How to Watch French Ligue 1 2023 in France on Hulu [Freemium Way]


Get ready for the excitement of French Ligue 1 2023, featuring 18 clubs in a compacted season. Grab ExpressVPN, and we’ll share the tidbits to watch French Ligue 1 2023 in France on Hulu.

Hulu has scored premium rights to broadcast French Ligue 1 2023 games, and with ExpressVPN as your best Hulu VPN, you can live-stream the games on Hulu in France.

French Ligue 1 2023 runs from August 12, 2023, to May 18, 2024, featuring 18 clubs competing in high-stake 306 matches.

Now let’s get down to the easy-step guide to help you watch French Ligue 1 2023 in France on Hulu and also to cover reasons about why we recommend ExpressVPN as the best.

How to Watch French Ligue 1 2023 in France on Hulu? [5 Quick Steps]

Here are five easy steps to set up a VPN and watch French Ligue 1 2023 in France on Hulu:

  1. Get ExpressVPN, a trusted VPN.
  2. Install its app and sign in.
  3. Connect to a US server, preferably New York.
  4. Visit Hulu + Live TV website or sign in through the app.
  5. Kudos! You can now watch Ligue 1 in France.

Note: To pay for Hulu, you can use a US-based credit/debit card or get Hulu gift cards.

Where can I Watch French Ligue 1 2023 in France?

Hulu + Live TV is where can you watch Ligue 1 in France. It comes at affordable tiers, and if you’re curious, there’s a 7-day free trial to explore its offerings, free. Once you’re through the freebie, you can choose the Hulu price to continue.

Hulu + Live TV now offers a 3-month deal at $49.99/month, saving nearly $30/month compared to the upcoming $76.99/month rate after October 12. Seize this limited-time offer to enjoy French Ligue 1 2023 and more on Hulu + Live TV.

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How can I Watch French Ligue 1 2023 in France for Free?

To watch French Ligue 1 2023 in France on Hulu free, you can take advantage of Hulu free trial offer.

Hulu offers a convenient free trial period that allows you to get Hulu without ads or the need for an immediate paid subscription.

Furthermore, if you want to spice up your free trial experience, you can explore Hulu promo codes, offering special discounts for sports fans on a budget.

But if you’re overseas and just can’t figure out a way to watch French Ligue 1 2023 in France on Hulu, use ExpressVPN. That’s where to watch Ligue 1 for free.

When is the Ligue 1 2023 Starting?

The Ligue 1 2023/2024 season has started on 12th August 2023 and will conclude on Saturday, 18th May 2024.

Which Teams are Relegated to Ligue 1 2023?

In the 2023 season, the relegated teams from Ligue 1 to Ligue 2 were Auxerre, Ajaccio, Troyes, and Angers.

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What is the Format for the 2023 Ligue 1?

The format for the 2023 Ligue 1 season involves 18 clubs competing in a reduced 34-round season, down from the previous 38 rounds, resulting in a total of 306 matches in the schedule.

Which Teams are Playing in French Ligue 1 2023/24

In the French Ligue 1 2023/24 season, the following teams are competing:

Le Havre
Stade de Reims

How Many Games Do Teams Play in Ligue 1?

In Ligue 1, each of the 20 teams competes in a total of 38 games throughout the season, facing all other teams both at home and away to determine their rankings and success in the league.

You can watch French Ligue 1 2023 in France on Hulu, using ExpressVPN, as your go-to VPN.

French Ligue 1 2023 Important Games

Here are some important matches for the 2022-2023 French Ligue 1 season:

Match Date
Paris Saint-Germain – Olympique de Marseille Sunday 24 September 2023
Stade Rennais FC – Paris Saint-Germain Sunday 8 October 2023
Olympique de Marseille – Olympique Lyonnais Sunday 29 October 2023
RC Lens – Olympique de Marseille Sunday 12 November 2023
LOSC – Paris Saint-Germain Sunday 17 December 2023
RC Lens – Paris Saint-Germain Sunday 14 January 2024
Olympique Lyonnais – Olympique de Marseille Sunday 4 February 2024
Olympique de Marseille – Paris Saint-Germain Sunday 31 March 2024
Paris Saint-Germain – Olympique Lyonnais Sunday 21 April 2024

What are the Upcoming Games & Full Calendar of Ligue 1?

This year promises high-stakes French Ligue 1 games. Check the table below for upcoming Games & Full Calendar of Ligue 1:

Date Time Home Away
Sunday 17th 19:45 Home 1 Away 2
Sunday 17th 19:45 Home 3 Away 4
Friday 22nd 20:00 Home 5 Away 6
Saturday 23rd 16:00 Home 7 Away 8
Saturday 23rd 20:00 Home 9 Away 10
Sunday 24th 12:00 Home 11 Away 12
Sunday 24th 14:00 Home 13 Away 14
Sunday 24th 14:00 Home 15 Away 16
Sunday 24th 16:05 Home 17 Away 18
Sunday 24th 19:45 Home 19 Away 20
Tuesday 26th 20:00 Home 21 Away 22
Friday 29th 20:00 Home 23 Away 24
Saturday 30th 16:00 Home 25 Away 26
Saturday 30th 20:00 Home 27 Away 28

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Who is the Ligue 1 top scorer this season?

Kylian Mbappe from Paris Saint-Germain is the top scorer in French Ligue 1 with 29 goals, followed by Alexandre Lacazette from Olympique Lyonnais with 27 goals.

Here are the Clubs that Got Promoted to Ligue 1:

Metz and Le Havre are the clubs that got promoted to Ligue 1 for the 2023/24 season. Metz as runners-up and Le Havre as winners of Ligue 2.

How to Buy Ticket for Ligue 1 2023?

Purchase official Ligue 1 2023 tickets hassle-free through P1 Travel with guaranteed seats together!

What are the Predictions for Winning Ligue 1 2023?

Paris Saint-Germain is the likely victor of Ligue 1 in 2023, a consistent trend for the powerhouse team in recent years.

Who Won Ligue 1 2022/23?

Paris Saint-Germain emerged as the victors of Ligue 1 for the 2022/23 season. Can’t wait to see the next champion? Get ExpressVPN to watch French Ligue 1 2023 in France on Hulu.

How Much Does League 1 Winner Get?

The winner of Ligue 1 takes home a substantial prize, with the title coming with a handsome reward of around 20 million euros. Scroll up for how to watch Ligue 1 in France with ExpressVPN.

What Makes ExpressVPN the Best VPN to Watch French Ligue 1 2023 in France on Hulu?

ExpressVPN is your top choice to enjoy French Ligue 1 2023 in France on Hulu, thanks to its blazing-fast speeds and expansive network spanning 94+ countries, promising high-quality streaming.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch French Ligue 1 2023 in France on Hulu?

With the fastest servers in the VPN market, ExpressVPN reigns supreme as your top choice to watch French Ligue 1 2023 in France on Hulu at 89.78 Mb/s speed.

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French Ligue 1

What Else You can Stream besides French Ligue 1 2023 in France on Hulu?

Here are some popular picks you can watch on Hulu other than French Ligue 1 2023:


You can watch French Ligue 1 on Hulu + Live TV, and if geo-restriction has you worried, subscribe to ExpressVPN.

Ligue 1 generated varying amounts of money over the years, with the lowest net income being 159 million euros during the 2017/2018 season.

No, Ligue 1 is no longer considered a top 5 league, as Primeira Liga has taken its place in the rankings.

Wrapping Up

The thrill of French Ligue 1 2023-24 began on August 12, 2023, promising an exciting season with 18 clubs, including newcomers Havre AC and FC Metz. Snap out of geo-restrictions, and watch French Ligue 1 2023 in France on Hulu with our guide.

For an exhilarating French Ligue 2023 experience, ExpressVPN is recommended. It unlocks borderless streaming, ensures privacy, and offers 24/7 support!

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