How to Watch Being the Ricardos on Amazon Prime Outside Australia

If you were, by any chance, a fan of I Love Lucy, we’ve good news to share. Amazon Prime is coming up with an Amazon Prime Original title Being the Ricardos. The film will reveal behind-the-scenes events of the famous sitcom “I Love Lucy” from the 1950s and the relationship of the leading duo Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

However, if you don’t live in Australia, you will need a VPN to access Amazon Prime outside Australia. If you are wondering how to watch Being the Ricardos on Amazon Prime outside Australia, keep reading and find out for yourself.

As shared by a movie nerd on Twitter, Nicole Kidman expressed her thoughts about the movie, stating:

With Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem in the leading roles and screenplay from Aaron Sorkin, “Being the Ricardos has earned a place in the hearts of “I Love Lucy” fans. Soon the Amazon productions’ exclusive movie will be available on Amazon Prime for the viewers.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Being the Ricardos on Amazon Prime Outside Australia

Here’s how to watch Being the Ricardos on Amazon Prime Outside Australia if you can’t view it with a VPN:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN, our recommended VPN, due to its sturdy encryption!
  2. Download, install and run the ExpressVPN app on your device 
  3. Connect to a secure server located in Australia
  4. Log in to Amazon Prime with your credentials and watch Being the Ricardos.

Watch Ricardos with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation

Best Amazon Prime VPNs to Watch Being the Ricardos Outside Australia

Finding an ideal VPN app can be a bit tricky, though. It’s time to say goodbye to FREE VPN apps and get your hands on any premium VPN service. As not every VPN has the ability to unblock Amazon Prime.

Therefore, after testing several VPN apps, we have shortlisted the best Amazon Prime VPNs to watch, Being the Ricardos Outside Australia. Let’s explore in detail. 

ExpressVPN: Best and Fastest VPN to Watch Being the Ricardos Amazon Prime Outside Australia

ExpressVPN: Best and Fastest VPN to watch Being the Ricardos Amazon Prime Outside USA

ExpressVPN is definitely the best and fastest VPN to watch, Being the Ricardos Amazon Prime Outside Australia for several reasons. We strongly recommend opting for ExpressVPN to fulfill your streaming needs as it is super-fast and built with the latest anti-VPN technology.

It offers the fastest available servers to watch online media. Moreover, with the help of its in-built speed test feature, you will be guided to the fastest servers available for your location based on their incoming traffic and performance.

ExpressVPN provides an incessant streaming experience, thanks to its astonishing download speed. We tested it on a 100 Mbps internet connection, and it clicked an amazing top speed of 89.42 Mbps. Not just that, it doesn’t restrict the bandwidth for you, and you’ll never experience any drop in the streaming speed.

ExpressVPN Speed Testing

As far as compatibility is concerned, you can use ExpressVPN on Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Linux. In addition, it also offers web browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. It is also compatible with Streaming Devices, Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, and Wif-Fi Routers.

It provides simultaneous connectivity of up to five per subscription. However, if you have more than five devices in a household or group of friends, which is normal, you can expand that number to unlimited by configuring it on your Wi-Fi router.

ExpressVPN is loaded with several state-of-the-art features, including Private DNS, AES 256-bit encryption, VPN Split Tunneling, DNS Leak Protection, and Zero-logging policy, among several others. Automated Kill Switch is an amazing feature that instantly cuts off your internet if the VPN connection drops. This feature keeps your identity intact and saves you from a potential block from the streaming platform.

It has a big network of servers to offer, with more than 3000 servers located at 160 locations in 90+ countries worldwide. Moreover, if you are looking to unblock Australia-based streamers like Amazon Prime, it can be a perfect option given its presence in the States with 20+ server locations. Once connected to these servers, only a valid Amazon subscription is required to access the platform.

With your ExpressVPN subscription, you can also watch With Love, Boxing DayJoy for ChristmasChristmas is Cancelled,  etc., on Amazon Prime as well.

ExpressVPN comes with a comparatively more hefty price than its competitors, but it’s worth a shot. Currently, its most popular one-year subscription plan is up for grabs at AU$9.65/mo (US$6.67/mo) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan). Comes with the subscription is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Watch Ricardos with ExpressVPNOur Top Recommendation

Surfshark: Most Affordable VPN to Watch Being the Ricardos on Amazon Prime Outside Australia

Surfshark: Most Affordable VPN to Watch Being the Ricardos on Amazon Prime Outside USA

Surfshark is loved by people who don’t want to spend a considerable amount of money on premium VPN apps. It is definitely the most affordable VPN to watch Being the Ricardos on Amazon Prime outside Australia.

It quickly rose to prominence despite making its debut in 2018 due to its ability to provide high-end features and incredible service at such a low cost and being a premium budget-friendly VPN.

With the help of Surfshark, you can watch CBS as well as unblock HBO Max, YouTube TV, PBS.

Despite having a low price, It is also able to unblock the Vudu and Telemundo.

Currently, its Holiday Sale is open, and you can buy a 2-year subscription plan at AU$3.6/mo (US$2.49/mo) (83% Off on 2 Years Plan) to avail of an 83% discount. Moreover, you’ll be provided with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The most amazing thing; you can connect unlimited devices with a single subscription and even share it among your family and friends.

Surfshark has a big network of servers on which it operates. You can connect to one of the 3200+ servers located in 65 countries across the globe. Moreover, it’s considered a perfect solution to unblock streaming platforms based in the States based on its 500+ servers located in Australia.

Blistering speed is vital to Surfshark, and it can be seen from the seamless streaming experience it provides. Forget about slow buffering while using Surfshark. It resulted in a top speed of 88.14 Mbps tested on a 100 Mbps connection. That’s an incredible number by the given standards.

Surfshark Speed Testing

Talking about compatibility, it offers dedicated apps for Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, and iOS. Moreover, you’ll also get extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Not just that, you can also configure it on several Streaming Devices, Gaming Consoles, Smart TVs, and even Wi-Fi routers.

Surfshark offers many high-end features like Smart DNS, Bypasser, Split Tunneling, AES-256 encryption, Kill Switch, to name a few. The Bypasser feature allows you to choose which apps you want to route through VPN and which you want to access the internet directly. Automated Kill Switch is another handy feature that disconnects your internet connection if the VPN connection drops for some reason.

It also provides you with a 7-day free trial period to test its performance. In case you face any problem, you can access its customer support 24/7.

NordVPN: User-Friendly VPN to Watch Being the Ricardos on Amazon Prime Outside Australia

NordVPN: User-Friendly VPN to Watch Being the Ricardos on Amazon Prime Outside USA

NordVPN is a well-established VPN service for quite a long time. It boasts the largest server network among all VPN apps. Not just that, it is considered the most user-friendly VPN to watch Being the Ricardos on Amazon Prime outside Australia due to its ease of use and reasonable price tag.

It’s super easy to use and provides compatibility with Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, as well as Linux. Furthermore, with the help of its SmartDNS feature, you can also use it on streaming devices that are somewhat rigid towards VPN connectivity like Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs.

These are the notable devices to access Channel 4, and other popular services like Hulu, Disney Plus, Peacock TV and 10 Play, etc with the help of NordVPN.

It offers connectivity of 6 devices per account, but if you want to expand its service, you can do so by configuring it on Wi-Fi routers. 

NordVPN offers several impressive features including Onion Over Servers, Dedicated IP, No-logging Policy, Kill Switch, and several others. The best feature, in our opinion, is ‘Obfuscated Servers.’ These servers can avoid any kind of detection whatsoever based on their latest anti-VPN technology, and you can unblock any streaming platform, including Amazon Prime, with ease.

In terms of its network spread, its 5200+ servers can be found in 60 countries across all continents. Moreover, it offers 1950+ dedicated servers in the States which are dedicated for online streaming. The best feature, though; you will be automatically connected to the fastest server available, keeping you away from the hassle of finding the optimal server manually.

High-speed streaming is vital, and NordVPN completely understands that. In our speed test, it performed well enough, achieving a top speed of 86.49 Mbps consistently on a 100Mbps connection. Binge-watchers look for uninterrupted streaming, and NordVPN obliges with that. It is smart, secure; it is fast and easy to use for tech nerds and beginners alike

NordVPN Speed Testing

You can grab its most value-for-money subscription plan at AU$4.76/mo (US$3.29/mo) (Save 60% on 2-year plan). Moreover, you will get a one-month money-back guarantee, and LIVE customer support is available 24/7.

Watch Ricardos with NordVPNLargest Server Network

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Being the Ricardos on Amazon Prime Outside Australia?

Amazon Prime deploys a geo-blocking mechanism on its platform to restrict the access of users from the regions where it’s not available for streaming. These geo-restrictions are applied due to the licensing agreements made between content makers and broadcasters. Hence, if you are currently residing outside the territory of Australia, where Amazon Prime isn’t available to stream, your access will be denied.

As we know that every device connected to the internet is assigned a unique IP address that reveals the location and other information of the device. The geo-blocking mechanism scrutinizes the IP addresses and filters them out based on their current location. Hence, the IP addresses located outside the States or where Amazon Prime isn’t allowed to air the content are instantly blocked.

That’s where a VPN steps in to offer help. It can locate you anywhere in the world virtually by masking your current IP address and rerouting your traffic from a remote server located in your desired location. In this case, a VPN will locate your IP address within Australia and make Amazon Prime consider that you are streaming the content right from your couch sitting somewhere in Australia.

Introduction of Being the Ricardos 

The main characters featured in the movie are Lucille Ball (played by Nicole Kidman) and Desi Arnaz (played by Javier Bardem). They both are sitcom actors and are starting their careers. Lucille Ball is a lady who is very “impetuous and perfectionist,” and after listening to some rumors spreading around about her, she is trying to save her marriage. Desi Arnaz is Lucille’s husband and is also facing the same accusations.

In a press release, Amazon explained the film and characters, saying, “A revealing glimpse of the couple’s complex romantic and professional relationship, the film takes audiences into the writers’ room, onto the soundstage and behind closed doors with Ball and Arnaz during one critical production week of their groundbreaking sitcom ‘I Love Lucy.’”

Who is in the cast of Being the Ricardos?

The cast in this biography film “Being the Ricardos” is as follows:

Nicole Kidman Lucille Ball
Javier Bardem Desi Arnaz
Nina Arianda Vivian Vance
J.K. Simmons William Frawley
John Rubinstein Jess Oppenheimer – Older (80’s)
Alia Shawkat Madelyn Pugh
Jake Lacy Bob Carroll
Tony Hale Jess Oppenheimer
Linda Lavin Madelyn Pugh – Older (70’s)
Ronny Cox Bob Carroll – Older (70’s)
Dana Lyn Baron Miss Rosen
Dan Sachoff David Levy – CBS
Nelson Franklin Joe Strickland – CBS
Clark Gregg Howards Wenke – CBS
Jeff Holman Roger Otter – Phillip Morris
Baize Buzan Mary Pat
Christopher Denham Donald Glass
Max Silvestri David Hart – CBS
Breanna Wing Chorus Girl Angie
Caroline Anderson Chorus Girl Daisy
Jamie Miller Chorus Girl Patty
Gail Rastorfer Dresser (as Gail Rastorfor)
Russ Burd Irwin Gottlieb – Desilu Attorney
Guido Cocomello Italian Bellman
John Funk J Edgar Hoover (voice)
Brian Howe Charles Koerner
Ron Perkins Macy – CBS
Angela Leib Koerner’s Secretary
David Saenz Musician Outside Ciro’s

Being the Ricardos Trailer

You can watch the official trailer of the biographic movie of the stars or 50’s sitcom actors ‘Being the Ricardos’ here:

The official YouTube channel of Amazon Prime Video also released the trailer on November 10, 2021, with the movie synopsis:

“Lucille Ball (Nicole Kidman) and Desi Arnaz (Javier Bardem) are threatened by shocking personal accusations, a political smear, and cultural taboos in Academy Award®-winning writer and director Aaron Sorkin’s behind-the-scenes drama Being the Ricardos.”

Schedule of Being the Ricardos when will it come on Amazon Prime

Being the Ricardos is all set to be released on Amazon Prime Video worldwide, including United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore, and Turkey on December 21, 2021. Most probably, the movie will be available for streaming around midnight for Amazon Prime subscribers. 


Yes Being the Ricardos is an Amazon Prime Original film and will be available for streaming once it is released online on December 21, 2021.

You can watch Being the Ricardos from anywhere outside Australia on Amazon Prime.

You can watch Being the Ricardos on Amazon Prime. If you can’t find the movie, then you’ll need a premium VPN like ExpressVPN. Install and load the VPN app, connect to the Australia server, search for the movie, and enjoy!

Being the Ricardos is an Amazon original and has had its premiere in theaters on December 10, 2021, all over the UK and the USA.

The movie will be released in Australia on Amazon Prime on December 21, 2021, you can watch outside Australia by a VPN.

Our Final Thoughts

Being the Ricardos is getting praise from the critics and fans are equally loving it after its premiere in theaters in the USA and UK. It’s an interesting movie that reveals facts from the behind-the-scenes life of the loving star Lucille Ball on the big screen. If you are a fan of biography movies and like such storylines, this one is for you. You can watch Being the Ricardos on Amazon Prime from December 21, 2021

However, if you are currently living outside Australia or somewhere Amazon Prime is not available, and you are looking forward to watching this movie, we recommend you get a VPN service. For a premium streaming experience, ExpressVPN is the right call. Get the VPN and watch Being the Ricardos on Amazon Prime outside Australia!

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