How to Watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer in South Korea [For Free]


Most of people nowadays are wondering that “Where can I watch Magpie Murders UK?” But fret not, You can now watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer in South Korea with the help of ExpressVPN and enjoy binging it at any time!

Do you remember those days when you would switch on the telly and the climax part was running on BBC and you would be all thrilled to watch the show but equally confused about its back story? Now, all you need to do is connect to the BBC iPlayer and follow all your favorite shows from the start and you can even watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer in South Korea!

Even though BBC iPlayer was way ahead of its time with its launch in 2007, it has become widespread amongst viewers from the UK and even the ones who want to watch BBC iPlayer in South Korea with the growing need for digital entertainment.

Let’s dive into this spectacular Murder Mystery and unlock more secrets that will help us access not only this but other shows like Would I Lie to You? , Happy Valley, An Irish Goodbye, Parole, and Safe Haven all available on BBC iPlayer.

How to Watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer in South Korea [Quick Steps]

All geared up to watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer in South Korea? Just follow these simple steps and unlatch the gate to a world full of entertainment.

  1. Join a trustworthy VPN (Recommended: ExpressVPN)
  2. Install the VPN app on your smartphone or computer after downloading it.
  3. Join a UK server; Wembley is a good choice.
  4. Access Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer after logging in.
  5. Enjoy the show and stop worrying about connectivity or encryption issues!

We can assure you that ExpressVPN is one of the best BBC iPlayer VPNs.

Where and when can I Watch Magpie Murders?

If you typed in this “Magpie Murders tv series where to watch” and got redirected to this website then surely you have come to the right place. You can now watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN even if you are in South Korea.

Do you know why BBC iPlayer is the best choice for you? Because it is free of charge! Although you might need a UK TV license which can cost £159 per year or £13.13 per month.

You can also watch the series on BBC’s channel BBC one if you want to try out other options.

When was Magpie Murders released?

Even though Magpie Murders has been released on BritBox on the Feb of 2022, BBC has recently aired the first episode on BBC One and premiered it on BBC iPlayer, and the Magpie Murders tv series release date is the 1st of April,2023.

Now, you don’t have to be worried if the Magpie Murders tv series BBC has been released or not, you can enjoy the first season and get ready for another season of solving mysteries all set to take off in 2024!

How many episodes of Magpie Murders are there?

The Magpie Murders tv series consists of 6 episodes all sequenced in such a way that makes the viewer want to know more about the story and keeps on hitting ‘Next’.

What is Magpie Murders all about?

Magpie Murders is a captivating murder mystery with a solution that will both surprise and shock viewers. The plot revolves around the character Susan Ryeland, an editor who finds herself with an unfinished manuscript of an author named Alan Conway. She has no clue about how this novel will change her life forever.

When Alan goes missing, it is assumed he might be murdered. However, what’s bothersome is that it is exactly in the way he has written in his unfinished novel.

Magpie Murders is originally based on Anthony Horowitz’s best-selling novel in which Lesley Manville and Tim McMullan bring life to their characters as an editor who becomes a novice private investigator Susan Ryeland and a world-famous detective Atticus Pünd.

Who is in the cast of Magpie Murders?

The main characters in this series are Lesley Manville and Atticus Pünd who are set off to solve this mystery even if one of them is an amateur at doing this and the other is a world-renowned investigator.

Let’s take a look at the Magpie Murders cast:

Cast Character
Lesley Manville Susan Ryeland
Tim McMullan Atticus Pünd
Conleth Hill Alan Conway
DI Chubb/DS Locke Daniel Mays
Claire Rushbrook Katie Williams
Michael Maloney Charles Clover
Alexandros Logothetis Andreas Patakis
Matthew Beard James Fraser/James Taylor
Harry Lawtey Robert Blakiston
Nia Deacon Joy Sanderling
Pippa Haywood Clarissa Pye
Dorothy Atkinson Lady Frances
Danielle Ryan Alice
Nathan Clarke Freddy
Karl Collins Jack Whiteley
Sir Magnus Pye Pye Lorcan Cranitch

Is there a trailer for Magpie Murders?

Of course! The nerve-racking trailer is put in place to draw your attention toward the confusion and let you read between the lines for what this whole drama stands for. Take a look at this trailer before you watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer in South Korea.

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to Watch Magpie Murders in South Korea on BBC iPlayer?

ExpressVPN can be highly satisfying when you try to watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer in South Korea because its ultra-fast speed of 92.26 Mbps on average makes it an unforgettable experience for you and your family.

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You can download the app on Linux, macOS, Android, Windows, IOS, and FireOs and enjoy the binge party on up to 5 devices simultaneously!

All of this in just $6.67? That too with a 30-day money-back guarantee? We kid you not, this is absolutely true! Once you get ExpressVPN, you’ll never want to delete BBC iPlayer.


The Story of Magpie Murders has been rated 7.5 stars out of 10 on IMDB.

Even though it seems so realistic that it motions its viewer to dwell on the plot as if they were living it, it is still a recreation of a novel written by Anthony Horowitz.

This plot is based on the novel written by Anthony Horowitz which tells a story within a story itself. He has carefully articulated the story to keep the reader as well as the viewer hooked until the very last scene because it gives no hope to the audience as they try to put the pieces together.

Wrap Up

Now that you are eligible to watch Magpie Murders on BBC iPlayer in South Korea with the help of our most reliable ExpressVPN, feel free to enjoy your free time while watching more series like these on demand.

Have fun watching the Magpie Murders abroad and don’t forget to thank us for giving you this awesome hack to access your favorite entertainment sections from all over the world!

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