Paramount Plus Not Working With VPN in NZ? [Easy Hacks]

Paramount Plus has a rigid protocol against proxies and personal VPNs. You must be wondering ‘why is Paramount Plus not working with VPN in NZ?Well, this service is geo-restricted to US audiences. It can scan two-bit, dodgy VPNs and block them.

When you try to stream Comedy Central or Nickelodeon via Paramount Plus you will get the following error message on-screen: “Paramount+ is coming soon.”

Paramount Plus is the ultimate video-on-demand service for US and Canadian audiences. It is owned by Viacom CBS. It features popular TV channels such as BET, CBS, and MTV to watch Paramount Plus TV shows and Paramount Plus movies.

You can enjoy TV show titles such as Star Trek: Discovery, The Twilight Zone, and even the reboot of Nickelodeon classic iCarly right here on Paramount Plus.

Paramount Plus is not available for viewers in New Zealand due to licensing agreements. To get past its geo-block, you will need a premium VPN. We believe ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Paramount Plus live streaming in NZ.

Why Paramount Plus not working with VPN in NZ?

Paramount Plus is limited to the US and Canada region and requires a powerful VPN for streaming from other regions. If Paramount Plus not working with VPN in NZ service you purchased, it is likely that Paramount Plus has blacklisted your IP address and the server.

Stick around for our troubleshooting tips on how to get Paramount Plus working again with VPN in NZ.

Paramount Plus not working with VPN in NZ? [Troubleshooting Tips]

If Paramount Plus not working with the VPN in NZ that you subscribed to, it is likely that the VPN was detected by the Paramount Plus app and has been blacklisted. However, you can still try these fixes to make Paramount Plus work:

Clear browser data: You can start off by clearing browser data, such as cookies, session data, meta-data, and the locally stored data on your browser. This does not work on the free VPN for Paramount Plus.


Clear your cookies and cache.

Switch to a different server: Try connecting to a different US server. A server that provides a truly dedicated IP address and lower latency.


Switch to a new USA server like Washington or Chicago!

Switch VPN protocol: Make sure that your chosen VPN has multiple protocols to switch to. You can try switching those in case Paramount Plus not working with a VPN.

Consult VPN’s customer care: If Paramount Plus not working with the VPN you chose, you can try consulting customer care on the VPN website. They can potentially devise a solution. This does not work on the free VPN for Paramount Plus.

Re-install the VPN: VPN client apps usually glitch-up and stop working. Re-installing the VPN app might tweak the VPN to work.

Get a different VPN: If the aforementioned fixes do not work, try a new VPN with Grade-A encryption. Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN Paramount Plus.

Why does Paramount Plus detect my VPN?

Paramount Plus detects and blocks foreign viewers because it has signed a rigorous content distribution agreement with Desilu Productions that limits the broadcast and airing of Paramount Plus content outside of the American market segment.

This is a marketing tool devised by streaming platforms and content-producing agencies to curb supply and demand. It is also a piracy measure against bootlegging and end-user piracy.

To watch Paramount Plus with a VPN you will need an industry-class VPN that can frequently devise or randomize a new IP address for your online activities.

You can try ExpressVPN Paramount Plus to tune in to Nickelodeon. You can also learn Paramount Plus cost before subscription.

How Paramount Plus blocks VPNs?

Paramount Plus detects VPN with the help of DPI technology that identifies trends in internet activity and the IP meta-data. In case Paramount Plus not working with the VPN you pay for, it is likely that the VPN is black-listed.

Paramount Plus not working with VPN in NZ – FAQs

You can spoof your location via a GPS spoofing tool like a well-encrypted personal VPN network. We recommend ExpressVPN which can counterfeit your IP address against Paramount Plus’s geo-restriction in NZ. Sign up using a US credit card to get Paramount Plus free trial.

Yes, Paramount Plus is region locked in New Zealand. Kiwi’s are short of numerous content libraries. To bypass the region lock you will need a VPN plug-in.

ExpressVPN is your ultimate remote control to stream US-based streaming networks such as Sling TV and Paramount Plus. It is available for a discounted price of NZD10.53 ($6.67)/month and comes with a 30-day risk-free refund policy. A reliable VPN like ExpressVPN makes it easy to unblock Paramount Plus NZ.

You must be wondering “why is Paramount Plus not working in NZ in 2022?” Well, Recently, Paramount Plus video streaming servers have been reportedly crashing down. Binge-watchers have been receiving Paramount Plus error codes such as, This web page is not available“.

Some of the viewers have received even bizarre errors such as “Premium (monthly)“. Paramount Plus has acknowledged the crash reports and is working on resolving them.


Paramount Plus is a Viacom CBS-owned video-on-demand service comprising channels such as Nick. Jr. CBS, MTV, and BET. It is geo-blocked to US and Canadian viewers. A VPN can disband the geo-block and let you do Paramount Plus live streaming of Comedy Central in HD.

If Paramount Plus not working with VPN in NZ you picked, you can try out our fixes and catch up on your favorite shows, easily. To watch your favorite programs on Paramount Plus we suggest you ExpressVPN. It is the best VPN for Paramount Plus.

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