How To Watch Voot On Firestick in Canada?[Complete Guide]


Can you get Voot on Firestick in Canada? Yes, you can get Voot on Firestick in Canada. This guide will help you learn how to install, activate and watch Voot content on Firestick.

What precisely is Voot? It is an OTT service that is more popular in India and offers access to all of your preferred television programs and movies.

Whether you wish to watch Apaharan, and Big Boss season 16, if you have a current Voot subscription, you will get full rights to all these shows and more.

Streaming of both reality programs and live events can be done using Voot. You will be able to watch networks such as Vice, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Firstpost, Colors TV, MTV, and many more when you subscribe to Voot.

You are able to view all of the Voot movies and series in a total of eight distinct languages, including English, Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and Marathi.

However, you’ll need an exceptional VPN to watch Voot in Canada or anywhere it is inaccessible. We recommend  ExpressVPN to access your favorite TV series and movies on Voot.

How to install Voot on Firestick in Canada? [Easy Steps]

The following instructions will walk you through how to install Voot on your Firestick device in Canada. The next step is to complete the task according to the recommendations.


Open the Firestick homepage to download the Voot app.

  1. Choose Find > Search from the menu on the main screen of your Fire TV Stick.
  2. You can check for the Voot app by entering the name of the app into the search area on the remote control.
  3. The list of suggestions will then be shown. Choose the Voot app to use.
  4. Click on “Get” from the menu to begin downloading the application.
  5. Once the application has been downloaded, pick the Open option.
  6. Now, the application will be started on your Firestick, and you will be able to begin streaming material from the Voot app.

How to activate Voot on Firestick in Canada?

To learn how to activate Voot on Firestick in Canada, please follow these steps.

  • Download the Voot app onto your Amazon Fire Stick. This is a prerequisite for using the service. To do this, go to the Apps area of your device, search for the Voot app, and install it. After that, launch the application and attempt to broadcast any material.
  • If you attempt to watch any program, you will be presented with a popup box that requires you to provide an activation code.


Provide the Voot activation code.

  • Now that you have the unlock code go to on any other gadgets, whether it’s your mobile phone or your personal computer.
  • On the Voot portal, you will be needed to log in to your profile by providing your account data, which may include your enrolled mobile number/user and passcode.
  • After successfully logging in to your profile, you will be asked to input the unlock code displayed on your Amazon FireTV. Key in the activation code at this point, and you’ll be good to go!

This is how you can get the Voot app on Firestick.

How to watch Voot on Firestick using Silk Browser in Canada?

Silk Browser is the way to go if you want to stream Voot on your Firestick in Canada without spending any money. We encourage you to use this cost-free way since there is no need to sign up for a membership or make any payments.

If you are attempting to access it from a location that is not one of the available areas, make sure that ExpressVPN is installed on your Firestick and that you are using it.


Open the Silk Browser

  1. Navigate to the main screen of your Firestick and choose the Find option from the menu.
  2. Choose the option that’s labeled “Search” here.
  3. Put “Internet Browser” into the search field. Even a microphone, which can be used for voice search, can be accessed using the Firestick control.
  4. Choose the program that has a symbol representing the Internet on it.
  5. To initiate the process of installing the application, choose to Get or Download from the menu.
  6. Please notice that the program download may take some time, and your patience is appreciated.
  7. Once the application has been downloaded, choose Start to access it.
  8. At this point, all that is expected of you is to key in the correct address for the URL.
  9. Enter into the search box on your browser. Because the URL you entered is case-sensitive, double-check that it is correct. Next, choose the GO button.

Follow these steps and enjoy a Voot subscription on Firestick.


Voot may stop working on Firestick in Canada due to a glitch. To fix it you can either restart your device or uninstall and reinstall your Voot app.

Yes, you can purchase Voot for your Firestick from the official Amazon play store in Canada.

Wrapping up

The Voot app is an excellent online service that provides an endless library of movies and TV series across a variety of categories. It regularly refreshes its collection in order to ensure that its consumers have access to the most recent on-demand and newly released material.

It offers easy three-tiered subscription plans which can be canceled easily as well. You can learn about Voot free trial here.

It is compatible with multiple devices. After going through the above guide, you can easily install Voot on Firestick in Canada. However as it is accessible in limited regions, viewers, where the platform is not available, can watch it through a good VPN such as ExpressVPN.

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