How To Watch Discovery Plus On FireStick in France? [Complete Guide]


Does FireStick have Discovery Plus? Yes, you can watch Discovery Plus on FireStick in France & that too in an easy way. In this guide, we have included information on how to install the incredible Discovery Plus app on FireStick, which methods are used & how much is discovery plus subscription.

Discovery Plus is one of the giant streaming platforms worldwide with countless content titles. Viewers can watch some of the best shows on Discovery Plus like Hell’s Kitchen, Impractical Jokers, Ghost Hunters, etc.

Not to forget that while watching Discovery Plus in France, always use the best Discovery Plus VPN like ExpressVPN because the content is geo restricted outside the US. Otherwise, you will get an error like discovery plus not working.

Besides that, Discovery plus also offers two subscription plans; one is without ads costing US$4.99 a month & the other is with ads costing US$6.99 per month. Not to forget that there is an option of Discovery Plus free trial too. Also, you can easily get discovery plus on roku as well.

However, the platform only offers monthly based subscription plans and as Discovery Plus is user-friendly, it has made every process easy for its users, even if they intend to cancel discovery plus subscription.

How To Install Discovery Plus on FireStick in France? [Quick Guide]

To install Discovery+ on FireStick, you need to have a Discovery Plus account first. Additionally, Discovery Plus TV already supports the presence of FireStick through the Amazon store.

The users do not have to bear the burden of sideloading the app. Follow these steps to install Discovery+ on FireStick;

  • Visit the homepage & look for the Find > Search option.
  • A search bar will appear, write “Discovery Plus” & click it.
  • Then tap on the shown ‘Discovery‘ app.
  • Click on the download option.
  • Wait till it completes & then launch it.

There you go, you have installed Discovery Plus on FireStick in France successfully & now you can stream unique content anytime.

What are the Methods to Watch Discovery Plus FireStick in France?



There are two methods to watch Discovery Plus on FireStick. One is specifically for US-based users & the other is for those living outside the US.

The use of a VPN is a must for the latter to enjoy the maximum content on the Discovery+ streaming platform & not be restricted by the region. Besides, the subscription plan also varies with your region & the plan one opts for.

Here are the two methods to watch Discovery Plus on FireStick in France.

The subscription cost, however, for these methods varies according to the chosen plan or region.

How To Stream Discovery Plus on FireStick using Silk browser?

To stream amazing content on Discovery Plus anywhere in the world, you can opt for any subscription plan, browser, or VPN to have optimal access to the platform.

Talking about the browser, the Silk browser serves as the way to stream Discovery Plus for non-US users.

Here’s how you can use Silk Browser for Discovery plus login on FireStick:

  • On the FireStick Homepage; go to the menu and tap on Search to find the Amazon Silk Browser.

Search and download the Discovery+ app.

  • Wait till it completes, then open it.
  • Once downloaded, click accept all on ‘Terms & conditions’ options.

    Once downloaded, click accept all on ‘Terms & conditions’ options.

  • It will direct you to the URL bar.
  • Enter the link,
  • The Discovery Plus homepage will appear.
  • Enter your Login details & start watching.

Sign in to your Discovery+ account and enjoy!

Bear in mind to always use VPN in order to watch all kinds of the content presented on the platform.

Watch Discovery Plus on FireStick using the official app

To watch Discovery Plus FireStick, US users can use the official app, which is available on the Amazon app store on FireStick.

Follow the following steps to protect Discovery Plus in the US;

  • Visit the official FireStick Homepage; go to the menu, and using the search bar find Discovery+.
  • Click on the Discovery+ app from the given suggestions and download it.

    Click on the Discovery+ app from the given suggestions and download it.

  • Wait till it completes & then open it.
  • The Discovery Plus homepage will ask you to sign in.

    The Discovery Plus homepage will ask you to sign in.

  • Enter the needed information & there you go; you can now stream any content you want to.


To activate Discovery Plus on FireStick, follow these steps;

  • Connect FireStick to the device
  • Then search for ‘Discovery Plus’ on the Amazon Appstore on your device.
  • Download it & wait till it completes.
  • Then go to the ‘account’, which is at the lower left.
  • Enter the code you found in the Amazon app.

You have successfully activated Discovery Plus on FireStick.

No! Discovery Plus is a subscription-based streaming service. The platform offers two monthly subscription plans—one with ads & the other without.

However, you can go for the 7-day free trial period. So if you have hoped to get Discovery Plus FireStick for free then you can only get it free for its trial period.

Wrapping Up!

You have been wanting to watch your favorite Discovery Plus streaming Platform on FireStick to watch unique content and were wondering how to install discovery plus on FireStick in France.

This blog contains all the information you need about the streaming methods, subscription plan, and installation process of Discovery Plus FireStick. So save your time by reviewing all the possible information about watching Discovery Plus on FireStick. We have encapsulated everything that you have wanted to know so far.

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