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Do you get hooked on murder mystery documentaries? Well, what if I say I have great news for you? Netflix is coming up with its most awaited series The Devil on Trial based on Arne Cheyenne Johnson’s murder trial.

Are you excited to watch The Devil on Trial in India On Netflix but want to know how to watch Netflix in India? Well you can stream The Devil on trial Netflix, releasing on October 17th 2023 with a VPN.

But how? A VPN bypasses geo-restrictions imposed by the streaming platform. Hence, you can enjoy The Devil on Trial streaming anywhere in the world.

Let’s uncover how you can watch The Devil on Trial online with a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Watch The Devil on Trial in India On Netflix [Quick Steps]

Follow these quick and easy steps to watch The Devil on Trial in India On Netflix;

  1. Download a reliable VPN (We recommend ExpressVPN for uninterrupted streaming).
  2. Subscribe to the package that fits your budget.
  3. Quickly navigate USA servers and connect.
  4. Head to Netflix and login.
  5. Search The Devil on Trial Movie.

Here you go! You are all set to enjoy The Devil on Trial live streaming without doing much!

Where to Watch The Devil on Trial?

The Devil on Trial watch online on Netflix to discover the infamous murder mystery. To all the people living in India, you can watch The Devil on Trial in India on Netflix with the help of a VPN.

The crime documentary is an original Netflix series and is a paid streaming platform. Therefore, you need a subscription to stream the documentary. Netflix Subscription Cost is around $15.49 / month (standard without ads package). You can navigate other package options to find which suits your budget.

New users can get the 7-day Netflix free trial before purchasing the subscription. In any case, if you are not satisfied, find out how to Cancel Netflix Subscription.

Why We Need VPN to Watch The Devil on Trial in India On Netflix?

We need a reliable VPN to watch The Devil on Trial in India On Netflix because Netflix is a geo-restricted platform. It is only accessible in specific Netflix Available Countries. So, if you are planning to The Devil on Trial watch online free, get yourself a VPN.

Following strict geo-blocking guidelines, Netflix restricts users in India to stream geo-specific content. You will either get blocked or receive an error notification every time you try to access the content.

A VPN is an easy getaway to watch geo-specific content without being caught by the platform’s IP Address tracking system. So, grab your subscriptions and watch The Devil on Trial on Netflix with your friends.

You can also watch Best Series on Netflix, such as Perfect Match, Dynasty, Sweet Magnolias, Destinated With You, Manifest, and Virgin River.

What is the release date of The Devil on Trial?

The Devil on Trial Netflix release date 2023 is 17th October. The documentary will be available for viewers on the same day. Ever since the documentary was announced, fans are anticipated to watch the old murder mystery. The Devil on Trial IMDb rating is already above 6.0 pre-release.

So, if you are planning to watch it, get ready for ultimate horror chills.

What is the Plot of The Devil on Trial?

The plot of the Netflix movie is based on the murder that happened in February 1981. It is also known as “Devil Made Me Do It.” In the 1981 murder case, Arne Johnson (murderer) killed his landlord, Alan Bono, after a heated argument.

His family and paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, claimed that he was possessed by demons. They claimed that he did not commit murder on his own, the devil made him do that.

The documentary will feature interviews with people who were closely involved in the case. It will also showcase the events leading up to the murder and the demonic possession claim.

However, there was no concrete evidence to prove demonic possession in a court of law.

Who is in the Cast of The Devil on Trial?

The cast of The Devil on Trial includes the following actors;

Arne Cheyenne Johnson (Himself)
Susannah Spearin as Lorraine Warren
Victor Serfaty as Ed Warren
Raine Van Elsacker as Alan Glatzel
Foster Hamilton as David Glatzel
Adam Hunt as Arne Cheyenne Johnson
Kathy Rupcic as Judy Glatzel

Is there any trailer for The Devil on Trial?

Yes, the trailer of The Devil on Trial is available on YouTube and Netflix site. The Devil on Trial Netflix release date trailer was a week before the premiere. The makers gave a sneak peek into the show with The Devil on Trial Netflix release date season 1.

So, brace yourself for the dark documentary releasing on 17th October only on Netflix.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch The Devil on Trial in India On Netflix?

Planning to watch The Devil on Trial in India On Netflix? ExpressVPN is the Best streaming VPN for Netflix with an extensive server network, blazing-fast speed, and satisfied customers. Let’s find out its outstanding features;

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch The Devil on Trial in India On Netflix

ExpressVPN is the top-tier choice to watch The Devil on Trial in India On Netflix. Having an extensive network of over 105 countries in 3,000+ servers, it provides users the freedom to access the entertainment world. You can connect to various locations within the US, such as Atlanta, Dallas, New Jersey, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, etc.

ExpressVPN offers a hero feature called Smart MediaStreamer technology, which allows you to simultaneously connect up to 5 devices under a single subscription. Isn’t it mind-blowing? This means you can enjoy series and shows on multiple devices with your friends and family.

Adding to the appeal, ExpressVPN offers impressive download speeds, hitting a lightning-fast 89.42Mbps even on a 100Mbps internet connection. While testing the speed, we watched the latest season of “Survivor” on Paramount Plus outside the USA. It took only a few minutes to unblock and play the season.

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With ExpressVPN, you can unblock various popular streaming platforms, including Hulu, ABC, Peacock TV, Amazon Prime, Paramount, and more. Moreover, it is compatible with different devices (macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux).

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What else to watch on Netflix in India?

While using the best VPN like Express VPN, here are some awesome recommendations to watch on Netflix.

The Devil on Trial in India On Netflix.


Yes, the documentary based on Robert Johnson is on Netflix. It is called ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads. The documentary was released in 2019 on Netflix for the fans..

It is a murder-mystery and dark-crime documentary. It unfolds the brutal murder that happened in the past. The film is a blend of reenacted scenes and actual footage, creating a scenario that enhances the tension and fear in the story.

The Devil on Trial Netflix 2023 documentary is directed by Chris Holt. He is quite famous for re-making dark and intriguing reality-based movies.


Have you heard of the upcoming Netflix dark murder documentary? Are you thrilled to watch The Devil on Trial in India On Netflix, releasing on 17th October? Well, outsiders can’t stream Netflix because of geographical barriers and policies.

So, what to do? You can watch the series online with a VPN. It will bypass all geo-restriction for you by assigning you a US IP Address. ExpressVPN is the best VPN service provider that offers reliable performance.

Get the subscription at a 49% limited-time discount with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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