How to Watch Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 in New Zealand


Do you want to know how to watch Season 2 of Mayor of Kingstown in New Zealand? The television show will soon be available on Paramount Plus. The Mayor of Kingstown season 2 premiere can be easily viewed in New Zealand with a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Not only has Paramount+ revealed the debut date for Mayor of Kingstown S2, we know what to expect from the Mayor of Kingstown season 2 premiere trailer. The series is all set to return now as the first episode premieres on January 15, 2023. There goes all your confusion about the Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Premiere release date.

Sadly, the platform is regionally restricted and you need to take the help of a Premium VPN to watch Mayor of Kingstown season 2 premiere in New Zealand. Even though Paramount+ is available in a handful of countries, you’ll have to connect to a US server to access Paramount Plus in New Zealand and watch this Original crime thriller.

Check out the easiest steps to watch Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Premiere on Paramount Plus here:

How to Watch Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 in New Zealand – Easy Steps

Here are the easy steps to watch Mayor of Kingstown season 2 in New Zealand:

  • Get an ExpressVPN subscription, our preferred VPN for streaming.
  • Download the app and install it.
  • Connect to a server in the US. We recommend the New York server.
  • Go to the Paramount Plus website, sign in, and stream Paramount Plus Mayor of Kingstown Season 2.

Where Can I Watch Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 in New Zealand?

Mayor of Kingstown is exclusive to Paramount+, so that’s where you can watch each new episode in New Zealand. There’s no news on the number of Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episodes, but the first season had 10. You can even catch up on the first season on Paramount+ and freshen up your memory before the second season releases.

You can access season 2 of Mayor of Kingstown via the Paramount+ app, which is available on the app stores of your smartphones/tablets or through a connected TV such as Apple TV or Roku. Not just this, the streaming platform can be accessed through the official website or subscribed to through other platforms like Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, or The Roku Channel.

You can watch all the number of seasons of Mayor of Kingstown season 2 exclusively on Paramount+ but you need a premium VPN subscription like ExpressVPN to bypass the geo-restrictions.

When is Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Coming on Paramount Plus?

The Mayor of Kingstown season 2 release date is January 15, 2023, on Paramount Plus. Co-created by Hugh Dillon and Taylor Sheridan, you have a lot to expect from the Mayor of Kingstown’s second season.

The season finale ended with an aggressive prison riot, and the cast had to deal with immense loss and chaos. With Season 2 right around the corner, you can start your Paramount Plus free trial and watch the first episodes for free.

What is Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 About?

Mayor of Kingstown is about the McLusky family, led by Renner’s Mike, who will be focused on throughout the second season. We’ll see what they’re up to as they negotiate the intricacies of the criminal justice system and occasionally take matters into their own hands.

The drama is set in Kingstown, Michigan, where the prison system is the only growing business. The Mayor of Kingstown looks at institutional racism, corruption, and unfairness. The show shows how the McLuskys try to bring stability and justice to a town that doesn’t have either.

However, the plot of Mayor of Kingstown season 2 will have twists and turns to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Who are in the Mayor of Kingstown Season 2?

Most of the actors from the first installment will reprise their roles in the second season of Mayor of Kingstown. We can only speculate on the Mayor of Kingston season 2 cast since there’s no official confirmation,

Here’s the Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 cast that might be on the show this time:

  • Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky
  • Lane Garrison as Carney
  • Dianne Wiest as Miriam McLusky
  • Tobi Bamtefa as Deverin ‘Bunny’ Washington
  • Gratiela Brancusi as Tatiana
  • Taylor Handley as Kyle McLusky
  • Aidan Gillen as Milo Sunter
  • Hugh Dillon as Ian
  • Hamish Allan-Headley as Robert
  • Emma Laird as Iris
  • Derek Webster as Stevie

How Many Episodes Does Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Have?

So far, the number of episodes on Mayor of Kingstown season 2 is one, but Paramount Plus will provide more details as we head to the premiere. Whatever the case, we’re in for a treat because there’s so much to unravel in the coming season.

But to access Mayor of Kingstown season 2 in New Zealand, you require a VPN subscription!

Is There a Trailer for Mayor of Kingstown Season 2?

Yes, there’s a Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 trailer, showing the implications of the season one finale. Here’s the official trailer for Mayor of Kingstown season 2.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 in New Zealand?

ExpressVPN is by far the best VPN to watch Mayor of Kingstown season 2 in New Zealand because it expands your content library and elevates your streaming experience without buffering issues.

The VPN has more than 20 server locations in the United States and 3000+ servers in 94+ countries for streaming Paramount Plus and geo-blocked platforms like Hulu, HBO Max, and American Netflix.

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ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Paramount+ as it lets you watch Originals like the Mayor of Kingstown in HD.

In addition, the MediaStreamer Smart DNS feature allows streaming on any device. However, a VPN is no good if it slows down your connection, but that’s something you’ll never experience with ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN delivered 92.26Mbps download speed and 89.45Mbps upload speed on a 100Mbps network.


ExpressVPN speed test results on our 100Mbps connection speed.

The unblocking and speed tests confirmed that ExpressVPN works with Paramount Plus.

The VPN has apps for Linux, Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS. A single ExpressVPN account lets you connect five devices at once. If you were thinking how many people can watch Paramount Plus at once, then you should be excited to know that you can connect to ExpressVPN simultaneously and stream on up to three devices at the same time.

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Paramount Plus has yet to announce the number of episodes for the second season of Mayor of Kingstown. So far, Paramount Plus has released information about a single episode, but it’s important to note that the first season had 10 episodes.

The first season of Mayor of Kingstown was filmed in Brantford and Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The Kingston Penitentiary at 560 King St. W. in Kingston is where most of the filming took place.

The Mayor of Kingstown season 2 filming locations include Erie and Pittsburgh. Production began in June 2022 and wrapped up in October.

Wrap Up

Now you’re all set to watch Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 in New Zealand. As Paramount+ is region-restricted due to content distribution policies, you need to sign up for a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN and choose one of the Paramount Plus pricing plans.

Luckily, the 7-day free trial lets you enjoy the episodes and you even have the option to cancel Paramount Plus subscription. So even if you’re anywhere in New Zealand, you’ve got nothing to worry about and start streaming without getting the Paramount Plus not working error.

It’s time you stop asking is mayor of Kingstown based on a true story and get all prepped to find it out yourself on Jan 15.

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