Best VPN for Streaming in Canada: Unblock Hulu, US Netflix


Are you a binge-watcher who loves to stream sports, events, TV shows, and movies? Luckily, there are many streaming services available in Canada, but some content libraries are geo-restricted in Canada, and you can only get them by using the Best VPNs for Streaming in Canada.

Hence, to bypass the geo-restrictions, one must know about the best VPN options available for streaming in 2022 or jump directly to the steps to unblock the streaming service

5 Best VPN for Streaming in Canada [Quick Overview]

Following is our list of the 5 best VPN for streaming in Canada: 

  1. ExpressVPNBest VPN service for Overall Streaming in Canada.
  2. SurfsharkPocket-Friendly Streaming VPN.
  3. NordVPNReliable Streaming VPN.
  4. CyberGhostUser-Friendly Streaming VPN
  5. PrivateVPNBest VPN to Stream on iOS and Android.

Streaming Services VPNs can Unblock in Canada

Platforms expressvpn CyberGhost PrivateVPN Disney Plus
Amazon Prime Video

How to Access Different Streaming Services in Canada Using a VPN

Streaming services these days follow a different catalog for each region as the content categorization is different for them based on the streaming licensing issues or some cultural difference preventing the titles from streaming in that said location.

The same is the case with nearly all the popular streaming sites/platforms, be it Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, CBC, or CNBC Live Stream.

Thankfully, this is where a VPN steps in that defies all the boundaries set by the streaming sites and opens up the catalogue you want to watch on our screens in Canada.

Follow these steps to unblock any streaming service in Canada:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN; ExpressVPN is our top choice!
  2. Download the VPN app and Sign-in using your credentials.
  3. Connect to any server of your choice.
  4. Open your streaming service and select the title you want to watch.
  5. Congratulations! Enjoy streaming your favourite title now.

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Top 5 Best VPNs for Streaming in Canada [Detailed Guide]

we have tested 55+ VPNs and come up with a list of the best 5 VPNs that can unblock any major streaming service and different region content libraries online from Canada easily.

1. ExpressVPN: Best Streaming VPN Overall in Canada

ExpressVPN best recommendation for streaming movies and shows

ExpressVPN is our top recommendation and one of the most premium streaming VPN services in current times. Not only is it great at what it does, but it also offers the best features of them all. And most importantly, it unblocks all the primary streaming services from Canada with a single click on a button. It is the best VPN for streaming Netflix or any other platform.

It has over 3000+ servers; ExpressVPN is amongst the fastest VPNs out there; it also provides unlimited bandwidth, which creates an HD streaming environment for the user with zero lag or buffering. You can connect up to 5 devices per account, and it offers services worth the price. It is the best VPN for Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and many other streaming services.

According to our speed test from our local internet, we were able to get a really satisfactory result for ExpressVPN which enabled us to stream in HD at all times. Express VPN also offers 24/7 live chat support to its users.

Connection Ping – ms Download Speed – Mbps Upload Speed – Mbps
Regular Speed 202 80.99 39.32
America 142 79.61 41.54
UK 198 88.62 42.44
Germany 205 81.39 38.64
Canada 264 79.46 41.34
Australia 192 87.28 55.70

It offers multiple packages, but the best offers are 12 months + 3 months free on their yearly subscription. In case things don’t work out for you, a 30-day refund guarantee is available at all times, along with a 24/7 live customer support team.

Available Devices: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, Linux, Firestick, and even your router


  • Unblocks all major services and libraries in Canada
  • Unlimited bandwidth on all connections
  • Available on all devices
  • MediaStreamer for unsupported devices


  • Slightly expensive than the rest

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2. Surfshark: Pocket-Friendly Streaming VPN in Canada

Surfshark for streaming

Surfshark is one of the most affordable streaming VPN services in the industry; it is still a very new company but has successfully taken the market by storm with its massive server count and the ability to unblock all the best TV streaming services in Canada quickly. It is one of the best streaming VPN services, so you can use Surfshark for Hulu and its live TV easily.

It houses over 3200+ servers in 64 countries, with hundreds of servers in the US for you to choose from. A massive server count means no traffic on any server, which in turn would not compromise the streaming quality and ensure a smooth streaming experience with Surfshark servers.

Surfshark surprised us with its reasonable speed, despite facing a slight dip of 1 Mbps, we were still above the mark where we could easily stream in HD without facing any buffer or lag.

Connection Ping – ms Download Speed – Mbps Upload Speed – Mbps
Regular Speed 209 81.42 42.32
America 142 89.61 41.54
UK 177 76.62 42.44
Germany 210 79.39 38.64
Canada 264 82.46 41.34
Australia 176 76.28 55.70

Furthermore, it offers unlimited simultaneous connections per account, which is Surfshark’s USP and a great feature in any VPN provider, along with a pocket-friendly price. Despite that, it comes with a 30-day refund guarantee and an active customer support team present at all times.

Available Devices: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, Fire TV,  and Firefox.


  • Gets complete access to all mainstream services in Canada
  • Super affordable price plan
  • Offers Smart DNS connection
  • Easy-to-use app


  • It May take a bit longer to connect
  • Some US servers do not work

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3. NordVPN: Reliable VPN for Streaming in Canada

NordVPN for streaming

A reliable solution to fulfil your streaming demand, NordVPN is a powerful VPN qualifying in the top 3 of our list of best streaming VPN. It smoothly bypasses all the geo-restrictions in Canada that come its way and provides an exquisite streaming experience.

NordVPN has 5500+ servers collectively, with numerous of them spread across all the major streaming hubs like the US, Canada, Japan, Ireland, and more. And it doesn’t end there; they also have a pretty strict security protocol that guarantees smooth streaming and protected streaming. With its large number of NordVPN Netflix Servers dedicated in the US, you can watch American Netflix in Canada.

Upon our speed testing, NordVPN was amazing! All our neighbouring regions were streaming effortlessly in HD. But we did see quite a dip in its Australian VPN server, but that is because geographically it is quite away from Canada, and so the dip in speed is justified.

Connection Ping – ms Download Speed – Mbps Upload Speed – Mbps
Regular Speed 202 79.99 39.32
America 164 90.61 41.54
UK 192 92.62 42.44
Germany 206 81.39 38.64
Canada 272 79.46 41.34
Australia 201 87.28 55.70

The combination of 24/7 customer response, 30-day money-back guarantee, and providing 6 simultaneous connections gives NordVPN a cutting edge for streaming Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer via VPN from Canada.

Available Devices: Windows, iOS, Android TV, Linux, macOS, Android, Chrome, and Firefox.


  • Impressive VPN server count which unlocks all streaming platforms
  • Affordable price tag
  • Smooth lag-free streaming at all times
  • Available on all media outlets and devices


  • The desktop app can be a bit glitchy

Get NordVPN Now!Reliable VPN

4. CyberGhost: User-Friendly Streaming VPN

CyberGhost for streaming

Cyberghost, after a massive revamp in services, is back to breaking the internet with its amazing server count and strong security protocols for its customers. They have a good performance in unblocking the geo-restrictions, which brings them to number 4 on our list of best streaming VPN services for TV, movie shows, and more in Canada.

It has a versatile VPN server count of 6300+ in over 90 countries, which are spread across the US, Canada, UK, Japan, Ireland, Malaysia, and so on. It has come up with an intuitive interface and pre-configured setting, ideal for all beginners. And you won’t have issues with the speed either, as all our testing results have proved that CyberGhost works exceptionally well with all the major VPN servers.

Connection Ping – ms Download Speed – Mbps Upload Speed – Mbps
Regular Speed 202 80.99 40.32
America 144 79.61 42.54
UK 176 88.62 38.44
Germany 208 81.39 43.64
Canada 259 79.46 44.34
Australia 198 87.28 55.70

They are giving a 45-day refund guarantee and allow up to 7 simultaneous connections per account; CyberGhost also offers 24/7 live chat support. And it also offers free Chrome and Firefox extension with limited servers that work effectively well.

Available Devices: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, Fire TV, Routers, Gaming Consoles, and more.


  • Unblocks most of the top streaming platforms
  • Biggest VPN server bank
  • Free browser extension
  • 45-day money-back guarantee


  • Some servers do not work well
  • VPN connection drops at times

Get CyberGhost Now!CAD4.02/month for 2-year plan

5. PrivateVPN: Best VPN to Stream on iOS and Android

PrivateVPN for streaming

PrivateVPN is a great VPN to access any geo-restricted streaming service in Canada. It has 100+ servers in over 60+ locations and well-maintained, security-ridden protocols for the users. It offers high-speed unlimited bandwidth to its users to ensure streaming remains an effortless task.

Our speed testing with Private VPN remained super successful as we were able to achieve the best results altogether, US server did see a bit of a dip, but that was obvious since it is one of the most popular servers of them all.

Connection Ping – ms Download Speed – Mbps Upload Speed – Mbps
Regular Speed 202 80.99 40.32
America 144 79.61 42.54
UK 176 88.62 38.44
Germany 208 81.39 43.64
Canada 259 79.46 44.34
Australia 198 87.28 55.70

It offers affordable price packages to its customers along with a massive discount on all of them. Furthermore, 6 simultaneous connections per account and a 30-day money-back guarantee are always there for the user to avail.

Available Devices: Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS


  • Unblocks some prominent streaming platforms
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth
  • Super affordable price packages
  • Easy-to-use Android and iOS applications


  • Low server count
  • Speed is not consistent
  • Unable to unblock all the services

Why Do You Need a VPN for Streaming in Canada?

VPN is a necessity when it comes to streaming. If you reside abroad, then there is a 100% possibility that you are deprived of a ton of content across all the platforms. Moreover, if the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) notice that you are consuming an excessive amount of bandwidth due to streaming, they will limit your data.

And this is where a VPN comes in to save you from utter boredom while you vacation abroad, or just have the misery of living in a region where almost all the streaming platforms are geo-restricted.

A VPN acts as a virtual assistant that helps you cross the border virtually and let you stream services like HBO Max, Hulu, Disney Plus like you are present in their regions. It does so by masking your original IP address, replacing it with one from their server bank, depending on what region you select.

Moreover, through all this process, your identity will remain anonymous, and not only that but you will also be safe from hackers and spoofers who are out there to get your data hacked. All in all, it is a great technological tool that will keep your online browsing history, identity, and sensitive data safe from everything.

Features to Look For While Choosing the Best Streaming VPN working in Canada

In order to qualify in the list of the 5 best VPNs for any streaming service, one must be eligible for a required checklist. Not every VPN has the ability to fulfill all the requirements, so we have made things transparent as to what we are looking for in a VPN specifically for streaming because various services like Amazon Prime blocks VPN.

Listed below are some of the most critical factors that a VPN must have to qualify as the best streaming VPN in Canada:

  • Ability to access geo-restricted content
  • Super-fast download speed for buffer-free streaming
  • Strong security protocols
  • A strict no-logs policy
  • A variety of servers are available so you can access shows from anywhere.
  • Responsive customer support
  • Compatibility with major devices and software

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Can I Use a Free VPN for Streaming in Canada?

Team ScreenBinge does not recommend the use of any free VPN at all, and there are numerous reasons for it. Free VPNs are nothing but a sugarcoated hoax that robs people off of their personal information and identity, if the case is too severe, apart from that here are the following things that are the reason behind not using a VPN:

  • They barely work, with limited servers, most of the time they are unable to connect due to high traffic and forget about peak hours
  • These VPNs are unable to unblock many famous libraries and streaming services
  • They provide limited data which is barely enough
  • Their streaming speed is super low for streaming in HD
  • Free VPNs collect user data and sell it to third-party apps
  • They never ensure complete privacy and protection

VPNs to Avoid for Streaming Movies in Canada

Here’s a list of  VPNs that are not recommended for streaming movies in Canada.

  • Turbo
  • Hola
  • TunnelBear
  • OperaVPN
  • Unlocator
  • Browsec
  • Buffered
  • GetFlix
  • OverPlay
  • HideIPVPN
  • Blockless
  • AnonymousVPN
  • Betternet
  • BTGuard
  • Unotelly
  • VPNBook
  • IVPN
  • WorldVPNEarth VPN
  • Kaspersky Secure VPN
  • OneVPN
  • TigerVPN


ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming in Canada according to our testings and research.

Yes, if you want to access all the extra Netflix libraries, or want to get the best shows and all the geo-restricted streaming services in Canada, then getting a VPN is worth it all.

If you are looking for the best Netflix VPN working in Canada, then we would recommend you to get ExpressVPN, as it ticks all the right boxes.

All the major streaming services may require a VPN to unblock geo-restricted content and some of these are Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max in Canada. And they all easily unblock themselves with a premium VPN service.

ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN for streaming in Canada with a consistent speed that allows you to stream in HD on almost all streaming platforms. Including a lag-free session of live sports.

Final Thoughts

If you use a premium VPN,  it really does not matter if you live in Canada, you will be able to access your favourite shows on Netflix Libraries, HBO Max, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

The 5 Best VPNs for streaming VPNs in Canada that we have mentioned will bring a huge relief in your life by providing you with the best streaming experience of all time. If you face any issues or have any queries, then feel free to comment below, and we will get back to you.

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