How to Get Discovery Plus on Roku In Australia? [Updated 2022]


Looking for a way to watch Discovery Plus on Roku in Australia? Check out our in-depth blog on the subject to learn how to install and use it on a Roku device by following just a few simple steps.

Why should you get Discovery Plus? The Warner Bros. owned streaming service Discovery Plus focuses on original series, acquired content, and factual programming from the archives of Discovery’s primary channel brands.

Although the service is geo-restricted, you can still watch Discovery Plus in Australia with the help of a VPN and stay on top of the best streaming content the industry has to offer.

But can you get Discovery Plus on Roku too? The answer is yes, you can. Let’s learn how to get it on Roku!

Is Discovery Plus available on Roku in Australia?

Thanks to the team behind Discovery+, it has been accessible on streaming devices like Roku since January 2021. Therefore, if you own a Roku device, you can watch Discovery+ on Roku TV in Australia. But how does that work?

There are two different methods to get Discovery Plus on Roku in Australia, we have explained both of them in detail down below.

What are the Different Methods to Get Discovery Plus on Roku in Australia?

Getting Discovery Plus on Roku in Australia is no rocket science. You can install and launch Discovery Plus in Australia similar to how you would add any other channel on the Roku device. However, there are two main ways to do it:

  • By downloading the Discovery Plus channel on Roku
  • By installing Discovery Plus remote via web

Let’s discuss both methods in detail:

By Downloading Discovery Plus Channel on Roku:

Here’s how to do it:

  • Press down on your remote control to navigate to ‘Search’ from your Roku device’s home screen.


    Use your remote control and click the ‘Search’ option!

  • Type ‘Discovery Plus’ in the search bar.


    Search for Discovery Plus by typing in the search box!


  • From the list of channels, pick Discovery Plus


    Pick Discovery Plus from the long list!


  • After selecting the ‘Add Channel’ option, click OK.


    Add Discovery Plus on your Roku device by clicking ‘Add Channel’


  • Now, click on ‘Go to channel’


    Click on ‘Go to Channel’ to open the app!


  • Next, click on the ‘Start 7-day Free Trial’, if you don’t have an account yet!


    Choose the plan that best suits your needs!


  • Decide between Discovery+ and Discovery+ (Ad-Free). These two are the price plans of Discovery Plus.


    Choose the plan that best suits your needs!


  • Select ‘Agree and Continue’ after entering your email address and password.


    Provide your email address and password to ‘Create Your Account’


  • That’s it, your Roku will now start playing Discovery Plus, and you can enjoy watching the best shows on discovery plus.


    Watch your Discovery Plus favorites on Roku!

By Installing Discovery Plus Remote Via Web:

The previous installation method for Discovery+ is rather simple, but if you struggled with it or simply want to learn another way to do it, you can use the steps listed below.

By using this technique, you can remotely install the channel on your Roku device using the Roku Channel Store website.

  • Go to the Roku Channel Store using your preferred web browser.

    Search for ‘Roku Channel Store’ using your web browser


  • In the search box, enter ‘Discovery Plus’ and then click OK.


    Look for the Discovery Plus Channel by typing in the search box!


  • Choose Discovery Plus channels from the list of search results.

    Pick Discovery Plus from the list of channels!


  • When you select Add channel, your Roku device will immediately receive the channel. Keep in mind that in order for the process to be completed automatically, you must log into your account if you haven’t already.

    Add Discovery Plus to your Roku device and enjoy watching your favorite programs!

Discovery Plus on Roku in Australia – FAQs

You can enjoy using Discovery Plus on Roku in Australia for free by availing 7-day free trial. After the free trial, Roku offers the Discovery+ and Discovery+ (Ad-Free) subscriptions for AUD7.24 (US$4.99)/month and AUD10.15 (US$6.99)/month, respectively.

The majority of smartphones, tablets, desktop browsers, and connected devices support Discovery+ in Australia, such as Comcast Xfinity’s Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Amazon Fire Smart TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, and Amazon Fire TVs.

To update your Discovery Plus app on Roku in Australia, go to Settings and then System update. Your Roku will download and install anything pending an update.

Discovery Plus usually freezes on Roku because there is a problem with the temporary server or the internet connection. The issue is frequently caused by a slow internet connection and normally resolves itself within a minute or two.

It is one of the most common Discovery Plus Roku issues; however, if it doesn’t resolve try reinstalling the app or changing your device.


We hope you now know how you can watch Discovery Plus on Roku in Australia. You can easily try any of the two methods discussed above and install Discovery Plus on your Roku device successfully! For further queries, you may contact us by leaving a comment below!

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