How to Watch Lopez vs. Lopez in Australia

Watch Lopez vs. Lopez in Australia

After 5 years of absence, George Lopez, one of the best and most loved television comedians, is returning with a bang and a new sitcom Lopez vs Lopez, and fans can’t wait. The show Lopez vs. Lopez will premiere on Friday, November 4th, on NBC. It stars George himself and his daughter, Mayan Lopez. However, if you are not currently in the US, you may be wondering how to watch Lopez vs. Lopez in Australia.

The good news is that you can still watch it but with the help of a reliable VPN. A VPN will help unblock NBC’s geo-restrictions due to distribution rights and content licensing. A VPN works by rerouting your present location to a US server to give you access to streaming platforms and channels that are available in the US. In other words, it will be as if you’re browsing the Internet from the US.

Let’s see how to go about it.

Watch Lopez vs. Lopez in Australia – [Easy Steps]

Do you want to enjoy watching Lopez vs. Lopez in Australia without any hassle? Just follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Download and install a VPN( ExpressVPN is highly recommended)
  2. Subscribe to any of its plans.
  3. Connect to any US server of your choice
  4. Go to the NBC website
  5. Search for Lopez vs. Lopez and enjoy watching.

Where can I watch Lopez vs. Lopez?

You can watch the new sitcom Lopez vs. Lopez on NBC. The TV show will air on 4th November at 8 pm Eastern Time and will be available the next day on Peacock. NBC is a US broadcasting television, while Peacock is a streaming platform.

When is Lopez vs. Lopez date on NBC?

The TV show Lopez vs. Lopez will premiere on Friday, November 4, on NBC at 8 pm. ET. The comedy TV show will air every Friday at 8 p.m. on NBC after it premieres. According to NBC’s schedule on 4 November, the third season of Young Rock will begin at 8:30 p.m. ET afterward.

What is Lopez vs. Lopez about?

Lopez vs. Lopez is a funny and heartwarming comedy that tells the story of George Lopez, an old-school working-class Latino who moves in with their contemporary Gen Z daughter, Mayan Lopez, as they both set out their differences and rebuild their drenched relationship, one argument at a time. It’s more like a father-daughter show.

In addition to Lopez and Maya, Selenis Leyva will play Mayan’s mother and George’s ex-wife, Matt Shively will play Mayan’s boyfriend, Quinten, and Brice Gonzalez will play Chance, Mayan and Quinten’s 5-year-old son. Brookie, Mayan’s best friend, will be played by Laci Mosley, and Dr. Pocha, Mayan and Brookie‘s supervisor, will be portrayed by Kiran Deol.

Who are in the Lopez vs. Lopez?

Lopez vs. Lopez cast includes:

  • George Lopez (George)
  • Mayan Lopez (Mayan)
  • Brice Gonzalez (Chance)
  • Selenis Leyva (Rosie)
  • Matt Shively (Quinten)

Is there a Lopez vs. Lopez?

Yes, there’s a Lopez vs. Lopez in the TV show as depicted as George Lopez (father) vs. Mayan Lopez(daughter). In the show, George Lopez uses humor and reality to explore complex family dynamics in the modern world, and fans patiently wait for the show to premiere.

How many episodes of Lopez vs. Lopez are on NBC?

The number of episodes of Lopez vs. Lopez on NBC is not yet known. However, after the first episode premieres on NBC on Friday, 4 November, subsequent episodes will be showing every Friday on NBC until further notice.

Is there a trailer for Lopez vs. Lopez?

Yes, there’s a trailer for Lopez vs Lopez. You can take a look at it from the link below.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Lopez vs. Lopez in Australia?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Lopez vs. Lopez in Australia because it’s highly efficient at unblocking geo-restrictions, reliable and affordable. Using ExpressVPN will allow you to watch your favorite TV series, documentaries, etc. Continue reading to learn more about ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Lopez vs. Lopez in Australia

expressvpn-watch nbc live outside the us

ExpressVPN service has over 3000+ servers in over 94+ countries, including the US, UK, and Australia. It has modern streaming features, unblocking capabilities, and improved security. ExpressVPN is perfect for unparalleled 4K streaming of movies, TV series,  TV shows, documentaries, and other types of TV content on television channels and streaming platforms.

Additionally, thanks to ExpressVPN’s highly optimized servers, residents in Australia may view lasted series and movies on various streaming services, including NetflixParamount+, ABC, and many others.

ExpressVPN will let you do things like watch Unhuman, The Capture Season 2, Young Rock Season 3 and America’s Next Top Model Season 23, and many other things.

For advanced VPN services, ExpressVPN offers features such as split tunneling, private DNS, kill switch, no activity logs, lightway security protocol, and network lock, among many others. In addition, it has apps for modern operating systems like Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows.

Another advanced feature ExpressVPN offers is Threat Manager. It is an advanced automatic feature that blocks websites and apps from transmitting malicious 3rd parties codes to jeopardize your internet security. Private DNS and Trusted Server Technology also secure your internet connection, making it almost impossible to get your data traced or leaked.

You can get ExpressVPN’s 12-month + 3-month FREE subscription plan for just ( AU$9.9/mo (US$6.67/mo) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan)), which includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Lopez vs. Lopez


Lopez’s show was canceled due to financial issues. It was hinted that the sponsors of the show would lose money at the time if the show went on.

Kelly Park directed Lopez vs. Lopez

Yes, Mayan Lopez is the daughter of George Lopez in real life and also depicted in the TV show Lopez vs. Lopez

Wrap Up

The VPN service ExpressVPN is the best premium VPN to watch Lopez vs. Lopez in Australia. Thus, do well to download, install and subscribe to one of its plans and NBC has dozens and dozens of movies and shows. You can enjoy watching your favorite entertainment content, movies, and other TV series like Quantum Leap 2022 in Australia on NBC or streaming platforms like Peacock without any issue.

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