How to Watch France Rugby World Cup Games 2023 in Spain? [All Live Matches]


Wondering how to watch France Rugby World Cup Games 2023 in Spain but facing geo-restrictions? Look no further than ExpressVPN, your ticket to unlocking the excitement of this quadrennial international rugby union championship.

The France Rugby World Cup Games 2023 promise epic clashes and thrilling moments, but unfortunately, you cannot access it in Spain due to geo-blockings. However, you can use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and stream Discovery Plus in Spain.

The France Rugby World Cup Games 2023 is set to be a battle of the Titans, featuring top rugby nations vying for supremacy. From the opening match at Stade de France to the nail-biting final, it’s a tournament you won’t want to miss.

Our blog is your ultimate guide, helping you watch France Rugby World Cup Games 2023 in Spain on Discovery Plus. So, read the complete blog for all the details on how to watch France RWC 2023 games. Let’s start!

How to Watch France Rugby World Cup Games 2023 in Spain? [5 Quick Steps]

You can watch France Rugby World Cup Games 2023 in Spain with the help of the below-mentioned easy steps:

  1. Get yourself a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the application of ExpressVPN on your device.
  3. Connect to the Dockland server.
  4. Open the Discovey+ site and log in to your account.
  5. Search and watch France Rugby World Cup Games 2023 in Spain.

Note: If you want to know how to pay for Discovery Plus, let us tell you that it’s quite easy. The Discovery Plus subscription cost is budget-friendly which means you don’t have to worry about it – unless you want the ad-free version.

Where To Watch France RWC Games 2023 in Spain?

You can watch France RWC 2023 games on Discovery Plus through TNT Sports. This premier broadcast partner offers an amazing streaming experience to Les Bleus RWC 2023 games, ensuring you won’t miss a moment of Rugby Union 2023.

Unfortunately, Discovery Plus Rugby World Cup 2023 is geo-restricted to the UK due to licensing issues. However, with the assistance of a VPN, you can effortlessly bypass these geo-restrictions. ExpressVPN will unlock the doors to Discovery Plus Rugby World Cup 2023, allowing you to access all the thrilling matches.

Simply activate ExpressVPN, check Discovery Plus pricing, and subscribe to Discovery+ or take advantage of Discovery Plus’s free trial period. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy Les Bleus Rugby World Cup 2023 in Spain.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the France Rugby on Discovery Plus 2023 – set up ExpressVPN and get ready to support your team!

Schedule of France RWC 2023 Games

The France Rugby World Cup 2023 is set to span a 28-day period, starting from September 8, 2023, and continuing until October 6, 2023. France will be competing in Pool A of the tournament, and you can find the detailed schedule in the table below:

Date Team B Location
September 8, 2023 New Zealand Stade De France, Paris
September 14, 2023 Uruguay Stade Pierre Mauroy, Lille
September 21, 2023 Namibia Stade Velodrome, Marseille
October 6, 2023 Italy Parc OL, Lyon

To access this schedule for the France RWC 2023 matches effortlessly, the ExpressVPN Discovery+ duo is your ideal solution. Download the ExpressVPN today to ensure you can enjoy this timetable and watch Live Rugby today in Spain.

Who is in the Squad of France’s Rugby World Cup 2023?

France has built a really good team for the 2023 Rugby Union games, and they’ve shared the names of 33 players who will be part of it. Out of these, 14 are backs, which includes the players who usually handle the ball a lot, and 19 are forwards, who are usually the strong guys in the team.

Check out the table below to see who’s on the squad:

Forwards Backs
Cyril Baille Antoine Dupont (captain)
Reda Wardi Damian Penaud
Sipili Falatea Louis Bielle-Biarrey
Dorian Aldegheri Melvyn Jaminet
Jean-Baptiste Gros Maxime Lucu
Julien Marchand Gabin Villiere
Uini Atonio Baptiste Couilloud
Peato Mauvaka Arthur Vincent
Gregory Alldritt Jonathan Danty
Charles Ollivon Thomas Ramos
Romain Taofifenua Matthieu Jalibert
Sekou Macalou Antoine Hastoy
Bastien Chalureau Gael Fickou
Anthony Jelonch Yoram Moefana
Thibaud Flament
Francois Cros
Paul Boudehent
Pierre Bourgarit
Cameron Woki

Who is the Best France Player in the Rugby World Cup 2023?

When it comes to the title of the best France player in the Rugby World Cup 2023, the consensus among rugby experts and avid fans points directly to Antoine Dupont.

In the world of scrum-half players, Dupont reigns supreme and is widely regarded as the finest in his position on a global scale. His exceptional skills, vision, and game-changing abilities make him the standout talent to watch within the French squad for the World Cup.

If you’re eager to witness Antoine Dupont’s mesmerizing gameplay, you can catch him in action by tuning in to the rugby on Discovery Plus 2023 using ExpressVPN.

France has an exciting lineup of four scheduled matches, and if they advance to the knockout stages, you’ll have the privilege of seeing Antoine Dupont’s magic unfold on the Discovery Plus rugby live. Don’t miss the chance to watch this rugby maestro in action!

How to Get Tickets for the Rugby World Cup France Games?

Getting tickets for the Rugby World Cup website can be a bit of a waiting game. The official Rugby World Cup website will open ticket sales on September 8, 2023, but initially only for games scheduled from September 13, 2023 onward.

It’s worth noting that popular seats are in high demand and are being snapped up swiftly, even for games scheduled after September 13, 2023. If you find it challenging to obtain tickets, don’t worry; there’s an alternative route to enjoy the rugby on Discovery Plus this weekend.

You can opt for a Discovery Plus free trial, which grants you access to all rugby matches. All you need to do is acquire ExpressVPN to unlock Discovery Plus geo-restrictions, enabling you to watch the France RWC 2023 games on Discovery Plus.

So, whether you’re in the stands or watching from your couch, there are options to ensure you don’t miss out on the excitement of the Rugby World Cup.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch France Rugby World Cup Games 2023 in Spain?

ExpressVPN is one of the best Discovery Plus VPNs to watch France Rugby World Cup Games 2023 in Spain – thanks to its fast speeds.

By utilizing ExpressVPN, you can conceal your IP address, effectively tricking the Discovery Plus servers into believing you’re a user from the UK. This trick enables you to watch France RWC Games 2023 Live outside UK on Discovery Plus.

But ExpressVPN doesn’t stop at bypassing geo-restrictions; it also offers top-notch security features, ensuring your online activities remain private and protected.

Moreover, it boasts impressive speeds and wide platform compatibility, making it a reliable and user-friendly choice for rugby enthusiasts eager to catch the action from their couch.

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch France Rugby World Cup Games 2023 in Spain

ExpressVPN is the ultimate choice, enabling you to watch France Rugby World Cup Games 2023 in Spain with a fast downloading speed of 89.38 Mbps.

ExpressVPN has an extensive network of over 3000+ servers across 94+ countries, including multiple server locations in the United Kingdom. This way you can easily watch the best Discovery Plus shows.


Get ready to watch France RWC 2023 matches in Spain with ExpressVPN!

Recommended Server: UK-Docklands

Compatibility is where ExpressVPN truly excels. It supports a wide range of devices, including Apple TV, iOS, Android, macOS, gaming consoles, Windows, and Firestick.

Regardless of your device, ExpressVPN ensures both privacy and accessibility, delivering a protected online experience while you enjoy shows like Ancient Empires.

ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer feature is noteworthy. It allows you to stream your desired shows on devices that typically don’t work with VPNs, ensuring you won’t miss a single moment of the action, whether it’s the Rugby World Cup 2023 or other content.

Beyond unlocking Discovery Plus, ExpressVPN broadens your entertainment horizons by providing access to other geo-blocked channels like Food Network, Lifetime Channel, Investigation Discovery, TLC, and History Channel.

When it comes to security and confidentiality, ExpressVPN is unmatched. It employs advanced features like Split tunneling, Kill switch, Camouflage mode, AES 256-bit encryption, and no-log policy to keep your online activities private and secure.

While ExpressVPN may have a slightly higher price tag than other VPNs, it offers exceptional value. Its plan costs only ES$6.29/mo (US$6.67/mo) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan).

Moreover, ExpressVPN places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. It provides 24/7 customer service and offers a risk-free one-month money-back guarantee.

France Rugby World Cup Games 2023

What Are Some of the other Sports you can Watch On TNT via Discovery Plus?

The following table showcases a diverse array of sports that you can enjoy on TNT through Discovery Plus in 2023. From rugby to football and beyond, there’s a wide range of sporting events to cater to various interests and passions, ensuring an exciting year for sports enthusiasts.


You can watch Rugby World Cup 2023 by simply changing your IP address using a trusted VPN service like ExpressVPN. This will allow you to bypass geo-restrictions and access the exciting rugby action from the comfort of your home.

Based on Rugby Vision’s algorithm, New Zealand emerges as the frontrunner, with a 33.5% probability of securing its fourth Rugby World Cup title. South Africa follows closely with a 26.2% chance, while France and Ireland are also contenders with probabilities of 20.6% and 11.9%, respectively.

Yes, the Rugby World Cup 2023 will be broadcast on Discovery Plus, offering comprehensive coverage of the tournament. While most matches are set to air on Discovery Plus, a handful of select games will be featured on Discovery Plus4 during the pool stages, ensuring viewers have a diverse array of options to catch the tournament.

You can watch the Rugby World Cup for free with the help of Discovery Plus’s free trial, which lasts for 7 days. This allows you to access the tournament’s thrilling matches and immerse yourself in the action without any charges.

Wrap Up

You can watch France Rugby World Cup Games 2023 in Spain with the help of a secure VPN like ExpressVPN.

France Rugby World Cup 2023 promises intense sporting excitement, but it’s geo-restricted. To catch every thrilling moment, a VPN is essential, and ExpressVPN is highly recommended for its exceptional unblocking capabilities.

Enjoy streaming!

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