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Whether you are a football, soccer, or golf fan, you can enjoy coverage of your favorite sports events on Paramount Plus. To watch sports on Paramount Plus in South Korea, you will need a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN because of geo-restrictions imposed on the streaming site.

A VPN will help you watch Paramount Plus in South Korea by hiding your IP address and spoofing your location.

A Paramount Plus subscription will ensure you don’t miss out on big games from your favorite leagues, and this guide will show you how. If you are wondering, how to watch sports on Paramount Plus in South Korea hassle-free.

A Paramount Plus subscription will ensure you never miss thrilling matchups like Portland Thorns vs. San Diego Wave FC , Rolex United States Grand Prix Chicago and other big games from your favorite leagues.

How to Watch Sports on Paramount plus in South Korea – [Quick Guide]

To watch sports on Paramount Plus in South Korea you must use a premium VPN –ExpressVPN. Here’s how to watch sports on Paramount Plus with 5 quick steps:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN service (Recommended: ExpressVPN).
  2. Install the VPN on your streaming device.
  3. Open the VPN app and connect to a US server (Recommended: New York server).
  4. Visit Paramount Plus and choose Live TV from the menu.
  5. Watch sports on Paramount Plus in South Korea!

Note: You need a US Paramount+ subscription to watch sports on the streaming platform. If you are a new customer, you can also enjoy your favorite sports with a Paramount Plus free trial for a period of 7 days.

Paramount Plus Sports Channels

Paramount Plus Sports Channels offer a range of live and on-demand sports events streaming for sports enthusiasts who are unable to watch the games through cable. You can get Paramount Plus live sports channels through monthly and annual subscriptions so check out the Paramount Plus pricing plans and pick your preferred package.

In case you are wondering how many people can watch Paramount Plus at once, a single subscription supports up to three simultaneous streams. Before getting a Paramount Plus subscription, we recommend you go through the Paramount Plus review and learn why a Paramount+ subscription is worth it.

On Paramount Plus sports channels you can stream popular leagues like NHL, NFL, PGA, College Football MLB, PGA Tour Golf, and more. In case you are wondering, is Fox on Paramount Plus, Paramount Plus does not have Fox. So what sports channels are on Paramount Plus?

  • CBS Network
  • CBSN
  • ET Live
  • CBS Sports HQ.

What are the Soccer/European Football Events available on Paramount Plus?

The UEFA Champions League, Conference League, Europa League, Argentine Primera, Serie A, Brasiliero, NWSL, and many other soccer competitions are available on Paramount+. With Paramount Plus, you can stream matches in popular leagues any time of the year, live or on-demand along with other soccer content like Destination: European Nights. Here is a list of popular soccer leagues on Paramount+.

Watch UEFA Champions League on Paramount Plus


The UEFA Champions League can be streamed live on Paramount Plus, which should delight any soccer lover. The entire competition is broadcast in HD quality.

On your computer, tablet, or phone, you can watch every game, including Man City vs Inter Milan (UCL Final). This guarantees that you won’t miss any of the action, wherever you are.

Don’t forget to subscribe to ExpressVPN to watch sports on Paramount Plus in South Korea.

Watch Europa League on Paramount Plus


The Europa League is the second flight of club football in Europe. Paramount Plus broadcasts live coverage of the Europa League, and there are many possibilities to watch your favorite teams compete for supremacy in this famous league.

Watch UEFA Europa Conference League on Paramount Plus


More clubs from around Europe will have the chance to face one another thanks to the Europa Conference League. With Paramount+, you can stream UEFA Europa Conference League replays, highlights, and features.

Catch games both live and on-demand this July when the qualifying rounds resume.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch sports on Paramount Plus in South Korea.

Watch UEFA Women’s Champions League Final on Paramount Plus


You can watch the UEFA Women’s Champions League on Paramount Plus, which features some of the greatest women’s soccer action available in Europe from a premier league. As two of the top teams in women’s football prepare to square off, Paramount+ will provide the finest coverage.

Watch Italian Serie A on Paramount Plus


With Paramount+, you can stream Serie A replays, highlights, and extras. Catch games live and on-demand this August when the league begins a new season. It will be possible for Paramount+ customers to decide whether particular games’ commentary is in English or Italian.

Watch Campeonato Brasileirão Série A on Paramount Plus


It is the main football tournament in the nation and the premier league in the Brazilian football system.

With Paramount+, you can watch the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, Brazil’s best soccer competition, live and on demand. On your computer, smartphone, tablet, or other preferred connected device, such as an Amazon Fire TV or smart TV, you can access the matches. You can also watch game replays and footage.

Get an ExpressVPN subscription to watch sports on Paramount Plus in South Korea.

Watch National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) on Paramount Plus


You can stream the National Women’s Soccer League seasons on Paramount+! The most prosperous professional women’s soccer league in the United States has been the NWSL, whose clubs include top players from the United States and beyond.

The action can be followed live or on-demand by subscribers.

Watch Argentina Liga Profesional de Fútbol on Paramount Plus


Paramount+ is the new home of Argentine soccer, a competition with world-class players and some of the most fervent supporters in the world.

The purpose of Argentine Football Distribution is to increase the global reach of the Liga Profesional de Fútbol (LPF) and to enhance its international positioning. Get your subscription and stream Argentina’s top soccer division matches live and on-demand.

To watch sports on Paramount Plus in South Korea, you need to get an ExpresVPN subscription.

Watch Scottish Professional Football League on Paramount Plus


The Scottish Premiership is broadcast on CBS in the United States, with a selection of matches available on Paramount+.

Every year, you can watch more than 85 Scottish Professional Football League matches such as the Scottish Football League Playoffs Final from the Premiership, the SPFL’s top level, as well as the second-tier SPL Championship and Premier Sports Cup.

Since Paramount+ is geo-restricted therefore to watch sports on Paramount Plus in South Korea, you need to get an ExpressVPN subscription.

Watch Barclays Women’s Super League on Paramount Plus


The Barclays Women’s Super League debuted in 2011 as an eight-team semi-professional league featuring some of the world’s most renowned soccer organizations. With Paramount+, you can watch Barclays Women’s Super League replays and highlights and replays. When the league resumes for a new season in September, you can watch live matches or on-demand.

Watch AFC Champions League on Paramount Plus


You can stream every game in the knockout stages of the Asian Football Confederation Champions League on Paramount+.

The Asian Football Confederation hosts the annual continental club football competition known as the AFC Champions League, which is played by the finest football teams in Asia.

The winners of their national leagues compete in it, making it the most elite club contest in Asian football.

Watch Canadian Football League on Paramount Plus


The Canadian Football League (CFL) is broadcast on CBS Sports Network, CFL+, and other Paramount Plus-owned channels.

Nine clubs playing in the sport of Canadian football make up the Canadian Football League, the major professional sports league in Canada. The CFL is a favorite among sports fans and is the highest level of professional football in Canada.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch sports on Paramount Plus in South Korea.

Watch Concacaf Nations League on Paramount Plus


Concacaf Nations League is available on Paramount Plus. All of the action can also be streamed on the platform with additional coverage and commentary on your preferred streaming device.

Watch US Open Cup on Paramount Plus


On the Golazo Network with Paramount+, you can have an exhilarating streaming experience while watching the US Open Cup. This match aims to live up to the US Open Cup’s reputation for producing exciting contests. The matches will have you on the tip of your seat with their superb players, tactical gameplay, and heart-pounding excitement.

What are the Football (Rugby) Events available on Paramount Plus?

Many of the regular season plus postseason games in the NFL will be televised on CBS networks for your enjoyment. Paramount Plus will offer live football/rugby news coverage in addition to on-demand sports content and live broadcasts of sports events. Here’s the breakdown of what’s available.

Watch NFL on Paramount Plus


With Paramount+, you can watch the whole NFL season live as well as on demand. NFL games can be streamed by Paramount+ subscribers on compatible streaming devices. The games will be accessible to watch as long as your local CBS station is airing it.

Get an ExpressVPN subscription and watch sports on Paramount Plus in South Korea.

Watch European Rugby Champions Cup on Paramount Plus


The European Rugby Champions Cup is a premier event for teams that play in a league with a large European component. Fans get the finest access to the top club rugby competitions in the world, both live and on-demand, thanks to Paramount+.

To begin streaming, simply click on the match of your choice.

Watch the European Rugby Challenge Cup on Paramount Plus


Don’t miss a crucial moment in this Champions Cup season, which you can watch live at home on your mobile device with Paramount Plus. The EPCR Challenge Cup is an annual rugby union tournament for clubs in European leagues, after the European Rugby Champions Cup.

Watch Guinness Six Nations on Paramount Plus


The Six Nations Championship is a men’s international rugby tournament held each year between England, Ireland, France, Scotland, Italy, and Wales.

Rugby enthusiasts look forward to the Six Nations Championship every year. You can show your support for your team by streaming Paramount+ on a variety of supported streaming devices.

Watch SEC on Paramount Plus


You can catch SEC events broadcast on CBS and access Live TV using the Paramount+ app or at Game availability is determined by your local market, therefore verify your local listings for a match that will be available in your region.

Please remember you need to get an ExpressVPN subscription to watch sports on Paramount Plus in South Korea.

What are the Golf Events available on Paramount Plus?

Paramount+ is home to golf events including PGA Championship every year. Here are some of the golf events to stream on Paramount Plus:

Watch PGA Tour on Paramount Plus


The Paramount Plus provides PGA TOUR coverage as well as the PGA Championship. Get the greatest course activity and unique coverage of a mix of par 3s and classic or hallmark holes. All you need is a stable internet connection to see all of your favorite players’ shots during the Memorial Tournament.

Watch The Masters on Paramount Plus


On Paramount+, you can stream every second of the Masters live, and see the greatest golfers from around the globe compete for the chance to win the fabled major and don the famous green jacket. On Paramount Plus, you can watch all of the action from the convenience of the privacy of your home.

PGA Championship


Among the world’s four major golf tournaments is the PGA Championship, which is also the only major with a field comprised entirely of professionals. The good news is that you can watch the world’s best players in The PGA Championship rounds on Paramount+.

Watch the Women’s PGA Championship on Paramount Plus


The Women’s PGA Championship news and highlights are available on Paramount+. The greatest advantage is that you will be able to watch the events in high definition. All you need to do is obtain your Paramount+ subscription and start streaming.

Watch Ryder Cup on Paramount Plus


You can easily watch Ryder Cup 2023 on Paramount+ with access to various Golf channels. You can also record the live event and watch it later if you are busy.

The Ryder Cup is one of the most popular golf events around, so get ready to tee off with Paramount+ and watch the most prestigious golf tournament in the world.

What are the Basketball Events available on Paramount Plus?

Sports enthusiasts often ask, does Paramount Plus have NBA games? The answer is Yes. For those asking can you watch NBA on Paramount Plus, the NCAA tournament, NBA games, college basketball, and foreign tournaments are among the many basketball games available on Paramount Plus? Find some of the best Paramount Plus basketball events below:

Watch NCAA March Madness on Paramount Plus


March Madness is a college basketball tournament that includes both a men’s and a women’s tournament that takes place at the same time, however, the dates range somewhat.

March Madness NCAA Tournament streaming is available on Paramount+. Stay up to date with the latest news, scores, highlights, stats, and March Madness coverage.

Watch WNBA on Paramount Plus


The WNBA league’s games are broadcast on Paramount+. You will be able to watch live games, clips, and highlights for your favorite teams on the streaming platform. You will also be kept up to speed on the newest WNBA basketball news, stats, scores, standings, and more.

Watch Detroit Lions vs Carolina Panthers on Paramount Plus


BIG3 professional 3-on-3 basketball can be streamed live on Paramount+. The basketball league was formed by Ice Cube, a hip-hop artist and actor, and Jeff Kwatinetz, an entertainment mogul. The league features 12 clubs, including both former NBA stars and international players on their rosters. Ensure you never miss any of the action-packed games during BIG3 Basketball Week 5 by tuning in on Paramount Plus. Ensure you never miss any of the action-packed games during Detroit Lions vs Carolina Panthers Week 5 by tuning in on Paramount Plus.

What are the other Live Sports Events available on Paramount Plus?

Aside from soccer, basketball, golf, and rugby, there are several more live sports events available on Paramount Plus. Combat sports, tennis, motorsports, bull riding, and sailing events are all covered live.

Combat Sports

Motor Sports


Bull Riding


World’s Strongest Man Competition

Watch Bellator MMA on Paramount Plus


Bellator is perhaps the finest MMA organization after the UFC, with a diverse roster of incredible competitors. The adrenaline-fueled competition is covered by Paramount+. Sign in to your Paramount Plus account to avoid missing out on the elite combat experience.

Watch Combate Global on Paramount Plus


With Paramount+, you can watch Combate Global Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) action live and on-demand.

Combate Global includes fighters from all around the world competing in an exhilarating country vs. country format akin to international soccer matches. If you already have a subscription, all you have to do is login in on your preferred streaming device.

Watch Glory Kickboxing on Paramount Plus


Glory Kickboxing is fast-paced, continuous explosive action from the very beginning to the finish, with the greatest KO rate compared to any fight sport on television.

Glory Kickboxing is available for streaming on Paramount Plus and you can watch it through Smart TV, laptop, smartphone, and other streaming devices.

Watch NASCAR on Paramount Plus


NASCAR is one of the most exciting racing contests in the world, with a massive global following. Don’t worry because Fox on Paramount Plus is not available.

NASCAR is available on the Paramount+ NBC channel, where you will get the most comprehensive coverage. You can watch the races in HD on your favorite streaming device even on the go.

Watch IndyCar on Paramount Plus

IndyCar is one of the most competitive automobile races in the world. Drivers race in cars that can achieve speeds of up to 240 miles per hour, allowing them to cover the distance of a football field per second.

On Paramount+, you can watch unique INDYCAR material such as LIVE practice, qualifying sessions, as well as every race on demand.

Watch Supercross on Paramount Plus


Supercross fans can stream the races live on Paramount Plus. Supercross is a dirt-bike racing event played inside that originated from motocross. Supercross seasons are usually exciting, with spectacular races and strong rivalry among some of the world’s top riders. Get your Paramount+ membership now so you don’t miss out on the upcoming season.

Watch IMSA on Paramount Plus


IMSA is one of the racing events available on Paramount+. The premier international racing event that brings together the world’s best sports car drivers to battle for the title. Unpredictable weather conditions add to the thrill. To the satisfaction of fans all across the world, IMSA will be broadcast on Paramount+.

Watch Formula E on Paramount Plus


The Formula E action-packed, no-holds-barred season is available in HD streaming on Paramount Plus. It brings you ‘behind the scenes’ of the tense electric motorsport competition. Cord-cutters are also in luck since a Paramount+ membership allows you to watch the channel with not paying for an expensive cable bundle.

Watch ATP Tour on Paramount Plus


On Paramount+, you can stream countless ATP Tour matches on demand, as well as access the classic match library, features, highlights, and much more. If you have a valid membership, you may watch your favorite players from wherever you are.

Watch Professional Bull Riding (PBR) on Paramount Plus


The Professional Bull Riding (PBR) Rodeo can be streamed on CBS via Paramount Plus. The streaming service delivers the thrilling world of bull riding straight into your living room. Check out the PBR schedule and mark your calendar for all of the adrenaline-pumping action on Paramount Plus.

Watch Sail GP on Paramount Plus


The SailGP 2023 can be seen on Paramount+. The schedule for Sailing on TV has been revealed, so if you haven’t already, sign up for the streaming service.

Today, Sail GP has established itself as one of the world’s finest sailing competitions, featuring revolutionary F50 catamarans as well as world-class sailors. The tournament brings together SailGP teams from across the world to participate in spectacular races along famous waterfronts.

Watch SBD World’s Strongest Man on Paramount Plus


The World’s Strongest Man competitions are aired on CBS and streamed on Paramount Plus. You can watch the entire WSM broadcast. You have no reason to fret about World’s Strongest Man tickets because the events are available on Paramount+.

What Sports will be Available on Paramount Plus in October 2023?

Paramount+ USA provides live sports streaming. You can watch a number of Sports events from Sports Channels on Paramount Plus in October 2023. Here’s a list of some popular sports events:

  • 10/1: NFL ON CBS Ravens vs Browns week 4
  • 10/1: NFL ON CBS Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills
  • 10/1: Argentina Liga Profesional de Fútbol – Boca Juniors vs. River Plate
  • 10/1: Professional Bull Riding Camping World Teams Series
  • 10/3-10/4: UEFA Champions League Matchday 2
  • 10/3: UEFA Champions League – Napoli vs. Real Madrid
  • 10/4: UEFA Champions League – Newcastle United vs. PSG
  • 10/5: UEFA Europa League Matchday 2
  • 10/5: UEFA Europa Conference League Matchday 2
  • 10/6: NWSL – Megan Rapinoe Sendoff Match – OL Reign vs. Washington Spirit
  • 10/7: Professional Bull Riding Camping World Teams Series
  • 10/7: SEC on CBS
  • 10/7: Serie A – Juventus vs. Torino
  • 10/8: NFL ON CBS Week 5 Doubleheader (check local listings)
  • 10/8: Barclays Women’s Super League – Manchester City vs. Chelsea
  • 10/14: SEC on CBS Doubleheader
  • 10/15: NFL ON CBS Week 6 (check local listings)
  • 10/15: Professional Bull Riding Camping World Team Series: Road to the Championship
  • 10/15: NWSL – Final Day of Regular Season
  • 10/21: College Football on CBS – Air Force @ Navy
  • 10/21: SEC on CBS
  • 10/22: NFL ON CBS Week 7 Doubleheader (check local listings)
  • 10/22: Serie A – AC Milan vs. Juventus
  • 10/22: NWSL Playoffs Quarterfinals
  • 10/24-10/25: UEFA Champions League Matchday 3
  • 10/24: UEFA Champions League – Sevilla vs. Arsenal
  • 10/25: UEFA Champions League – PSG vs. AC Milan
  • 10/26: UEFA Europa League Matchday 3
  • 10/26: UEFA Europa Conference League Matchday 3
  • 10/28: Big Ten on CBS
  • 10/28: SEC on CBS – Georgia vs. Florida
  • 10/29: NFL ON CBS Week 8 Doubleheader (check local listings)
  • 10/29: Serie A – Inter vs. Roma
  • 10/29: Serie A – Napoli vs. AC Milan
  • 10/30: 2023 Ballon d’Or Awards Ceremony


No, Paramount Plus doesn’t have Fox Sports, in case you are wondering does Paramount Plus have Fox Sports?

Paramount+ with Showtime bundle costs $11.99 per month or $119.99 annually.

The UEFA Champions League will be live on Paramount Plus. Other leagues that will feature live on Paramount+ include NFL, NCAA games, NWSL, Concacaf, AFC, Serie A, and AFA soccer.

Yes, Paramount Plus Essential and Premium packages offer sports.

Yes, you can watch live games on Paramount Plus. Most of the sports events are available to stream on Live TV with Paramount Plus Premium.

Wrap Up

With the help of a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN, you can easily watch sports on Paramount Plus in South Korea.

Don’t miss out on big games, get your Paramount+ subscription, and stream events from popular leagues. You now have all the information you need on how to watch football on Paramount Plus.

We recommend ExpressVPN for streaming Paramount+ sports and other amazing Paramount+ content such as The Challenge: Untold History (Season 1), so you can enjoy the lag-free and uninterrupted streaming experience on secure and super-fast servers!

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