Epix Now Not Working With VPN in Hong Kong? [Easy Hacks For 2023]


Epix Now brims with the latest movies such as Rogue Heroes, Trial By Fire, Black Rain and many more. However, during Epix streaming, you may encounter geo-block errors that will leave you wondering, “why Epix Now not working with VPN in Hong Kong?”

Since Epix Now is exclusively accessible in the United States, it restricts VPNs because it lacks the rights to transmit its programs globally. Therefore, the errors you encounter when using a VPN to access Epix Now indicate that the streaming service has banned your VPN’s IP address.

This post will explain every aspect of EPIX Now, how you can watch Epix in Hong Kong using the best VPN for Epix Now, and several solutions you can carry out to overcome Epix Now not working with VPN in Hong Kong.

Why is Epix Now not working with VPN in Hong Kong?

If you cannot access Epix live streaming with your VPN because you keep getting error messages, this indicates that the streaming provider has banned the IP address that your VPN has provided you.

Epix Now restricts access to VPNs because it does not own the rights to broadcast its programming globally. It is not accessible anywhere else other than in the United States.

If you access Epix movies from outside of these countries while using a VPN, you run the risk of Epix Now violating copyright and license agreements. The Epix streaming service may incur penalties for the violations.

To avoid this scenario, Epix Now prevents users from connecting to its service via virtual private networks (VPNs).

Epix Now not working with VPN in Hong Kong [Troubleshooting Tips]

To resolve the issue of Epix Now being inaccessible when using a virtual private network, please follow the procedures below.

Delete cookies


Clear your cookies and cache.

Users are often given the option to accept or deny cookies when visiting a website. These little files are used to make your browsing experience more efficient, but they also save information about you, such as your location.

If you have accepted cookies on Epix Now, the streaming platform may pinpoint your location even if you use a VPN client. Additionally, your access will be denied if your area is determined to be in Hong Kong.

This might be one of the causes why Epix Now is not working with your VPN. Begin by deleting your cookies to fix the issue.

Switch to a new USA server


Switch to a new USA server like Washington or Chicago!

If Epix Now not working with VPN in Hong Kong issue persists after clearing cookies, Epix Now may have blocked your VPN connection based on your IP address. In that case, you need to obtain a new US IP address by switching servers.

Because of its limited capabilities, Epix Now can only prevent you from using the VPN service by blocking the IP address it gives you. The fact that it has banned your present IP address does not necessarily indicate that it has blocked all of the VPN’s IP addresses.

VPNs typically provide access to thousands of IP addresses, so even if one doesn’t function properly with Epix Now, another will.

Uninstall and reinstall your VPN App

You could have unintentionally downloaded an error disrupting the program if your VPN abruptly ceased functioning with Epix Now. Reinstalling your VPN app is an effective technique to solve these problems.

This guarantees that you are using the most recent version of your VPN, which includes any malware upgrades that may be available. Additionally, it ensures that the program will be reinstalled from scratch, erasing any faults or bugs that may have been introduced during the previous installation.

In instances of your Epix Now app not working correctly, uninstalling and then reinstalling the program will fix the problem.

How does Epix Now block VPNs?

Epix Now prevents users from connecting to VPNs using the following primary methods:

  • Most people use their VPN’s ability to provide them with a new IP address as the primary method. Since there is a greater demand for VPN services than available IP addresses, customers often share IPs.
  • Only a few devices typically share an IP address in a single household. As a result, Epix Now blocks VPNs when it detects countless simultaneous connections from the same IP address.
  • To detect whether you are using a VPN, Epix Now examines WebRTC, DNS, and IP leakages.
  • In conjunction with GeoIP databases like Maxmind, Epix Now locates users’ IP addresses. If the IP address your VPN gives you is listed in one of these databases, Epix Now can determine your location and prohibit your access to the service.

Epix Now Not Working With VPN in Hong Kong – FAQS

If your existing Epix Now VPN does not function with Epix Now, consider upgrading to a more powerful VPN. ExpressVPN is our top choice. Besides, you can address this issue by switching VPN sites or deleting your cached data.

Legal access to Epix Now is restricted to the United States and its territories. It employs geo-blocking technology that bans people from outside the United States from Epix streaming. If the IP address reveals that the user is located in Hong Kong, access to Epix Now is denied or restricted.

Since free VPNs for Epix Now are unlikely to mask your online presence, you can use reputable VPNs such as NordVPN and Surfshark VPN to circumvent geo-restrictions. However, the best VPN for Epix Now in Hong Kong is ExpressVPN because of its incredible speeds and excellent security measures.

Wrapping Up

You can never get enough of Epix streaming, but geo-restrictions make accessing it in Hong Kong impossible without a VPN. If you are an entertainment addict presently residing in Hong Kong, you must utilize a good VPN to view your favorite Epix Now content.

In case you run into problems with Epix Now not working with VPN in Hong Kong while you are streaming, our easy fixes will see you through all Epix Now not working with VPN issues. Hence you’ll no longer wonder, ‘why is Epix Now not working in Hong Kong in 2023′.

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