How Much is Peacock TV Price in Australia in 2022? [Quick Guide]


Peacock TV is becoming popular day by day thanks to its well-known titles like The Office and the Harry Potter films. The streaming service also has original programs like We Are Lady Parts, Girls5eva, and Dr. Death. 

So if you’re looking for how much is Peacock TV price in Australia, we have a simple answer for you. Keep reading the article, and we will explain all three Peacock TV subscription plans in detail!

In addition to Peacock TV movies and Peacock TV shows, the streaming service has also invested significantly in sports by hosting WWE, and Premier League matches on Peacock, so think twice before you cancel Peacock TV subscription!

Feel sad that you can’t access Peacock TV? Don’t worry; with a few simple steps, you can watch Peacock TV in Australia using a VPN!

But what is the Peacock subscription price in Australia? We’ve broken down Peacock TV prices and all plans for your convenience; let’s take a look!

How Much is Peacock TV Price in Australia? [Price & Plans]

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Choose the Peacock TV plan that is best for you!

There are several Peacock subscription tiers, including Free, Premium, and Premium Plus. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore How much is Peacock TV price in Australia; here is  all three Peacock subscription costs and plans:

Peacock Free (Free)

The Peacock Free is a good place to start because, as the name implies, it is completely free in Australia.

However, there are several drawbacks to choosing this option, the most important of which is that you can only watch a limited number of movies and television series because you don’t have access to the entire library.

Ads are also there. But again, since it’s free, most people opt for this plan!

Peacock Premium (7.43 AUD/mo orUS$4.99 or ) 

The next plan is Peacock Premium, which offers you access to all of the streaming service’s content in Australia.

The plan has a vast collection of excellent films, TV shows like Hart to Heart Season 2, and Peacock original productions. The day after they air on conventional TV, popular NBC series are also available to watch online.

So how much is Peacock Premium in Australia? It is available for 7.43 AUD or US$4.99/month and 33.58 AUD or US$49.99/year. Many of the shows contain advertisements that are not as frequent as in the free plan.

Peacock Premium Plus (14.87 AUD/mo or US$9.99)

The last plan is Peacock Premium Plus, which offers all the same features as the Premium model but without any advertisements but with some programs only!

However, due to streaming rights, you will still see advertisements when watching live sports like Tour de France 2022 , WWE Roster 2022 and, other programs, and some movies, but this is rarely an issue. You can also download specific movies and television shows to watch them offline on your mobile device and avoid advertisements!

So how much is Peacock Premium Plus in Australia? You can get this amazing plan for just 14.87 AUD or US$9.99/month and 148.90 AUD or US$99.99/year!

Are There Deals or Discounts to Get Peacock’s Premium in Australia?


This is the best Peacock TV deal that you can get in Australia!

Some people who are current subscribers to certain cable companies (like Comcast X1 & Flex) may qualify for reductions that lower the price of Peacock. It offers a US$5 or 3.36 AUD discount on the paid versions of the service to Comcast X1 and Flex subscribers.

Therefore, Peacock Premium is free in Australia if consumers want to watch commercials; Premium Plus costs 3.36 AUD or US$5 per month if they want to watch without commercials.

Cox customers can also make the most of this 3.36 AUD or US$5 discount. Peacock has stated that it is pursuing collaborations to extend the reach of this deal to more customers.

Spectrum video and broadband users will receive an extended free trial of Peacock due to an agreement with the parent firm Charter Communications. Customers of Spectrum TV will receive a year-long free trial, and Spectrum internet customers who meet the requirements will receive a 90-day free trial.

How Much is Peacock TV Price in Australia – FAQs

Yes, it is. If you enjoy sitcoms, live sports, blockbuster movies, dramatic programs, and daily news, you must go for the Premium Peacock plan.
It is well worth the 7.43 AUD or US$4.99 price tag because of all of the content, as well as day-and-date movies, special events, and the sheer volume of vintage episodes and movies available on Peacock in Australia.

The price difference between Peacock TV’s two paying subscriptions isn’t that significant. The Peacock Premium tier costs 7.43 AUD or US$4.99/month or 33.58 AUD or US$49.99/year; however, the other tier, Peacock Premium Plus, costs 14.87 AUD  or US$9.99/month or 148.90 AUD or US$99.99/year

Yes, Peacock is substantially less expensive than Netflix and even offers a free trial to new subscribers in Australia.


We hope that our explanation of how much is Peacock TV price in Australia was helpful, and now you have a better understanding of Peacock TV price, whether it’s Peacock’s yearly subscription price or the monthly cost.

If you purchase a premium subscription, you can have uninterrupted access to Peacock’s high-quality, ad-free content on all of your devices. But if you are in Australia you will need to subscribe to ExpressVPN and get access to your favorite programs!


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