Optus Sport Price: Everything You Need To Know In 2022


Do you want to know what is Optus Sport price? This guide will give you detailed information on the price and packages of Optus Sport.

Optus Sport is an Australian sports platform launched on 13 July 2016. There is an extensive library of sports matches and events, as well as live talk shows on Optus Sport.

The service is compatible with multiple devices. You can stream FA Women’s Super League, Premier League, and LaLiga matches, highlights, and replays in 1080p HD on Optus Sport on FireStick and Optus sport on Apple TV.

Optus Sport offers all this sports content and much more at affordable prices. With such affordable plans and available content, this platform is true value for money, so sports fans shouldn’t wait to subscribe to it.

Although it is only available in Australia, to watch Optus Sportoutside Australia, you will need to connect to an Australian server through a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN. Let’s further discuss Optus Sport’s price per month and more in the article below.

What is the Optus Sport pricing plan?


Optus Sport offers 2 pricing plans!

Optus Sport price per month is around AU$24.99, and you can conveniently pay through its website. It is also directly payable through the app in the Apple or Google Play store or as a special interest channel via Fetch.

Besides a monthly plan, you will also find the availability of a discounted annual subscription. This one is available for AU$199 and is only accessible through the Optus official website.

Eligible customers of Optus can also pay the Optus Sport subscription price of AU$6.99 per month. Previously, this was a free perk offered to the customers, but due to the Optus Sport price increase in 2022, they have ended this benefit.

Other than the prepaid customers, Optus users can manage the Optus Sport subscription through Optus’s subscription management platform, Optus SubHub.

Previously there was also the option of Optus Sport free trial consisting of 14 days for its new customers, but it is no longer offered by the service.

What is Optus Sport offering at this price?

At the price mentioned earlier for Optus Sport, you can get access to all the features that it offers. With the Optus Sport app, users can access its extensive library, which includes the following leagues, competitions, and matches:

  • Premier League
  • La Liga
  • UEFA EURO 2024
  • European qualifiers
  • 2023 Women’s World Cup
  • J League
  • UEFA Nations League
  • Selected international friendlies played in Europe by UEFA teams
  • FA Women’s Super League

You will be able to watch this and other content in 1080p HD. You will also have access to replays and highlights of the matches.

The other most fascinating feature of Optus Sport is its mini-matches. There are interesting 3-minute (called Quick), 9-minute (Short), 25-minute (Mini), 45-minute (Mega), or 90-minute (Full) packages.

Optus Sport provided European World Cup qualifiers coverage and will do it again in the 2026 qualifiers. In fact, it was claimed by Optus that they would feature over 1,000 of Europe’s top national teams’ matches in the next four years.

Along with all this, there are original documentaries, interviews, and classic matches that you can enjoy by subscribing to Optus Sport.

Does Optus Sport have a free trial?

No it does not. The previously offered 14-day free trial by Optus Sport is no longer available. However, the service does provide free viewing of some matches occasionally.

FAQs – Optus Sport Price

This started after Optus Sport secured the broadcast rights last year to the end of the 2027-28 competition after winning it initially in 2015. It indicates the significant shift in the market of sports rights.

The price is, therefore, increased to AU$24.99 per month from 1 August for non-Optus customers. But, with the price increase, Optus has also promised to upgrade the platform.

Yes, Optus Sport is a good sports platform, as it provides excellent sports content at affordable prices.

Yes, Optus Sport content can be watched in full HD.

Wrapping Up

Well, this puts an end to our guidelines regarding Optus Sport price. In this article, we have provided all the necessary information about Optus Sport price along with what you can watch for the price you pay.

However, the Optus Sport platform is an Australian service that is available to its audience alone. If you live outside Australia and attempt to watch it you will get the Optus Sport not working issue. you can watch it by subscribing and connecting via a reliable VPN.

So signup and use your Optus Sport Login details to watch your favorite sports events.

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