How to Watch Crazy Rich Agents in Australia on BBC iPlayer


You must be curious to know where can I watch Crazy Rich Agents in Australia? You can access Crazy Rich Agents on BBC iPlayer if you live in the United Kingdom. If you want to stream Crazy Rich Agents in Australia on BBC iPlayer, you should get a quality VPN service such as ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN will let you watch BBC iPlayer in Australia by hiding your IP address and projecting as if you are watching BBC iPlayer from UK. At the same time, it also ensures your privacy by securing your connection thus, preventing you from getting blocked by BBC iPlayer.

The first-look trailer for the upcoming BBC Two program Crazy Rich Agents: Selling Dream Homes, which will premiere on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer on Sunday, August 6, features high-end hustle and numerous multi-million-dollar mansions.

Five brand-new luxury estate agents quit their day jobs to pursue careers in the upscale housing industry. The opportunity to earn commission on multi-million-dollar residences in the UK and elsewhere is at risk.

Continue reading this blog as we talk in detail about ways to watch Crazy Rich Agents on BBC iPlayer in Australia along with its trailer, narrative, and other information.

How to Watch Crazy Rich Agents in Australia on BBC iPlayer? [Quick Guide]

Now comes the question how to watch Crazy Rich Agents online free from anywhere. To watch Crazy Rich Agents online free in Australia you must follow the steps listed below:

  • Become a subscriber of a trustworthy VPN service like ExpressVPN.
  • The VPN application should be downloaded and installed on your desired device.
  • Open the VPN application, then log in using your credentials.
  • To get a UK IP address, connect to a UK server (recommended server: Docklands).
  • Visit the official BBC iPlayer website once you’re connected.
  • You can now watch Crazy Rich Agents in Australia on BBC iPlayer.

Where to Watch Crazy Rich Agents?

Crazy Rich Agents where to watch is something a lot of people have been asking about so without further ado let’s get to it. You can Crazy Rich Agents: Selling Dream Homes on BBC iPlayer and BBC Two. BBC iPlayer also live broadcasts some of the amazing Sports events such as Australia Vs France FIFA Women’s WC23 Quarter Finals, and the 2023 UCI World Championships Final which you can stream seamlessly live.

We recommend that you use BBC iPlayer as there is no BBC iPlayer cost however, that also means that you do not have the option to avail BBC iPlayer free trial. The only cost that you will have to pay is the UK TV license.

Moreover, BBC iPlayer is available on a wide range of devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Roku, Chromecast, Smart TV, and Firestick. You can easily check out shows like Cycling Championship and Celebrity MasterChef 2023 on BBC iPlayer using these available devices.

Remember, that you need ExpressVPN or any other top-quality VPN service to be able to watch Crazy Rich Agents in Australia on BBC iPlayer without any buffering or hurdles.

When Can I Watch Crazy Rich Agents on BBC iPlayer?

Crazy Rich Agents: Selling Dream Homes release date on BBC Two is 6 August 2023 at 9 pm. It is also available on BBC iPlayer from 6 August onwards as a box set after it is broadcasted on BBC Two.

What is the Narrative of Crazy Rich Agents?

Five rookie real estate brokers who staked it all on success in the world of luxury real estate are introduced in this new series, Crazy Rich Agents: Selling Dream Homes. Six-figure commission checks that might make or break them are on the line.

Crazy Rich Agents cast includes agents from many areas of life, including a former music producer, an international model, a building society employee, and a former behavioral therapist for care homes. Despite having various backgrounds, they all aspire to be the upcoming big thing in luxury real estate.

A £3 million Grade 2 listed castle in County Durham, one of their firm’s finest properties, has been requested for the inexperienced brokers. The agency’s new CEO, Eddie Shapiro, has presented them with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: the person who performs the best throughout the summer will receive the chance to work at the agency’s headquarters in New York. You can also catch up on FIFA Live matches such as Australia Vs England FIFA Women’s WC 23 Live and FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Highlights to keep yourself entertained from the content of BBC iPlayer.

Who are the Narrators of Crazy Rich Agents?

Fiona Hampton is the narrator of the show, Crazy Rich Agents. The voice-over you hear in the background is her voice as she narrates through the struggles of 5 agents in the show.

Is there a Trailer for Crazy Rich Agents?

You should definitely watch Crazy Rich Agents: Selling Dream Homes Official Trailer on YouTube. The trailer shows the gist of the struggle the 5 agents go through in order to sell multi-million-dollar mansions.

How Many Episodes of Crazy Rich Agents?

There are four Crazy Rich Agents episodes. Each episode navigates through the journey that each agent is going through in order to make it big and get the opportunity to work at the agency’s headquarters.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Crazy Rich Agents on BBC iPlayer

The best VPN to watch Crazy Rich Agents in Australia on BBC iPlayer is ExpressVPN.

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ExpressVPN lets you watch Crazy Rich Agents in Australia on BBC iPlayer.

By enabling BBC iPlayer on devices that do not support VPN apps, ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer DNS solution increases your streaming options and lets you watch Crazy Rich Agents on BBC iPlayer on devices that generally do not work on VPN such as gaming consoles and Smart TVs. You can also watch FIFA Matches such as Argentina Vs Sweden WWC 23 and Wolf seamlessly on BBC iPlayer.

Due to ExpressVPN’s ability to circumvent geo-restrictions, you may access Crazy Rich Agents without limitations from any location in the world. Enjoy the compelling narrative without restrictions. You can catch sports, shows, and other events like, Betfred Challenge Cup 2023 Final, England Vs Colombia FIFA Women’s WC 23, and Japan Vs Sweden FIFA Women’s WC 23 on BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN remains on top of VPN blocks by providing specialized support for BBC iPlayer, enabling you to stream Crazy Rich Agents without interruptions or limitations. It offers 8 simultaneous connections on a single account.

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By selecting ExpressVPN, you’ll have the ideal VPN service with unparalleled features, dependable performance, and outstanding support to watch Crazy Rich Agents on BBC iPlayer in Australia.

Crazy Rich Agents

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Below is some more content that is available on BBC iPlayer for you to watch. This content ranges from shows, movies, and live events that are all available under one roof on BBC iPlayer for you to watch:

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Currently there is no IMDb rating of Crazy Rich Agents however, we will inform you as soon as the ratings get updated.

Plum Pictures and Diga Studios are behind the production of Crazy Rich Agents. They are the pioneers of the idea of a show with 5 agents who work their way by selling multi-million-dollar properties.

Crazy Rich Agents belongs to three genres as per BBC: Entertainment, Homes and Gardens, and Real-life stories as it is a reality TV show.

Wrap Up

We gave a brief explanation of how to watch Crazy Rich Agents in Australia on BBC iPlayer in this blog. We emphasized the significance of utilizing a dependable VPN service like ExpressVPN to get around geo-restrictions because the show is known to be a hit especially if you are a real-estate enthusiast.

Viewers may watch BBC iPlayer and watch the exciting show, Crazy Rich Agents, in Australia by using ExpressVPN. Try ExpressVPN today for trouble-free streaming of Crazy Rich Agents and other BBC iPlayer content. Make sure you don’t miss out on this exciting series.

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