnston

Wreck-It Ralph is about a video game villain who wants to be loved for the good guy he really is. When his wish comes true, he sets off on an exciting journey that takes him far from home. In this unfamiliar world of heroes, villains, and other video game characters who can come to life at any moment, Ralph learns that being a good guy takes more than just breaking the rules.



Directed by: Bob Hathcock

Written by: Ken Anderson, Carl Barks

In this animated adventure inspired by the Emmy Award-winning series and comic books, Scrooge McDuck is on a treasure hunt with his nephews when they discover a lamp that shows them their greatest wishes. Soon after, they are transported to the jungles of Africa and South America in pursuit of their wishes, and they must avoid being captured by an evil magician.

25. THE JUNGLE BOOK (1967)


Directed by: Wolfgang Reitherman

Written by: Rudyard Kipling, Larry Clemmons

Cast: Phil Harris, Sterling Holloway, George Sanders

The “man-cub” was raised in the jungle of India. This animated musical adventure is based on Rudyard Kipling’s classic book of the same name. Mowgli is an orphaned human boy who wolves have raised in a jungle from his earliest memories, and he soon learns that deep within him lies animal instincts that can be triggered with sounds and scents. With his animal friends Baloo and Bagheera, he attempts to find peace among humans while avoiding detection from the ferocious tiger Shere Khan. This film is a delightful, exciting, and heartfelt story for all ages. It is fun to watch several times and will be enjoyed by all.



Directed by: Rich Moore

Written by: Phil Johnston, Pamela Ribon

Wreck-it Ralph is tired of being overshadowed and undervalued in the arcade game Sugar Rush. After a humiliating incident at Hero’s Duty, he sets out to earn back his reputation from Vanellope von Schweetz, who has been expelled from her own racing game. He begins to suspect that a cyborg named Turbo is the villain terrorizing Vanellope’s kingdom and decides to enlist the help of his friends.



Directed by: Clyde Geronimi

Written by: Bill Peet, Erdman Penner

When the king and queen argue on their daughter’s birthday due to an old family curse, a good fairy can put her into a deep sleep until she can be awakened with true love’s kiss. This classic film is a must-watch for any Disney lover and includes scenes of mystery, romance, suspense, and wonder.

28. TARZAN (1999)

TARZAN (1999)

Directed by: Chris Buck, Kevin Lima

Written by: Bob Tzudiker, Noni White

Cast: Kevin Kline as Tarzan Lena Headey as Jane Porter Tony Goldwyn as Clayton Tarzan, a man raised

Tarzan is undoubtedly a great film. The story follows Tarzan, a man raised by apes in the jungle. He meets a woman from England and falls in love but must protect her when she gets into trouble with an evil Frenchman. AS he continues to know her, she teaches him the ways of civilization and brings out his true identity. The film is exciting, emotional, and one that any Disney lover should watch. The film includes many uplifting messages for children about family and responsibility, making it an excellent choice for families.

29. BOLT (2008)

BOLT (2008)

Directed by: Chris Williams

Written by: Dan Fogelman

Cast: John Travolta as Bolt, Miley Cyrus as Penny

This animated comedy tells the story of a TV dog who believes himself to be on a show about heroic dogs. He eventually learns that he is not and sets out on an adventure with his new friends, a cat, and hamster. Bolt, the lead character, teaches children about problem-solving and empathy. The film has many funny moments and a great message for kids.

It has been over ten years since I became a big fan of animation movies. I enjoy animated movies with humor like the Ice Age film series for their sense of adventure, humor, and fantasy. If you like Bolt, Ice Age is the movie for you, my buddy!

30. BIG HERO 6 (2014)

Big Hero 6 (2014)

Directed by: Don Hall and Chris Williams

Written by: Steven T. Seagle and Jordan Roberts, based on a Marvel comic book series

Cast: Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit

Big Hero Six is an animated comedy action film featuring inventive superheroes that were created with cutting-edge technology. The story follows Hiro Hamada, who has lost his older brother. He is introduced to a group of friends, and together they join forces with Baymax, an inflatable robot designed by Hiro’s inventor mentor Professor Callaghan for world-changing purposes.

31. TANGLED (2010)

TANGLED (2010)

Directed by: Nathan Greno and Byron Howard

Written by: Dan Fogelman, based on the 1837 fairy tale Rapunzel by Friedrich Schulz

Cast: Zachary Levi, Mandy Moore

Rapunzel is a headstrong and resourceful princess who has been kidnapped from her home. She spends most of her time locked in her room but refuses to give up on the world outside. Her mother, Gothel, is a vain and conniving witch who will stop at nothing to control Rapunzel’s life for her own selfish reasons: David Hand.

32. BAMBI (1942)

BAMBI (1942)

Directed by: David Hand

Written by: Felix Salten, based on the 1923 book Bambi – A Life in the Woods by Austrian author Felix Salten

Cast: Hardie Albright, Bobby Stewart

A young deer named Bambi learns to take his place in the forest after tragedy strikes. Bambi, raised in peace with nature, is forced to learn from his father about life as an adult that involves danger and loss. When hunters come into their forest home looking for food, Bambi learns that not all humans are kind. He joins forces with friends like Thumper and Flower to turn against those who threaten them or destroy their homes. Along with wise and nurturing friends, Bambi learns about nature and how to live in harmony. This film offers valuable lessons about the natural world.

33. FROZEN (2013)

FROZEN (2013)

Directed by: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

Written by: Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez. and Jennifer Lee

Cast: Idina Menzel (Elsa), Kristen Bell (Anna), Jonathan Groff (Kristoff)

This tale of adventure in the frozen tundra is a story about love and family. Born with a powerful gift that she cannot control, Elsa finds herself at odds with her sister Anna. The two young sisters must find their way to understanding and learn how to harness Elsa’s power so they can undo the damage it has caused in Arendelle.

34. WINNIE THE POOH (2011)


Directed by: Stephen J. Anderson

Written by: Don Hall and David Berenbaum

Cast: Jim Cummings (Voice of Winnie the Pooh)

In this live-action remake, Christopher Robin has grown up to be a businessman in London with no time for his family or friends from childhood. After being summoned back into the Hundred Acre Wood, he falls into a trap set by his old enemy and must find the strength to defeat him. Winnie the Pooh in this epic movie is a little more clever than usual, and his personality is closer to that of the original AA Milne books.



Directed by: Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson

Written by: Bill Peet and Joe Rinaldi

Cast: Peggy Lee (Voice of Lady)

This is the story about a cocker spaniel and a mongrel who fall in love. Lady, the pampered pet of young Jim Dear (voiced by Gordon McLeod), is lost when her family moves to an upscale part of town while their new home is built. She soon encounters a hungry but well-mannered mutt called Tramp, who also lives on the street. The two learn to live together and love each other as they search for a happy ending.



Directed by: Ron Clements and John Musker

Written by: Hans Christian Andersen (Novel), Alan Menken, Howard Ashman

Cast: Jodi Benson (voice of Ariel)

Ariel is a mermaid who longs to become human. She finally gets her to wish when she makes a deal with an unscrupulous sea witch to win the love of a prince she has been sent to kill. Ariel longs for adventure and strives not to be like anyone else, but her dreams turn into nightmares when an earthquake destroys her new human home.

37. THE LION KING (1994)


Directed by: Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff

Written by: Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts, Linda Woolverton

Cast: Matthew Broderick (Voice of Simba), James Earl Jones (Voice of Mufasa)

The Lion King tells the story of a young lion cub named Simba, born to the king of the African Pride Lands and his wife, Queen Sarabi. But Simba’s uncle Scar has other plans in mind – power instead of responsibility! Using a treacherous hyena named Shenzi, he frames Mufasa for murder and convinces Simba that the only way to save himself is by running away into exile.



Directed by: Chuck Jones

Written by: Michael Maltese, Ken Harris

Cast: Mel Blanc (voice of Mr Toad)

Based on Kenneth Grahame’s “The Wind in the Willows,” this cartoon follows an adventure-seeking toad and his friend Ichabod Crane as they are caught up in a kidnapping plot by the evil witch, Isabel. This Disney classic is full of family-friendly fun, adventures, and laughs. Unlike other movies on this list, this is not a musical. Although the film hasn’t had many reiterations done, we assure you it remains t be one of the best animated Disney movies out there.



Directed by: Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise

Written by: Linda Woolverton (screenplay), Jean Cocteau (Original Novel)

 Cast: Paige O’Hara, Robby Benson

An enchanting tale of love and transformation. A young woman offers herself a prisoner to an ugly old Beast to save her father’s life. With the help of a wise old servant, Belle learns to look beyond appearances and break the spell that has turned the Beast into a monster. Many critics say that this is the most celebrated animated feature film in Disney history!

This is indeed one of the best animated movies on Disney Plus to watch right now.

40. FANTASIA (1940)


Directed by: James Algar, Samuel Armstrong

Written by: Joe Grant (Screenplay), Rob Huemer (Animated Sequence)

Cast: Leopold Stokowski, Deems Taylor

Fantasia is a film that was produced to introduce the art of animation to people all over the world. The movie consists of eight animated segments set to pieces of classical music. The movie was released on November 13, 1940, in New York City and became the most successful American animated film until Walt Disney created “Snow White.”

41. ALADDIN (1992)

ALADDIN (1992)

Directed by: Ron Clements, John Musker

Written by: Ted Elliott (screenplay), Terry Rossio (Story)

 Cast: Scott Weinger, Linda Larkin, Jonathan Freeman

Aladdin is a Disney animated film about a genie (Robin Williams) released from a magical oil lamp by an unsuspecting young street urchin named Aladdin. It falls in love with the beautiful Princess Jasmine. Aladdin wants to become a prince to marry the princess but must first overcome his evil nemesis, Jafar. To do so, he uses the genie’s power to make himself richer and more attractive.

Don’t miss this movie as it is all time favourite best Disney+ animated movie.

42. MOANA (2016)

MOANA (2016)

Directors: Ron Clements and John Musker

Writer: Jared Bush; story by Taika Waititi (story), Ron Clement, John Musker, and Chris Williams Cast Auli’i Cravalho as Moana with Dwayne Johnson as Maui

Moana is about the daughter of a chief in ancient Polynesia who has a strong connection with the sea. Moana is chosen to go on a quest to find the demigod Maui, who was banished from her island by an evil spirit called Te Kā. Along the way, she gets help and guidance from places she did not expect!

43. CINDERELLA (1950)


Director: Clyde Geronimi

Writer: Ken Anderson, Erdman Penner, and Winston Hibler Cast Mary Costa as Cinderella with Eleanor Audley as the Queen

One of the best animated movies on Disney Plus: Cinderella, is about a girl who lives in poverty. One day her mother dies after she catches pneumonia from going to get food for their family. As time goes on, Cinderella’s father remarries a woman that is very mean to her. They have two daughters who are always making fun of and humiliating Cinderella for being poor.



Director: Pete Docter

Writer: Andrew Stanton, Jennifer Lee, and Brenda Chapman Cast Eva Bella as Raya with Jay R. Ferguson

Rayna is a young girl that lost her mother to an illness when she was just born. Her father remarries, and they have a baby together. This makes it tough for the older sister, but she finds her strength in a dragon she befriends.

45. DUMBO (1941)

DUMBO (1941)

Director: Norman Ferguson

Writer: Helen Aberson, Otto Englander and Richard Haigh

Cast: Verna Felton as Mrs Jumbo with Betty Ann Grove (voice)

Dumbo is a baby elephant born in captivity to his circus family with two overprotective elderly parents that spoil him too much. His mother gets her head stuck in a bucket while trying to help him fly, and she is forced into retirement. He tries with his father, but Dumbo just can’t stay airborne, which causes the circus owner to fire them both!

46. 101 DALMATIANS (1961)

101 DALMATIANS (1961)

Director: Wolfgang Reitherman

Writer: Bill Peet and Joe Rinaldi

Cast: George Sanders as Cruella de Vil, Julie Harris as Anita Radcliffe with Betty Lou Gerson (voice)

This animated Disney movie follows the adventures of two Dalmatian puppies who are kidnapped by an evil woman named Cruella De Vil and her henchmen, Jasper and Horace. Unknown to them, the evil woman has a secret plan to have all of them made into fur coats!



Director: David Hand

Writer: Ted Sears, Otto Englander and William H. Cannon

Cast: Adriana Caselotti, James Baskett, Pinto Colvig, Sterling Holloway

This Disney animated movie is about a princess whose evil stepmother tries to kill her. The queen sends a huntsman into the forest, but he cannot bring himself to harm Snow White and releases her instead. She then reaches his home where she is safe from the Queen’s jealousy with his help of seven dwarfs. This is yet one of the best animated movies on Disney Plus that you shouldn’t miss to watch.

48. ZOOTOPIA (2016)


Director: Byron Howard, Rich Moore

Writer: Jared Bush (screenplay), Phil Johnston and Jennifer Lee (story)

Cast: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba and Jenny Slate

Another one of the best animated movies on Disney Plus where Judy Hopps is a bunny with dreams of being in law enforcement, but she finds herself on parking duty for most of her career. She moves from Boulder City to Zootopia and has aspirations challenged when she becomes the first rabbit police officer- until she is given parking duty again. This Disney animated movie follows this bunny, who is the first bunny in Zootopia’s police force. She teams up with a con-artist fox, Nick Wilde, to solve crimes and uncover a conspiracy that threatens her home. This film is the story of an unlikely pair who join forces to uncover a conspiracy.



Director: John Lounsbery

Writer: Alan Jay Lerner (screenplay and lyrics), Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman

Cast: Sterling Holloway, Hal Smith

This Disney animated movie follows Winnie the Pooh and his friends Piglet, Tigger, Kanga Roo as they walk through the forest. Along the way, they come across several obstacles in their journey to get home and have many adventures. This movie is fun and filled with important lessons such as not judging people before getting to know them.

50. PINOCCHIO (1940)


Director: Ben Sharpsteen

Writer: Ted Sears, Otto Englander, Leigh Harline

Cast: Dickie Jones, Cliff Edwards

This is a Disney animated movie that tells the story of Pinocchio. The main character in this film never lies and always tries his best to do as he’s told. He helps save Geppetto from being killed by Monstro and eventually becomes human after wishing upon a star on Christmas Eve. Throughout this story, there are some important life lessons, such as how lying can lead you down the wrong path or even result in death. You can also watch the best action movies on Disney Plus.

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best animated movies on Disney Plus. These top Disney animated movies are available for streaming today.

There are many other amazing Disney+ movies to watch in different genre including family movies, Sad movies, etc.

If you’re looking to watch one of these animated movies with your loved ones, we recommend that you sign up for the Disney Channel so that you can watch them anytime and anywhere!

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