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As a comedy fan, you might wonder, “Is ‘May I Come in Madam Season 2’ available on Hotstar?” Indeed, it is. And if you are in the Canada, you don’t have to miss out on the fun. You can watch May I Come in Madam Season 2 in Canada on Hotstar using ExpressVPN.

Disney+ Hotstar is frustratingly out of reach for those of us in the Canada, due to geographical constraints. By tapping into the power of a dependable VPN, you can gracefully sidestep these geographic hurdles and watch Hotstar in Canada.

Set to debut on September 26, 2023, the May I Come in Madam TV Series centers around the eccentric persona of Sajan (Sandeep Anand), an endearingly clumsy individual perpetually caught up in amusing predicaments.

With our complete guide, nothing can hinder your enjoyment. Therefore, regardless of location, Prepare to laugh as you journey through this remarkable May I Come In Madam Part 2 comedy series.

How to Watch May I Come in Madam Season 2 in Canada on Hotstar? [Easy Steps]

Follow the steps below to evade geographical barriers and watch May I Come in Madam Season 2 in Canada on Hotstar.

  1. Subscribe to a dependable VPN (We suggest ExpressVPN for an excellent global streaming experience).
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your preferred streaming gadget.
  3. Connect to an Indian server. ( Effectively India via Singapore).
  4. Proceed to the website for Disney+ Hotstar and sign in.
  5. You’re all set. Look up and watch All Seasons of May I Come In Madam on Disney+ Hotstar.

Where can I watch May I Come in Madam Season 2 in Canada?

Disney+ Hotstar is the ultimate destination in the Canada for indulging in the gripping series of May I Come In Madam Part 2.

This platform’s acclaim rests on its intuitive interface, a vast spectrum of entertainment offerings, a nominal Hotstar cost, and a Hotstar free trial for new subscribers. Moreover, it beckons viewers with expansive content, spanning diverse tastes and preferences. 

Be it your penchant for Bollywood gems like “The Freelancer” and “Dayaa,” a craving for top-tier movies, or the thrill of live sports. Hence, if you are a cricket die-hard, you can watch Asia Cup 2023 in Canada on this platform since it is the definitive address for premium entertainment.

When is May I Come in Madam Season 2 Coming on Disney+ Hotstar?

May I Come in, Madam Season 2 will be coming on Disney+ Hotstar on September 26, 2023. Therefore, prepare to Join the ever-growing community of comedy enthusiasts who are all in on the excitement by securing your ExpressVPN and Hotstar bundle.

As you delve into this Instagram post, where hidden gems about the series’ release await discovery, prepare to be captivated.


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In the meantime, indulge in the best Shows on Hotstar to sate your anticipation while counting down to the big premiere.

What is the plot of May I Come in Madam 2?

May I Come In Madam Part 2 is a comedic fictional series that centers on Sajan Agarwal. Caught in a comical predicament, he is torn between his assertive wife Kashmira, and his alluring boss, Sanjana. 

Amidst a cascade of misunderstandings, chaos ensues even when Sajan is technically blameless. As he serves as an employee under Sanjana, her irresistible charm significantly influences him.

Matters turn tumultuous when his feelings start leaning toward Sanjana, leaving Kashmira in a rather unfavorable light. Can Sajan navigate this comedic love triangle unscathed?

To know more – watch May I Come in Madam Season 2 in Canada on Hotstar by backing your connection to ExpressVPN.

Who are the actors in May I Come in Madam Season 2?

Join us as we unveil the remarkable May I Come in Madam Season 2 Star Cast, a group of exceptional talents and skills poised to elevate your love for comedy to extraordinary heights.

Character Name Role Played
Sandeep Anand Sajan Agarwal/Sanju
Sapna Sikarwar Kashmira
Neha Pendse Sanjana/boss
Anup Upadhyay Chedilal/Hiteshi
Shoma Rathod Ramvati
Deepesh Bhan Bhupesh; Ramvati’s son

How Many Episodes will be there in May I Come in Madam 2?

While the May I Come in Madam Full Episode pack is yet to be confirmed, it’s worth noting that the first season consisted of a whopping 385 episodes.

However, we can confirm that the highly anticipated May I Come in Madam season 2 Release date is set for September 26, 2023, finally putting to rest the burning question of when it will grace our screens.

What is the Time duration of each episode of May I Come in Madam 2?

Each “May I Come in Madam 2” episode is a quick 21-minute burst of comedy gold! But if you’re in the Canada and eager to catch all the hilarity, here’s the key: With ExpressVPN, you can effortlessly unlock Hotstar and stream May I Come in Madam Full Episode missing a single bit.

Is there any Trailer of May I Come in Madam 2?

Absolutely, Disney+ Hotstar has uploaded a trailer of May I Come in Madam 2, offering a tantalizing glimpse of comedy awaiting you when you sign up for ExpressVPN to watch May I Come in, Madam Season 2 in Canada on Hotstar.

To catch a sneak peek of the trailer, click the link below:

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch May I Come in Madam 2 in Canada on Hotstar.

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May I Come in Madam Season 2

What else can you watch on Disney+ Hotstar?

Disney+ Hotstar delivers a treasure trove of premium shows and movies, guaranteeing endless choices. Say goodbye to the dilemma of deciding what to watch on Hotstar. Here’s a glimpse of the eagerly anticipated, top-tier shows creating waves of excitement.

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May I Come in Madam 2 falls under the comedy genre. The series centers on the eccentric character Sajan, who will whisk you away on an uproarious journey brimming with hilarity, affection, and delightful chaos.

If you’ve never subscribed, maximize the Hotstar one-month free trial y to watch May I Come in Madam on Hotstar at zero cost. Remember to terminate your subscription before the trial’s conclusion to prevent any fees.

Utilizing a VPN to watch May I Come in Madam Season 2 with a VPN in Canada is deemed to comply with legal regulations fully and doesn’t contravene legal statutes.
A VPN enables users to access online content that would otherwise be restricted based on location. Additionally, it ensures the preservation of users’ online security and privacy.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve been eagerly teetering on the edge of your seat, awaiting the arrival of season two of May I Come in Madam Season 2, brace yourself for some electrifying news – it’s now officially confirmed!

And here’s the cherry on top: You can unleash this uproarious comedy series by fortifying your connection with ExpressVPN, allowing you to watch May I Come in Madam Season 2 in Canada on Hotstar starting September 26, 2023.

Get ready for an uproarious journey that will have you in stitches, injecting a delightful twist into Hotstar’s engaging lineup of titles, all centred around the endearing character we all adore. It’s comedy gold waiting for you!

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