How to Watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 in New Zealand?

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For all horror fans, Kindred Spirits is one of the most famous shows, and now they are rolling with season 7. So you must be wondering how to watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 in New Zealand.

However, you can watch this thrilling reality show on Discovery+ but not in New Zealand due to Discovery Plus licensing terms, which focus on regional shows more than international ones.

But worry not! To watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 in New Zealand you need a VPN service like ExpressVPN to unblock Discovery Plus from New Zealand.

ExpressVPN tick marks all the checkboxes for fast streaming of your favorite show or movie. For the all-new Kindred Spirits Season 7, don’t miss out on the horror and get a VPN to enjoy high speed.

How to Watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 in New Zealand – Easy Steps

All you need is a capable VPN service, and voila, you can easily stream Kindred Spirits season 7 in New Zealand. Follow the steps below to set up a VPN and to watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 in New Zealand:

  • Download a trusted VPN (Our recommendation will be ExpressVPN).
  • Check for a suitable plan and purchase it.
  • Connect to high-speed USA servers. (recommended  server: New Jersey-1)
  • Go to Discovery Plus and log in with your ID.
  • Search For Kindred Spirits and enjoy thy streaming.

Note: You can also read about how to get Discovery+ free trial for some extra savings.

Where Can I Watch Kindred Spirits Season 7?

You can easily catch the latest season of Kindred Spirits on the Discovery Plus Channel or streaming platform. However, the problem is that it is only available in the US.

If you want to watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 on Discovery+ in New Zealand, then all you need is ExpressVPN to unlock your favorite show even in New Zealand.

Using a VPN you can access Kindred Spirits Season 7 on Discovery+ from New Zealand.

When is Kindred Spirits Season 7 Coming out On Discovery Plus?

Kindred Spirits Season 7 documentary release date is 20th Jan, 2023, on your home and streaming screen only for US citizens.

However, if you are not a US citizen, there is no need to worry, as this article has covered how to watch Kindred Spirits season 7 in New Zealand.

You can check out the Discovery+ price from here.

What is The Kindred Spirits Season 7 on Discovery+ About?

Kindred Spirits is a paranormal investigation and documentary series that airs on the Discovery Channel and is also available to stream on Discovery Plus.

The plot of Kindred Spirits Season 7 follows paranormal investigators and demonologists Amy Bruni and Adam Berry as they help families and individuals experiencing paranormal activity in their homes or businesses.

Each episode follows the investigators as they try to identify the source of the paranormal activity, conduct interviews, and research, and work with the affected individuals to resolve their paranormal experiences.

The show is known for its suspenseful and often emotional storylines, as the investigators try to understand and address the supernatural events that are occurring.

Who are in The Kindred Spirits Season 7?

Following are the names of the Kindred Spirits Season 7 cast:

  • Amy Bruni – Host
  • Adam Berry – Host
  • Chip Coffey – Host
  • Greg Newkirk – Haunted Object Expert
  • Dana Newkirk – Haunted Object Expert
  • John E.L. Tenney – Occult Expert

Are All The Kindred Spirits Seasons available on Discovery Plus?

Kindred Spirits is one of the most reputed and longest-running shows on discovery plus, which has been running for 7 seasons now.

Unfortunately, not all of the seasons are available on Discovery Plus. You can catch the latest one on Discovery Plus.

Is there a Trailer for Kindred Spirits Season 7 on Discovery+?

As of now, there is no trailer available for the Kindred Spirits Season 7 trailer. We will update you as its trailer comes in the market.

Why is ExpressVPN the Best VPN to Watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 in New Zealand on Discovery+?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN available on the market to watch Kindred Spirits season 7 in New Zealand, with a download and upload speed of nearly 89.42 Mbps.

There are a total of 3000+ servers in 94+ countries globally. Among those 95 locations, 25 are in the US, ensuring you get the fastest servers in the region.


We used the New Jersey-1 server to unblock Discovery+ and it worked!

Recommended Server: New Jersey, Dallas, Chicago

All of the ExpressVPN servers are highly efficient and fast; however, the specific servers of New Jersey, Dallas, and Chicago provide you with the most speed and latency.

However, make sure to avoid the Atlanta server, as it has the lowest latency and speed.

The most important part of ExpressVPN is its lightning speed, which lets you stream Kindred Spirit without any buffer. It provides nearly 89.42 Mbps download and 84.64 upload speed.


ExpressVPN speed test results

If you think you can only get access to discovery Plus via ExpressVPN, you are in for an amusing surprise.

As ExpressVPN allows users to access a wide range of content worldwide, including popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.

Further, it uses the MediaStreamer DNS server for devices which doesn’t support the VPN app and allow users to watch Kindred Spirits season 7 on Discovery+ in New Zealand.

ExpressVPN costs only a mere NZ$11.17/mo (US$6.67/mo) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan) on a yearly plan.

It encrypts users’ internet traffic, which helps to protect their privacy and security while streaming. ExpressVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so users can try the service risk-free and get a refund if they are not satisfied.

So if you want to experience an internationally acclaimed show, then subscribe to the preferred method.


Kindred Spirit is a documentary-based series that follows the main hosts, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, on their paranormal adventures; hence, there is no information about directorial credit.

Kindred Spirits is one of the most acclaimed and watched tv series on Discovery. It has a huge fan following worldwide and is worth your time.

There will be a total of 10 episodes in Kindred Spirits Season 7. Get a VPN and enjoy it from New Zealand on Discovery+.

Wrap Up

In the end, if you want to experience the real thrill of America’s haunted houses. Then get the preferred ExpressVPN subscription and dive right into Kindred Spirits season 7 on Discovery Plus.

Do you remember when is kindred spirits season 7 coming out? It is on the 20th of January 2023. So, don’t miss out on the bumper offer at ExpressVPN and watch Kindred Spirits Season 7 in New Zealand now!




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