How To Watch Gray Season 1 in Germany on Paramount Plus


Attention viewers! A new season is coming on your favorite streaming platform in 2023, and luckily with our guide, you ‘watch Gray Season 1 in Germany on Paramount Plus‘ you can watch it from anywhere using the finest ExpressVPN.

This title is limited in Germany since it is a part of Paramount+ Canada library; so a secure VPN is necessary to avoid geographical constraints and gain access to Paramount Plus Germany.

This spy thriller is about Cornelia Gray, a CIA spy and a suspected traitor who has been hiding for 20 years, trying to escape government authorities. This new story on Paramount will bring a good adventure to your ‘watch list.’

Get all other details about the Gray season 1 episode, Gray season 1 summary, Gray cast, and most importantly, where to watch Gray season 1 in Germany. Keep scrolling and discover all you need to enjoy this amazing show using the best ExpressVPN.

How to Watch Gray Season 1 in Germany on Paramount Plus – (Quick Guide)

Here’s a quick guide for how to watch Gray Season 1 in Germany on Paramount Plus via a VPN:

  1. Subscribe to a trusted VPN service (ExpressVPN).
  2. On your streaming device, install the VPN.
  3. Connect with a US server (New York is suggested).
  4. Access the Paramount Plus website and log in to your account.
  5. Begin streaming Gray Season 1 easily now on Paramount+.

Please note that in mind that Paramount Plus Canada is a subscription. As a sign-up bonus, new customers receive a free trial of Paramount Plus for 7 days.

Where can I Watch Gray Season 1?

Gray season 1 is available on the Paramount Plus Canadian Library; however, there is a minor problem: you cannot access this title in Germany due to the channel’s geo-restrictions imposed on regional libraries.

You can easily overcome this issue using the recommended VPN for streaming Paramount Plus, ExpressVPN, to bypass this hurdle and enjoy Grey season 1 complete episode.

The reason why we have recommended this platform is Paramount Plus price options are reasonable, and you can select as per your streaming needs. The new subscribers, in fact, can watch Gray season 1 in Germany on Paramount Plus with a 7-day free trial as a welcoming gesture.

While you finish Gray Season 1 episodes, you can browse for more best shows and movies on Paramount Plus to add to your watch list. If you are confused, you can visit the Paramount+ official website to find out how many people can watch Paramount Plus at once (FYI, it’s three) or the limit of separate users per profile.

At this point, your Gray Season 1 where-to-watch query has been solved. No more waiting; get your subscription now.

What is the release date of Gray Season 1?

Gray Season 1 is coming on Paramount Plus from September 11, 2023, so we suggest you stay prepared with your subscriptions so that you won’t miss any chance to be among the first viewers of this amazing show. If you love thrillers, this series is definitely for you!

What is the plot of Gray?

Gray season 1, in a nutshell, is about a woman, Cornelia Grey, a CIA spy, who has emerged after 20 years of successfully hiding from government authorities who accused her of being ‘disloyal’ or a ‘traitor.’

Unfortunately, to save you from all the spoilers, this is all the information we can give you about the Gray season 1 plot. But, when you will watch the season, we bet you will enjoy the suspense it holds.

What is the Genre of Gray?

Gray is going to bring amazing thrill for the viewers as this season is going to be purely based on the Thriller genre. And if you enjoy watching such type of content, then it’s good news that the show is already available on Paramount+.

But we recommend that you read our complete guide to watch Gray Season 1 in Germany on Paramount Plus using ExpressVPN so you aren’t bothered by geo-blocking errors.

What is the Cast of Gray?

To bring out the best in the show, this season’s cast has performed at their best. Scroll down and find out the amazing Gray season 1 cast in the table listed below;

Actor/Actress Role played 
Patricia Clarkson Cornelia Gray
Rupert Everett Tagg
Wendy Crewson Gold
Shawn Doyle Chase
Jamaal Grant Abbott
Lydia West Sara Beckham
René Escobar Jr. David
Arya Delikanli Rose
Vitali Makarov Basov
Igor Shamuilov Russian Thug
Dale Whibley Ben Gray
Frank J. Zupancic Grizzled Russian
Jonathan Kim George Liang
Mikhail Bronnikov Russian Thug #2
Christian Schepis Russian Teen
Tim Rozon Rousseau
Stefanie Drummond Connors
Nathaniel Bacon Marine
Benjamin Sutherland Andy Westcott
Fiona Highet Tessa
James Collins Ramos
Oksana Zilinskas Elizabeth Susko
Stu Arthur Young Burke Gorham
Rahul Suri Background
Liam Siebolt Prisoner 4
Glenn Edward Gyorffy Prisoner #1
Jordan Heron Prisoner #3
Pierre Duong Old Man at Storage

How many Episodes of Gray are there?

It has been announced that there will be 8 episodes total in the first season of Gray. Further, you will have to wait a little for more details.

Number of Episodes Name of Episodes Release date Quick review
Gray Season 1 Episode 1 Homecoming TBA TBA
Gray Season 1 Episode 2 Gold TBA TBA
Gray Season 1 Episode 3 Abbott TBA TBA
Gray Season 1 Episode 4 Tagg TBA TBA
Gray Season 1 Episode 5 Mother of Mercy TBA TBA
Gray Season 1 Episode 6 Chaos TBA TBA
Gray Season 1 Episode 7 Three Buckets TBA TBA
Gray Season 1 Episode 8 The Birthday Party TBA TBA

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Gray Season 1 in Germany on Paramount Plus

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Watch Gray Season 1 in Germany on Paramount Plus with ExpressVPN!

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What else can I watch on Paramount Plus besides Gray Season 1 ( El primero de nosotros )

Wondering what to watch once you’ve completed your Paramount subscription? This weekend, check out some of the best episodes and movies available on Paramount Plus.

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Bayern vs Man United
AFC Champions League
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Wrap Up

If you have read the blog completely, you have all the information you need to watch Gray season 1 in Germany on Paramount Plus, available on Canadian library, and released on 12th September 2023.

We’ve also provided the best VPN, ExpressVPN, which is always available to assist with accessing any geo-restricted website, including Paramount Plus. Access to every website will be easy and quick if you connect to the right VPN server.

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