What’s the Best Stan VPN in Canada of 2022? [100% Workable]


If you are struggling to get Australia’s biggest deal in entertainment, you are probably wondering “Can you use a VPN with Stan in Canada?” With the best stan VPN, you can successfully enjoy the best TV shows and best Stan movies on Stan in Canada and elsewhere around the world.

Even though Stan is geo-restricted content, you can watch its binge-worthy content in Canada using the best VPNs for online streaming.

Stan is amongst the best streaming services that hail from Australia, boasting a commanding library of hit shows, blockbuster movies, kids’ shows and original productions. Some of its trending shows include Poker Face, Transfusion 2023, Poker Face, Love Triangle and, Bump.

It is such a bummer that, if you are traveling or reside in Canada, you’ll not be able to watch your favorite content on Stan. As hinted above, Stan is a geo-restricted service that you’ll need to use a VPN service to access.

We have listed the best 3 VPNs that you can subscribe to and get started right away.

What are the Best Stan VPNs in Canada? [Quick Overview]

Each of our Stan VPNs is optimized differently in an endeavor to be the best VPN for Stan streaming in Canada. ExpressVPN flaunts the fastest servers while NordVPN bags the bragging rights for the most extensive network. Surfshark’s’ incredible deals cement it on our top VPN for Stan list.

Here’s a quick overview of exceptional services that will provide a worthwhile streaming experience.

  1. ExpressVPN – The best VPN for watching Stan in Canada because it offers download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.64 Mbps.
  2. Surfshark – The pocket-friendly Stan VPN that costs as low as CA$3.33/mo (US$2.49/mo) (83% Off on 2 Years Plan).
  3. NordVPN – The Stan VPN with the largest server network of 5310+ servers in 59+ countries.

Why Do I Need a VPN to Watch Stan in Canada?

Owning to copyright agreements, territorial licensing prohibit Stan from broadcasting beyond Australia. To abide by the regulations, Stan uses tracking tools which can identify your exact location by examining the IP address of the device you are using.

So if you are trying to access from a region in Canada; you’ll see this error:

Sorry, we couldn’t log you in.

Stan is not available in your region. If you are inside Australia but are using a VPN, please turn your VPN off and try again.

If you require access to your account, jump onto help.stan.com.au and get in touch with our support team.

(Error code: L8)


Using the right VPN, you can stream Stan in Canada. A VPN service with servers in Australia can help you get around the geo-trackers by assigning you an Australian IP address which replaces your original IP address.

With the new Australian IP address, you will get past the geo-trackers and watch your favourite shows on Stan, as it will appear as if you are in Australia.

What are the Best VPNs for Stan in Canada in 2022? [Indepth Analysis]

Choosing the right VPN for steaming Stan in Canada can be an uphill task. To save you precious time, we’ve narrowed down an initial list of 50 VPN services to the best 3 VPNs for Stan in Canada based on speed, affordability, and server presence. Here we go.

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to watch Stan in Canada in 2022

ExpressVPN offers the fastest option to watch Stan from anywhere as recorded by its 89.32 Mbps of download speed when running on an internet connection of 100Mbps.

There are 3000+ servers in 94+ countries. Out of these, you can connect to either one of its 5 Australian servers in five different locations and access Stan in Canada.


We opted for the Brisbane server and unblocked Stan!

Recommended servers: Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth.

During our test, ExpressVPN delivered crisp images devoid of buffering or lagging. We recorded an impressive download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.64 Mbps on a 100 Mbps internet.


ExpressVPN giving phenomenal speed!

We recommend the Brisbane server with which we recorded these amazing numbers. However, the Adelaide server was the slowest among the 5 servers and should be avoided.

ExpressVPN’s smart DNS usually referred to as a MediaStreamer feature, makes it easy to connect streaming devices that naturally aren’t compatible with VPNs.

For mainstream devices, you can download ExpressVPN’s app and install it on your Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS. You can also get Stan on Firestick, game consoles, Roku and Smart TVs.

When online, your privacy and security are ensured by ExpressVPN’s powerful AES 256-bit key encryption alongside the Lightway protocol. Other features include Camouflage mode, an automatic kill switch, Trusted Server Technology, a no-log policy, and DNS/ IP leak protection.

There is an ongoing ExpressVPN deal that allows you to get a 49% discount. This deal comes in an annual subscription package that offers three extra months for free at an average of CA$8.91/mo (US$6.67/mo) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan).

You can try ExpressVPN hassle-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows for a full refund should you not be satisfied.

Get Stan with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation

Surfshark: Budget-Friendly VPN to get Stan in Canada in 2022

Surfshark prices almost earns it the best free VPN for stan title. Incredible discounts start with a 12-month subscription at a monthly average of CA$3.33/mo (US$2.49/mo) (83% Off on 2 Years Plan). A 24-month package which is a big steal deal!

Surfshark has a network of more than 3200+ servers in 65+ countries. There are five Surfshark servers in Australia that you can access and unblock Stan wherever you may be.


We opted for the Perth server and unblocked Stan instantly!

Recommended servers: Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide.

During our tests on 100Mpbs of internet connection, Surfshark’s Sydney server was impressive with a download speed of 88.18 Mbps and an upload of 80.13 Mbps. We recommend this server


Surfshark speed test was mind-blowing!

The Melbourne server though wasn’t quite as fast and you should avoid it.

Besides the amazing price tags, Surfshark has an outstanding feature that allows it to offer an unlimited number of multi-connections. That means you can connect all your devices that operate on Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and gaming consoles.

Surfshark also works with routers, Roku, Smart TVs, and Chromecast.

Despite the low prices, Surfshark maintains robust security with an IKEv4 protocol, Bypasser, clean web, DNS/IP leak protection, and a Multi-hop feature. Any surveillance is thwarted by the impregnable AES 256-bit key encryption which provides extra fortification.

You can subscribe and exploit Surfshark’s 30-day money-back guarantee policy that allows you a full refund should you opt out.

Get Stan with SurfsharkPocket-Friendly VPN

NordVPN: Largest Server network for Stan in Canada

NordVPN flaunts one of the largest networks of servers for unblocking Stan from anywhere in the world. It has over 5310+ servers in 59+ countries worldwide. Out of these, there are 190+ servers in 5 locations in Australia.


We opted for Adelaide server and unblocked Stan immediately!

Recommended servers: Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth.

On a 100Mbps connection, NordVPN produced an impressive download speed of 86.39 Mbps and an upload speed of 82.86 Mbps. These speeds were efficient for a buffer-free HD streaming experience.


NordVPN speed test results!

We readily recommend the Adelaide server for its fast connections. Conversely, it’d be best to avoid the Sydney server being too slow for comfort.

NordVPN has an app for Android, Linux, Windows, iOS, and macOS devices. This allows you to catch Stan on iPads, iPhones, Android Smartphones/Tablets, Laptops, and Smart TVs. NordVPN allows for a simultaneous connection of up to six of these devices.

It is also compatible with Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV, Wi-Fi routers and Smart TVs.

NordVPN takes your security seriously as attested by the 256-bit AES encryption which is further fortified by the Nordlynx protocol, DNS leak protection, and an automatic Kill Switch. NordVPN has a strict no-log policy that assures your online privacy.

You can subscribe to either one of the 3 packages offered by NordVPN. The best one comes in a complete 2-year + three months for free at an average of CA$4.4/mo (US$3.29/mo) (Save 60% on 2-year plan). You’ll also get 1 TB of encrypted cloud storage free.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee policy that lets you sample these features at no risk.

Get Stan with NordVPNLargest Server Network

CyberGhost: Reliable VPV for Stan in Canada

CyberGhost is the most reliable VPN you can use to unblock Stan in Canada in 2022. The VPN comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee and has the most distinctive unblocking capabilities, enabling you to access a wide range of channels from Australia, including Stan.

The VPN has 6000+ servers in 88+ countries, making it one of the VPNs with the most servers worldwide. The huge number of servers enables you to access geo-blocked content in various countries, including Australia.


We did some speed tests on CyberGhost servers and got a downloading speed of 75.12 Mbps, while the upload speed was 39.48 Mbps. These are still incredible speeds for streaming content online from abroad.


Speed test results of CyberGhost

To enhance your streaming, CyberGhost comes with various features, including AES 256-bit encryption and unlimited bandwidth to improve your streaming. Other features include a dedicated IP, Wi-Fi protection, and ad and tracker blockers. This ensures that your security online is not compromised and your data is safe from hackers.

While the VPN comes with three subscription plans, you can pay for the one-year plan, which costs CA$3.68/mo (US$2.75/mo) (Save 79% on 1-year plan).

CyberGhost works with various streaming devices, including Smart TVs, PCS, Smartphones, Tablets, and gaming consoles. You can also use it on various operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.

Watch Stan with CyberGhost45-day money-back guarantee

IPVanish: Secure VPN for Stan in Canada

IPVanish is the most secure VPN to unblock Stan in Canada. It is among the most trusted VPNs, comprising several security features to protect your identity online. Besides this, the VPN allows unlimited simultaneous connections, enabling you to share your account with family and friends.

We used IPVanish to unblock Stan in Canada, and the connection was pretty good. We managed to unblock the channel almost instantly.


IPVanish has 2000+ servers in 75+ countries, including the Australian servers, making it among the best VPNs you can use to unblock Stan from wherever you are.

We tested the IPVanish servers, and the speed was quite good, enabling us to unblock geo-blocked content without buffering issues. The download speed was 54.26 Mbps, while the upload speed was 31.40 Mbps on a 100Mbps connection.


Speed tests of IPVanish

The VPN has several features, including a chat support system, 24/7 customer support, a kill switch, and 256-bit AES encryption. It also works perfectly on various streaming devices, including Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, PCs, and Smart TVs. You can also use it on major operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, etc.

You can get IPVanish for CA$0/mo (US$/mo) (Save 70% on 1-year plan) on its long-term package!

How to Select the Best VPN for Streaming Stan?

Not Every VPN can successfully unblock Stan in Canada. Some VPNs may not have the necessary technical capacity to achieve this. So if you are wondering which VPN is best for stan, the following factors can help with your deliberation.

Has servers in Australia

Stan is based in Australia so it makes sense to find a VPN service that has consistent servers in Australia. This will allow you to watch shows on Stan whenever you unblock Stan in Canada by connecting to a VPN that has servers in Australia.

The servers should bear robust features to bypass the toughest geo-trackers deployed by tough-to-crack streaming services such as HBO, Netflix, Hulu, and the rest. Our shortlist comprises the most effective VPNs that are consistent on every popular streaming service.

Fast Servers

The faster the servers the better the streaming experience. Fast servers will allow you to stream in HD quality without buffering or lagging images. We tested the servers on our list to ensure your streaming experience is nothing like watching paint dry.

Multi-platform support

Streaming on multiple devices can make for a great experience, especially in a family. The servers that we have shortlisted offer at least five simultaneous connections under a single subscription. Not having to make multiple subscriptions for your devices also help you save.


The best Stan VPN should offer solid security and enhance privacy. The VPN services on our list have measures to safeguard your online presence. Some features that attest to this include the trusted AES 256-bit key encryption and an independently audited strict no-log policy.

Which VPNs are not able to bypass Stan completely?

While you’ll find a myriad of VPNs in Australia, most of them are not able to bypass Stan’s geo-restrictions. Below are some VPNs services that we ran into during our tests and could not unblock Stan.

Hoxx VPN: Hoxx VPN is a hoax when it comes to Stan VPNs. It offers a free plan but it’s not worth it. During our tests, it failed miserably in unblocking Stan. Worse still, it has a data retention policy which means it records your data for law enforcers of consumer brands.

Hola VPN: Hola VON is a free VPN service with its headquarters in Israel. During a recent scuffle between its owners, it became apparent that this VPN service has shady deals for making money. This is a clear warning that you should refrain from its services

Does Stan have the ability to block VPNs?

No, Stan cannot block VPNs from operation as it doesn’t have authorization. What it can do though is block an IP address from a VPN server to prevent access to its library. If you find your connection failing, try to;

  1. Switch to a different server in case your current connection suffers interruptions.
  2. Get an Updated version of your app.
  3. Switch devices.
  4. Delete history and clear cookies.
  5. Upgrade to a premium service.

FAQs – Best Stan VPN in Canada

Yes, VPN use in Australia is legal. However, using it to access Stan from in Canada it’s against T&Cs but it’ll never get you in trouble. Besides, with a top-notch VPN service, it’s only you who’s privy to your connection.

Yes, ExpressVPN works magically to unblock and stream Stan from anywhere in the world.

No, most free VPN servers in Australia lack the ability to successfully unblock and stream Stan in Canada without experiencing buffering and lagging images. More worryingly, free VPNs cannot ensure your privacy as they don’t have Key features to encrypt your data and protect you from surveillance. Moreover, free VPNs leverage your data information with consumer brands for kickbacks placing your privacy on the line.

No, Stan is a geo-restricted streaming service and its services are unavailable to users in Canada. If you want to get Stan in the USA, you will have to use the best Stan VPN. How much is Stan? Stan cost begins with its basic package for CAD9.17 (AU$10) a month. It allows streaming or downloading on a single device. The Standard package provides HD streaming and downloading on 3 connected devices for CAD14.67 (AU$16) a month. However, you can get the best experience for CAD19.25 (AU$21) a month with Stan Premium. It offers multiple connections of 4 devices and 5 devices to download on. Subscription to either one of these packages comes with a Stan free trial of 30 days. Within this period, you can cancel Stan and get a refund.

Wrap Up!

Stan lists some commanding titles in Movies, TV shows, Kids’ shows, and original series. Unfortunately, if you are in Canada, this binge-worthy content is not available.

Thankfully, with a Stan VPN, you can bypass the geo-restrictions and enjoy your favorite shows and movies on Stan from anywhere. However, finding the right VPN for the job can be strenuous due to a large number of purported streaming-optimized VPN servers.

In this article, we have divulged the best Stan VPNs in Canada so you can waste no time unwinding on Stan’s captivating content.

Streaming on a reliable VPN service such as ExpressVPN will allow you to get crisp HD videos free of interruptions on a highly secured connection.

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