How To Watch Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer


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One of the UK-based online streaming platforms that have made us all giddy about is BBC iPlayer, but its access in Netherlands is restricted. A VPN subscription is compulsory for streaming BBC iPlayer in Netherlands.

Hamza Yassin: Strictly Birds of Prey on BBC takes you on an unimaginable wildlife journey to explore and inquire about the birds of prey in Netherlands. The host, Hamza, is fond of aves, and his love for birds always precedes anything else.

From white-tailed eagles to cuddling buzzards to Peregrine falcons, the documentary Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey has more than you expected. Has your curiosity risen to another level? If yes and are screaming to follow this Aves lover, you must understand the blog that is coming ahead of you to guide how to watch Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer!

How to Watch Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer? [Quick Steps]

The fever of birds’ craze has gripped your intentions? Watch Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer with the assistance of a credible VPN after employing the following quick step guide:

  1. Sign up for an instant unblocking VPN, like ExpressVPN.
  2. Install its complementary app on the device.
  3. Connect to an active and fast UK server, primarily the Docklands server.
  4. Go to the official webpage for BBC iPlayer and sign in.
  5. Get ready to watch Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer.

Thankfully, you have achieved the milestone of earning the access that has kept you awake, so watch Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey in Netherlands with ExpressVPN and enjoy to the fullest.

Where can I watch Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey for free?

You can only watch Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey Online Free on BBC iPlayer. No other streaming channel will give you such feasibility of accessing your favorite shows without spending a single penny.

Just directly access what you want without having to think BBC iPlayer free trial after drawing a line between geo barriers attacking your browsing activities through ExpressVPN.

In this way, you can stream Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey on BBC iPlayer for free without having been burdened by the substantial BBC iPlayer cost. Take a moment and stream content of BBC Parliament, BBC Bitesize, and Politics live once you get ample time from other priorities.

In addition to BBC iPlayer, BBC One has been subjected to broadcast the streaming of this preying birds chronology but be mindful of BBC One’s schedule, subscription, and access details. If you don’t want to investigate further, the wise decision is always to begin streaming with BBC iPlayer.

When to Watch Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey on BBC iPlayer?

Stream Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey on BBC iPlayer in Netherlands from Sunday, 24 September 2023, and enjoy what the exciting and informative show is about. The fantastic Birds of Prey TV series will commence at 7 pm, so you better be there on time.

In other news, from 7 pm onwards, you can stream the much-hyped and anticipated BBC1 Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey on 24 September 2023.

Once you subscribe to BBC iPlayer, you can enjoy Live Sports events from anywhere, and that too, for free using ExpressVPN.

Who is Hamza on Strictly?

Hamza Yassin Strictly Come Dancing 2022 contestant, took the badge of the winner of the Strictly Come Dancing Series and, therefore, has gotten some favorable perks.

He received the opportunity to present a documentary on BBC related to their area of expertise, which he took immediately.

And just a few months after his victory, we can see him hosting his bird documentary with some of Britain’s most impressive raptors.

What does Strictly Hamza do for a living?

Hamza, by profession, is a wildlife photographer and presenter and captures the beauty of Mother Nature and its inhabitants like no other. To pursue his dreams, he moved to the Scottish Highlands when he was young and embarked on a journey to grow into a wildlife photographer.

He loves to ride a motorbike and also has a keen interest in competing in the Highland Games as a time hobby. When you watch Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey Online with a VPN, you will learn more about Hamza’s traits, personal interests, etc.

Why does Hamza focus on Birds of Prey?

Strictly’s Hamza is on to another winner with his wildlife journey as he seizes the opportunity to host a documentary illustrating his photography skills to demonstrate birds of prey. He chose birds of prey as these birds have always gripped his interest since childhood.

Their beauty, intelligence, and power have always interested him, and therefore, he most likely wants to amaze the British population by portraying the same through his picturesque and lifelike documentaries and pictures.

Is Hamza a Wildlife Photographer?

Yes, Hamza is of British origin, and by profession, he is a TV presenter and wildlife cameraman best known for his tremendous work in Ranger Hamza on CBeebies, the 2022 winner of Strictly Come Dancing, and Countryfile on BBC One.

As you meet Hamza Yassin in his upcoming documentary, you will come across that his passion for birds is escalating daily. As a skilled ornithologist, he owns much wildlife knowledge, which he has shared multiple times on many British-oriented TV channels.

Is there any Glimpse available for Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey?

If you would like to witness how Hamza Yassin soars to new heights in Strictly Birds of Prey, you just glue your eyes right onto the screens as Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey release date has already passed just a few days ago.

Before you begin with your uninterrupted streaming, the trailer below will share some of the picturesque glimpses of the wildlife;

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What Content can I watch on BBC iPlayer?

Figuring out what to watch on BBC iPlayer? Take our help and glimpse into the following table to get an answer:

Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey


Not only was Hamza always in front of the camera, but he has gained a reputation for standing cameramen too. Besides, he has also been called on shows like Animal Park and Countryfile because of his diverse knowledge of wildlife.

Jowita Pryzstal has been identified as Hamza’s dancing partner in the dancing show “Strictly Come Dancing” that aired on BBC iPlayer.

Hamza, being the winner of the dancing show “Strictly Come Dancing,” won a massive amount of £100,000 and the winner’s trophy.

Wrap Up

ExpressVPN is the only credible and user-friendly VPN that has shaken the globe due to its far-end capabilities of unblocking content with terrific speed, which is why you can stream for hours your favorite obstructed channels.

So what’s taking you so long to acquire access to watch Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey in Netherlands on BBC iPlayer.

If you have any cats around, stream this firing bird’s show in their presence to tease them a bit!

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