How to Watch Expert Witness in Australia on BBC iPlayer


You are in luck if you have been thinking about where can I watch Expert Witness in Australia? Expert Witness is a fascinating show that is available on BBC iPlayer. But you might not be able to watch BBC iPlayer in Australia due to geo-restrictions.

You will need a VPN such as ExpressVPN to watch Expert Witness in Australia on BBC iPlayer.

In order to access Expert Witness on BBC iPlayer, which restricts content to specific regions, ExpressVPN allows you to connect to a server in the UK, masking your actual location and granting you access to stream Expert Witness Series 3 in Australia.

Get ready to be engrossed in the compelling story of Expert Witness. This show explores intriguing cases like Body in the Woods and Supermarket Killers episode of Expert Witness, delivering suspense and drama that will leave you hooked.

Learn more about ExpressVPN’s functioning and the reasons why it is necessary to use it to watch Expert Witness in Australia on BBC iPlayer. So without further ado let’s start!

How to Watch Expert Witness in Australia on BBC iPlayer? [Quicks Steps]

By following our guide, you can learn how to watch Expert Witness in Australia on BBC iPlayer. Let’s dive into the quick steps that will ensure you don’t miss BBC Daytime series Expert Witness enthralling episodes:

  • Sign up for a premium VPN like ExpressVPN service.
  • Get a VPN app, and install it on your preferred device.
  • You can link up with a UK server (recommended server: Docklands).
  • Sign in to your BBC iPlayer account now.
  • Now stream Expert Witness in Australia on BBC iPlayer.

Where to Watch Expert Witness in Australia?

Looking to watch Expert Witness? Then you’re in luck! The official BBC iPlayer channel is the precise platform where you can watch suspenseful cases and stories that are more interesting.

Get BBC iPlayer free trial that allows you to get a taste of the content. We would like to tell you that there is no BBC iPlayer cost, which means you can access a wealth of high-quality shows and programs without any subscription cost.

While you’re eagerly awaiting the start of Expert Witness, consider exploring other exciting events or programs to keep you entertained. Whether it’s the Live Sports on BBC iPlayer or Henpocalypse, there’s plenty to keep you engaged until the main event begins.

Although there may be other options also available, BBC iPlayer is the best option for this particular series because of its interesting content and simplicity of use.

When Can I Watch Expert Witness on BBC iPlayer?

The Expert Witness release date on BBC iPlayer is 21st August 2023, However, to watch its latest series and episodes tune into BBC One where you can watch the live streaming of the series.

So Mark your calendar accordingly and stream the BBC Series Expert Witness new and engaging episodes on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

What is the Plot of Expert Witness?

Be prepared to become immersed in the captivating stories of Expert Witness third series. This episode takes streamers on a tour through a wide variety of instances that will capture your interest right away.

A British toxicologist discovers a nefarious murder scheme when a British woman is discovered dead in an Egyptian hotel room. To solve the brutal killing of a Northern Ireland school teacher, authorities turn to a mobile communications expert.

The series dives into complex investigations and reveals the complexity and subtleties of each case, encouraging viewers to participate in detective work alongside the professionals.

Expert Witness Series 3 offers a selection of tales that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat with an emphasis on drama and suspense. Each episode promises a rollercoaster of emotions and a persistent quest for justice, with hidden secrets and surprising turns.

Who is the Presenter of Expert Witness BBC?

Ashley John Baptiste will serve as the host of the 15-part BBC television series Expert Witness. Ashley John Baptiste will lead viewers through the intriguing cases and captivating tales the series has to offer with his engaging demeanor and knowledge.

Ashley John Baptiste will guide streamers through a voyage of research and analysis as he digs deep into a variety of cases in this intriguing new series. The series promises to explain the complexities of criminal investigations, from finding concealed clues to analyzing intricate evidence.

The cast of Expert Witness includes the following:

Liza Chambers Director
Angus Gibson Director
Lee Salisbury Director
Ashley John-Baptiste Narrator
Emma Barker Executive Producer
Edward Hart Executive Producer
Philip Guyler Original Music
Andrea McClelland Production Manager
Lisa Creaney Film Editor
Lucy Wedlock Producer
Lindsay Brown Producer
Angus Gibson Producer
Lindsay Brown Director

How Many Series of Expert Witness are there?

Each of the three “Expert Witness” series has a distinct and compelling plot that combines aspects of crime-solving, psychological thriller, and suspense to fascinate its audience.

Season 1: Season 1 follows a group of expert witnesses as they trace a trail of fibers and DNA to solve three horrific cold cases in Pembrokeshire. They also come upon a bogus diamond investment plan disclosed by a gemologist.

Season 2: In the second season, Dr. Hardy becomes entangled in the hunt for a brutal psychotic killer who is being used to corrupt witnesses by the accused.

Season 3: The third season takes an exciting turn, following the narrative of Jodie, a single mother who unintentionally becomes the last person to watch a perpetrator with his victim minutes before the murder.

How Many Episodes of Expert Witness in Series 3?

Following the success of the first two seasons, Expert Witness is back for a third season, promising even more compelling stories and situations. This new show offers a selection of investigations-heavy episodes that highlight the complexity of the problems at hand.

Get Expert Witness Series 3 on BBC iPlayer, you can look forward to a total of 15 episodes, each offering a unique perspective on the world of forensics and criminal analysis.

Series 3

Episodes Episode Name Date
Episode 1 Body in the Woods and Supermarket Killers 21 Aug, 2023
Episode 2 A Watery Grave and the Dangerous Date 22 Aug, 2023
Episode 3 Body of Evidence and Shallow Grave 23 Aug, 2023
Episode 4 Corrosive Truth and a Field of Evidence 24 Aug, 2023
Episode 5 Written in Blood and the End of the Line 25 Aug, 2023
Episode 6 Face of a Killer and Proof in the Pollen 21 Aug, 2023
Episode 7 Hidden Blood and Traces of a Killer 21 Aug, 2023
Episode 8 Patterns of Behaviour and Time Flies 21 Aug, 2023
Episode 9 Threads of Evidence and Bad Chemistry 21 Aug, 2023
Episode 10 A Grave Error and Souvenir of a Killer 21 Aug, 2023
Episode 11 Death on the Nile and Cell to Cell 21 Aug, 2023
Episode 12 Red Light Killer and A Rural Rampage 21 Aug, 2023
Episode 13 Facing Justice and Language of Terror 21 Aug, 2023
Episode 14 Fragments of Truth and Wall of Evidence 21 Aug, 2023
Episode 15 Grave Secret and Lockdown Tragedy 21 Aug, 2023

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Expert Witness on BBC iPlayer

ExpressVPN is the best way to watch Expert Witness in Australia on BBC iPlayer. ExpressVPN guarantees a trouble-free and risk-free streaming experience with its impressive features and performance.

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Expert Witness

What other Content can I watch on BBC iPlayer?

TV programmes, documentaries, and exciting athletic events are all available on BBC iPlayer. Below is a list of the interesting content that is currently available for streaming on BBC iPlayer.

Murder Trial Kick-Ass
England vs New Zealand T20 International The Women in The Wall
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Enjoy Expert Witness on BBC One, the broadcaster’s main channel. Streamers can catch up on this engrossing series on BBC One, which provides a top venue for seeing the fascinating world of forensic analysis, criminal investigations, and professional insights. Watch Expert Witness on BBC One to experience all the drama and suspense it has to offer.

Expert Witness is classified as a Crime Documentary. This compelling series gives streamers a thorough and engrossing look at actual cases as it goes into the world of criminal investigations, forensic analysis, and expert perspectives.

Expert Witness holds an IMDb rating of 7.1/10. This rating reflects the audience’s appreciation for the show’s engaging content, intriguing cases, and expert insights. Expert Witness, which explores criminal investigations and forensic analysis, has received great reviews, making it a worthwhile watch for real crime and forensic documentaries.

Wrap Up

As we conclude our journey into discovering how to watch Expert Witness in Australia on BBC iPlayer, we have opened up a world of opportunities for streamers worldwide. By leveraging the power of ExpressVPN, you can effortlessly bypass geographical restrictions and watch this crime documentary series.

Don’t let geographical barriers limit your entertainment options. Discover the power of ExpressVPN, and let Expert Witness become your passport to a world of riveting stories, thought-provoking dilemmas, and edge-of-your-seat suspense.

Get ready to watch, explore, and uncover the truth, all from comfort beyond the UK border.

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